Sweeties from Lolly’s Sweet Treats

With October here, I think it’s safe to mention the ‘C’ word without feeling too naughty. In the next few weeks I am going to look at some gift ideas, from stocking fillers for kids, to luxury gifts for the men, or the women in your life. Today I’m starting with one of my favourite subjects, sweets, looking at a really retro sweet treats from ‘Lolly’s Sweet Treats’.

Lolly’s Sweet Treats is London’s Premier retro sweet company.

“At Lolly’s Sweet Treats we like Sweets!  Simply put…that’s why we do what we do!  We love the fizzy sweets, the fruity sweets; the chewy sweets, the boiled sweets; the sweets at birthdays, the sweets at weddings; we even like the make-up ones (and the break up ones). Made in England or Born in the USA, our selection of Retro Sweets and American Candy has been carefully selected by four generations of our family.”



Retro Sweets have made a big comeback in recent years. The sorts of sweets that used to be found in 10p mixes at our local sweet shop are suddenly harder to find, having been superseded in the affections of our children by Haribo. But adults of a certain age still feel the nostalgic pull of sweets like fizzy cola bottles, jawbreaking gobstoppers, packets of parma violets, drumstick lollies and fruit salads chews. Lolly’s Sweet treats have taken that nostalgic pull and created a lovely gift idea that would delight anyone receiving it.




The Retro Pick and Mix sweet jar not only tastes great, it looks great too. The sweets come in authentic vintage style milk bottles, which you then be filled over and over again with sweets of your choice. The jar contains Refreshers, Fruit salads, Black Jacks, Anglo Bubblies and Sherbet Dabs, along with much more – making it a delicious sweet treat and the perfect gift for those who have a sweet tooth.

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  1. I love the sound of retro sweets. I miss being able to go into stores and chose from the big boxes from behind the counter!

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