Summer Jewellery Trends With Jeulia

Fashion is all about trends, and just as we add and change things in our wardrobe based on those new season trends, jewellery ranges are also influenced by new trends, new designs and the changing of the seasons. This post is dedicated to the latest in jewellery trends, with a specific focus on rings. Jeulia, who produce beautiful, premium artisan jewellery, are a key destination when you want to find a piece of special jewellery for yourself, or as a gift. They have some brilliant pieces that are perfect for Summer, and I’m going to tell you about some of them below.

Heart Rings

Jeulia describes a heart ring as ‘a great way to show your love’ and this certainly makes it a wonderful gift idea to a special person in your life. The cut of the stone you chose to have in your ring is often a way to catch the eye, and hearts are now competing with the more traditional oval and baguette cuts are the stone of choice.  But the heart doesn’t have to be confined just to the stone, the band of the ring could also be engraved with hearts, or the heart itself could be further embedded into the design, such as in the ‘cupid’s arrow’ design featured below, and the traditional style Claddagh ring that has been given a stylish update.

Customized Rings

Choosing a ring can be difficult if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. So why not design one of your own? Jeulia has a vast range of customized rings – rings that can be personalised with your own choice of metal, your own choice of stone colour and even a chance to add a name to the inner band or an initial to the front. They even have an option where you could actually add a photograph to your ring, which is the ultimate in unique personal design.

The beauty of a customized ring is that you have created the design yourself, it is a total one off. You really can’t get anything that is more special than that, and this makes it a wonderful gift idea for just about anyone.

Matching Rings

Matching rings are becoming a real trend when it comes to weddings. After all, what could be more romantic than buying a set of rings to be shared with the one you love most, like two halves of the same whole?

Jeulia has some brilliant sets of matching rings, that not only take in traditional, intricate designs, but also ones that have humour and personality too. Not everyone wants to be traditional, and matching rings can also be shared by friends, or a mother and daughter, so this wide range is as useful as it is lovely.

Key picks for me include the Angel Wings couples ring, as I love the black and white stones that make these rings so striking, and the Magic of Love rings which have a touch of The Nightmare Before Christmas about them and are such a fun look.

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