Summer Plans – Travel, Work And Family

As we seem to be moving through June at an alarming rate, I am currently making some plans for the Summer holidays, which will be upon us very soon. Most kids are due to break up around July 20th, so I am currently planning a range of things to do to keep Joe occupied. In addition, I am looking at ideas for my wedding anniversary, as I usually go away for a special weekend with the hubby, and also some blog plans for the Summer in order to further improve the performance, perhaps investing in some seo services in order to achieve this.

Summer is always my favourite time of the year, I love the fashion, the weather (generally – at least if we get a Summer, which does seem to be happening this year – hurrah!), the long days and light nights, and everything else that summer entails. I also find myself to be more productive at this time of the year, which may or may not be linked to the sunshine.

Here are some of my Summer plans and ideas for 2018.

The Blog

This summer may well be the time when I finally make a change to the blog. I have lived with custom WordPress themes for some years now, but think I will finally be taking the plunge and going for a custom theme that I think will enable my blog to move to another level. If you are thinking of doing the same, but are unsure how to go about it, or are looking to turn your blog from a hobby to a small business, fear not, you can work with a consultant or seo expert in order to help jump this next step.

Travel Plans – Amsterda/Bucharest

August 6th is my wedding annivesary, and it is tradition for myself and the hubby to take a little break on our own, with my parents looking after Joe. We usually stay in the UK, with Stratford Upon Avon and Bowness On Windermere being previous choices, but this year I think it would be nice to step on a plane on go somewhere further afield.

I have a few places I have been looking at. Amsterdam is one choice – I have yet to visit and would love to see the vibrant capital of Holland, maybe visiting the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank House. I love the idea of being able to walk alongside the canal, and would maybe even consider staying on the Amstel Boatel, a floating hotel that is quite reasonably priced for those traveling on a budget. Amsterdam has a vibrant mixture of culture, interesting architecture, history, shopping and an exciting night life that makes it a must visit.

Another city which takes my fancy is the vibrant and diverse capital of Romania, Bucherest. Romania is a must visit for any fans of Gothic literature, being the home of Count Dracula in Bram Stoker’s classic novel. The Count was supposedly inspired by Vlad the Impaler, a bloodthirsty ruler of 15th Century Romania, and the legend and lore of vampires and vampire hunters continue to inspire people to visit the area. The architecture is also unusual, from the Communist era Palatul Parlamentului government building, to Romanian Athenaeum, a stunning concert Hall dating from 1888. Bucherest was once known as Little Paris, and this makes it a must visit for those with a love of architecture.

Traveling can be expensive, but the great news is that if you do run out of money during your trip, you can now send money to Romania online. Money transfers can be much safer than traveling with large amounts of cash, especially if you are traveling from place to place, and if you use a service like Transfer Rapid, you are safe in the knowledge that money can be transferred quickly and securely. Many Romanian’s living in the UK use this service in order to send money back home, or to pay bills and help to fund pensions, so this service is reliable and effective in transferring cash. I have a friend who uses this service on a regular basis to help his family, and swears to its reliability.

Activities for Joe

Six weeks is a long time to fill. So I am already looking at activities for Joe to do during the holiday. So far I am looking at a guided tour of Wembley Stadium, tickets to see Dippy on Tour at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and, of course, soccer camp at West Bromwich Albion.

In addition, my sister has very kindly offered to take Joe to Wales for a week which I know he will really enjoy, so the Summer is already starting to look rather busy, which should make it a fun time for all of us.

What plans are you making for the summer?

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