The Secret App That Makes Parenting a Breeze

Anyone who has raised children (or seen parents raising children) knows this as a fact.

One of the keys to doing it right, is being able to roll with the punches and draw from past experience – experience you have, that your kid doesn’t.

The problem is, parenting has changed. Now, technology has entered the script, and it’s thrown off that whole ‘experience’ dynamic. Kids are what we call digital natives, while us parents are simply trying to keep up.

There’s a knowledge gap, and it can cause a lot of tension.

Banning tech altogether is not only not a smart parent move, but it also isn’t really possible. They’re in classrooms, waiting rooms, and – let’s face it – an inevitable part of our kids futures.

So, how can parents deal? How can they close the gap, and know that when they hand over a device, they aren’t surrendering their parenting rights at the same time? How can you end arguments about ‘a few more minutes’ of Minecraft, when dinner’s getting cold on the table?

The answer is simple. OurPact.


OurPact is the ultimate parental control app. It’s a tool that parents can sign up for (for FREE!), and then use to manage their children’s access to internet and apps – at any time, and from anywhere.

Once parents have signed up and paired their kids devices (a simple, 3-minute process), you take the opportunity to sit down with your kids, discuss the need for healthy screen time limits, and set some guidelines and rules together. (PSSTTT… They even have a family screen time contract you can sign together!)

Then, OurPact allows you to keep device use in check through automated schedules (periods of time the device will automatically go into a blocked state, such as bedtime), or at-a-touch blocking (blocking of devices for a select period of time – whether 15 minutes or 4 hours – with a touch).

Some other perks:

  • OurPact works on Wi-Fi and cellular connections – which means you can manage your child whether you’re on 3G at Starbucks, or a high-speed connection at home, and your kids can still be blocked after they leave home.
  • The application is available for free!
  • Parents can manage the same child devices from their own personal iOS phones (as long as they are OK with sharing account information!).
  • OurPact has a web app, which parents who don’t have iOS devices can use to manage access from.

Screen time is a challenge, and while parenting is never a total breeze, OurPact makes it a lot breezier.

And parents these days need all the breeze they can get.

Pokemon Go – A different Way of looking at the new craze.

Without doubt, the craze of the Summer of 2016, and the one which will be remembered in future years, has been the emergence of Pokemon Go. I remember Pokemon being a trend 20 years ago, when we were suddenly bombarded with video games, toys, collectors cards and even a movie, bit now, in the age of the smartphone, we have Pokemon Go, where, with the aid of your phone, you can hunt Pokemon’s in the real world, on your street, home, town, quite literally everywhere.

It has proved to be highly addictive fun, with people spending hours trying to download the app so that they can take part. Everyone, from children to adults seem to be swept up with the activity of finding Pokemon’s, joking about how they have popped out of their washing machines, have been hiding in their local parks and gardens, and even joining them on their family holidays. But the fun has also had a side that has proven to be both serious, and at times, dangerous, with reports of young people walking along railway lines and on tracks in order to find the elusive characters. There have been reports of injuries when people have not been watching where they are walking, walking into walls, lamp posts and even roads whilst engrossed in their quest. Pokemon can appear anywhere, and this can be a worry, especially for parents.


But, there are so many positives to Pokemon Go, with even the British Medical Journal giving the activity the thumbs up. An article on i4u shows that Pokemon is a great way to get exercise every day by walking for long periods of time. In Summer, you can also be getting your Vitamin D by spending time outside, in the sunshine, rather than stuck in front of computer games or the television.

As i4u states: – “…Pokemon Go has reclaimed the streets of the UK as a fun playground that can be used to search for virtual monsters hidden in the environment. People are truly enjoying themselves and getting their adrenaline fix in a more acceptable manner rather than through daredevil adventurism…”


If we can ensure that personal safety and common sense is kept paramount when playing Pokemon Go, the benefits could certainly be great for the health and fitness of participants.

Never forget again with the ‘Must Remember That’ App

In our busy modern lives, we seem to have more and more things to remember. From birthdays, important work meetings, appointments and family and friend dates, we can often fill a diary or a notice board twice over. Add in special dates concerning our children and their schools (and my lad has a busier social calendar than I do with football matches, Birthday parties, school events and sports training), and you would have to have a mind of an elephant not to forget some of these things, leading to some embarrassing moments.

Me...most days!

Me…most days!

That’s why I am so pleased with the ‘Must Remember that’ app, which supports the website you can find here. The App is the brainchild of two dads. They were football coaches who found themselves organising the lives of their team members through emails, messages and phone calls, and often forgot their own important life events as a consequence. They designed an app that would allow you to organise not just your life, whether that be car tax renewal date, birthdays or school parent’s evening, but would also allow you to organise the life of your nearest and dearest too.

Joe's football dates would go on the 'Must Remember that' app

Joe’s football dates would go on the ‘Must Remember that’ app


The App is free and is very simple to use. It can be linked to your social media, allowing you to share important dates with your networks if required. It is also great if you are looking to renew an insurance policy and are looking for a better, cheaper quote. The ‘Must Remember That’ app will look for quotes, and will help you to avoid those late minute decisions by giving you ample time to change your policy.

I think the ‘Must Remember That’ App could prove to be a godsend when it comes to never again forgetting those important days and dates. If there is one thing you do need to remember, it’s to download this app, which you can find at the app store or at