Tabletop Accessories For Stylish Mommy

As the world gets more developed, any mother should be thinking about becoming better on each passing day. If you are not developing, then there could be something going pretty wrong with you. You ought to become a stylish mother. One thing that will surely make this happen is how you decorate your home and make it more relevant and easy to keep its tidiness. 

For this article, we are going to dwell on tabletop accessories. Once you have set your table, especially for the dining table, you will not leave it ‘naked.’ You need some accessories to protect it and make it look classy. You not only need linen tablecloths, but also take into consideration for the following accessories:

Oil-proof and water-resistant Rectangle table cloth

Do you have a rectangle table that you probably use as a dining table? It would help if you had rectangle water and oil-proof tablecloth for it. This helps not only to make the table look stylish but also helps in protecting the table. In case of water, beverage, or oil spillage, or even candle wax stain, you can use a clean rag and wipe away the spillage leaving the table dry and clean. 

Depending on your house’s theme color, you can choose either black, white, red, green, or any other color that you love most. When looking for such a tablecloth, ensure that you choose a size that can overlap your table for a better look. Premium polyester makes a better material to look for. 

The more rectangle tablecloths you have, the easier you will find it to give your house a different look for different occasions. For instance, if you have a birthday party for your son on a blue tablecloth, you will not serve your hubby a candle-lit-dinner on the same day. Maybe you will need a red one for dinner.

Chiffon table runner

Here is another tabletop accessory that you can have as a stylish mother. You can use the table runner on any table regardless of the shape and size. You only need a relatively larger size so that the gathers that run on the sides of the table can be well congested to give a better look.

Just like the tablecloth, you can choose the color that looks nice to you. However, you should note that you cannot use a table runner independently. On the top of the table, there has to be a tablecloth which must not run. The table runner is then placed at the table’s edges, giving it a romantic look that you need in your home. 

Hot potholders

As a mother, you also need hot potholders. They make your table stylish when providing meals to your family and friends. The hot pot holder helps to withhold the heat from the food from destroying the table’s surface. If this is not done, you are most likely to notice some dark spots on your table. The dark spots will not be uniform, and so the table becomes ugly. 

If you can protect your table, why should you let it be destroyed? The table hot pot holders come in sets. You can go for a set of three of similar colors depending on the number of people you are likely to serve at every time. All the same, you can choose to go for different colors to make the best blend for you. 

Cellulose sponge cloths

Last but not least is the cellulose sponge cloth

Have you ever been a guest in someplace where you got served with some drinks, then the host excused themselves to deal with another thing? What do you do at such a moment? Do you call the host to wipe the spillage away, or you relax and wait for them? If this frustrates you, then you always need to place the cellulose sponge cloths on your table.

The cellulose cloth is reusable. This helps you and your guest clean up any mess on the table without distracting from the meal or meeting. Let the sponge always be on the table. 


The above are some of the table accessories that every stylish mother needs. They, therefore, make the best gift for your mother, wife, or friend. As an elegant mother, you need both convenience, class, protection, and beauty to your table. You can opt for all the accessories for a better style of life.