Sunday Best at Pieminister

For lovers of comfort food, for those who like their dishes to be warm and hearty, then Pie Minister is a must visit. Located on Birmingham’s Waterloo Street, Pie Minister is the home of delicious, award winning pies that can be served in traditional style with mash and gravy, or with a range of accompaniments of your choice. Pie Minister has recently added ‘Sunday Best’ to the menu, and I took my family along on Sunday (of course) in order to check out the new dish.

The Sunday Best is a combination of pie and mash and a Sunday roast. You can make your own choice of pie from the extensive menu, which takes in meat, poultry. vegetarian and vegan options. This is served on a bed of mash and with a gravy boat. So far, so normal. But add a yorkshire pudding on top, loaded with veggies, mini roasted potatoes and a topping of juicy pork crackling, and you get something totally unique. And judging by the full restaurant, where everyone seemed to be opting for Sunday Best, you also get a real crowd pleaser.

We opted for some of the mini sticks as an appetiser before the main attraction. These were the pigs on sticks, Halloumi on sticks and the onion rings on sticks. All were delicious, with the onion rings having a fantastic peppery taste to the batter, and the Halloumi just fabulous with a crunchy outer layer.

And then it was time for the pies! Myself and Joe both opted for chicken versions, with Pete choosing a steak pie. I chose Free Ranger, a gorgeous mix of chicken, Wiltshire cured ham, leeks and thyme. Joe chose Chicken of Aragon, which teamed chicken with dry cured bacon and tarragon. Pete went for Moo and Blue, a classic steak and Stilton mix.

The pies at Pie Minister are frankly, delicious. Stuffed fill with tasty filling, these are pies that are flavoursome comfort food. I hate a pie which is all pastry and no filling, and you definitely couldn’t say that about these pies, they are a meal in itself. The cuts of meat used are lean and tender, and the fact that they are accompanied by a delicious gravy which is either beef, chicken or veg stock makes them just perfect.

The mash is creamy and soft and the added Sunday lunch roasts and veggies are a great touch, this really is a brilliant idea and a perfect alternative to traditional Sunday lunch. It is also a lovely, hot lunch as the Autumn weather starts to take a hold.

If your Sunday lunch has to be followed by desert, fear not. Pie Minister has a fabulous desert menu with a really good choice of soft scoop ice cream and frozen yoghurt puddings, served in a wafer basket. These taste divine, and are light, a good contrast to the heavier lunch.

Pie Minister has the most delicious food, very friendly and helpful staff and a lovely relaxed manner which makes it a destination for a family friendly lunch.

Highly recommended.


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