Sweet Treats From Pantry House

One of the things that has been apparent about life in lockdown is how much we have enjoyed our food, and how creative we have become, literally turning into a nation of home cooks and bakers. At one point you couldn’t buy flour for love nor money, and my local Aldi is constantly running out of cupcake cases as people turn to cooking as a way to alleviate boredom and learn a new skill.

In addition to baking, there has definitely been a shift in how we shop, as we have switched to local providers for our wares. It seems that, when we can afford it, we want the best quality possible, the sorts of products that come from small independents stores, farm shops and artisans that are a real treat to both the eyes and taste buds. Pantry House Fine Foods is a place where you can find all these treats, along with special Easter products that would make gorgeous gift ideas for your loved ones.

Pantry House are an online artisan fine food store specialising in sourcing the finest food & drink and delivering it straight to your door. They have an extensive offering, from food cupboard essentials like rice, pasta and seasonings, to more exotic ingredients and an assorted range of premium snacks and bakery goods. There are also gorgeous drinks and cordials like my favourite Fentimans botanical range. The Easter chocolates from the Pantry House range are perfect for all ages, with cute chocolate chicks and daffodils, to Vegan chocolate products, and the most delicious hot chocolate spoons that come with mini eggs – you just need to add hot milk for the most indulgent chocolate drink you will ever taste.

Another product that I absolutely love are the Bottle Baking Co. Muffin Mixes. These are just brilliant for those who would like to have a go at baking, but struggle with measurements – all the dry ingredients come measured out in a bottle – you just need to add eggs and butter or milk.

I love that Pantry House has such high quality products, and that it is constantly looking for new artisans to support and give a platform to. I also love that there is no minimum spend, and that there is free delivery when you spend £50. If you are currently looking for ideas for Mother’s Day and Easter, I would definitely recommend Pantry House for a sweet (or savoury) treat.


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