Holiday Essentials – The Things You Definitely Need In Your Case Part 1

With the coming of last week’s lovely weather, many of us are now turning our thoughts to our Summer holidays. If you are lucky enough to be traveling abroad this Summer, you are probably fully aware and conscious of the constraints that are now put on our luggage.

Most travel companies now have a weight restriction of 15kgs on suitcases that will be checked into the hold, with many people now opting to travel hand luggage only to avoid paying to check in a bag, so lightweight optionsin clothing, travel packs or decanted items in toiletries and beauty, and smaller versions of your favourite products are now much sought after.

In this new series of posts I am going to be looking at a range of products that come under the umbrella of travel essentials. These are things that save space, are much needed and will make your holiday go much smoother.


I love the swimwear from Rosa Faia – “love of sunlight“ collection. It is made up of bright colours, fanciful prints and versatile styles and offers women the perfect fit in cup sizes A – I.

Young and cheeky, elegant, modern or fancy, the Rosa Faia beachwear collection offers styles for every taste and figure. The extensive Mix & Match range offers fantastic possibilities and inspiration to create your own favourite look with three strong  plain colours and three different prints. The collection includes bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits complemented by a large selection of matching accessories such as dresses, tunics, caftans and pareos. The style variety ranges from floral designs, such as a Millefleur print with tropical flair or a flower print with a touch of vintage, over a playful wave pattern or a delicate fresh paisley design up to elegant palm leafs or clean graphical prints.  Sexy bandeau styles and Big Cup bikini tops as well as various different bottom styles feature prominently in 2018. Pictured here is the Nomadic collection.

Please use the Stockist finder on to find your local Anita stockist

Dorco Eve 6 Razor

With all that flesh on display you need to make sure you have a close shave on your hols, and have a good razor packed in your toiletry bag in order to keep legs and underarms silky smooth.

Dorco EVE 6 has a fine history of producing shaving products and marries science and expertise to provide a super close shave. With over 60 years of Korean innovation, they believe it’s time to get closer, and are addressing shaving needs for individual products and a subscription service. Once you have got your handle, you can then buy blade refill packs or have them delivered to your door through the subscription package.

Dorco EVE 6 value pack x 4 £10.20 Click to visit Dorco Eve

Theye Compact beach towel

Beach towels are a tricky subject when it comes to holidays. Some hotels provide towels to use around the pool area, but in most cases you need your own beach towels, and these can take up a lot of space in the case. But not the Theye compact beach towel. These are small and brilliant.

Theye’s compact beach towel features multi absorbency properties. Made from micro-fibre suede, this range of extra- large, stylish towels take only ten minutes to dry in the sun and remain sand free. Available in five stylish prints, the towel can be conveniently stored in a small waterproof pouch which makes the large towel fold down to a tiny, compact unit will take up no room in your case or your beach bag. I used these towels in the UK for Joe’s swimming lessons and they were brilliant as they dried so quickly.

Total Treat Argan Oil

Holidays play havoc with the hair, a combination of sun, sea water and chlorine all help to make our locks dry and tangled, so a hair treat is definitely something to have packed to ensure your hair avoids too much damage.

Total Treat Argan Oil from the Phil Smith Be Gorgeous is a must have for summer holidays. You only need a pea sized amount that you rub through wet hair, avoiding the roots, in order to give your hair the moisturisation it needs to give you the glossy locks to match that golden tan.  The bottle is compact enough (50ml) to not take up too much room in your case, and yet it will certainly ensure your hair looks its very best.

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous range is available at Sainsburys.

7 Piece Travel Pack

The lack of room in your suitcase, or the restrictions on liquids in hand luggage can often see you needing to decant your favourite products into much smaller bottles and containers. This is why the 7 piece travel pack from Beauty Naturals could be a brilliant solution to your travel needs.

All your essential travel items can be decanted into bottles of  the required size for airport security and these are also ideal for short breaks.The bottles are presented in a clear carry on bag with a sturdy zip fastening.

The set contains:-

  • 1 x 100ml flip top bottle
  • 1 x 60ml flip top bottle
  • 1 x 60ml atomiser bottle
  • 1 x 50ml flip top bottle
  • 1 x 25g cream jar
  • 1 filter funnel for easy filling

The set costs just £8.10, which I think is a bargain way to take your favourite products with you.

7 Piece Travel Pack by Danielle Creations £8.10 Click to visit Beauty Naturals

Mini Masterclass Set from Look Good Feel Better

In the same way that you don’t want to take all your full sized beauty products, you don’t really want to be packing your full sized brushes and make up tools either. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be using quality products on your face.

The mini masterclass has three travel sized make up brushes that will be perfect for creating your holiday face. The set is created by Look Good Feel Better, the worldwide Cancer charity that provides support for Cancer victims by offering free make up classes  and skincare workshops for those suffering from the visible effects of the disease.

The brushes come in a stylish pouch and are soft touch, which is perfect for sun touched sensitive skin.

The brushes are available from a range of stockists, including M&S.

Urban Veda Purifying Discovery Travel Set

Urban Veda create wonderful bath and skincare products that totally pamper and revitalise the skin, and the great news is that many of their favourite products are now available in a wonderful travel set.

The set includes body wash, scrub and lotion, and facial wash, polish and day cream, all in sizes that mean you would be able to take these in your hand luggage – a real treat for the skin if you are traveling long haul.

These are natural products which smell just divine and will certainly invigorate the skin after a day on the beach, hydrating and cleansing so that your skin looks and feels back to its best even after a day sunbathing in the harsh sun.

Purifying Complete Discovery Set
£19.99 | 200ml Click to visit Urban Veda

Look out next week for more travel essentials.



Men’s Fashion Post – Jacamo Review

My Summer holiday is now just around the corner. In June I will be heading off, with my whole family, to Cyprus, in order to celebrate my brother’s wedding. This means that the next two months will be firmly looking towards our wardrobes, making sure that not only do we have outfits suitable for the wedding, but also clothes that will be fit for the extremely hot weather we will be experiencing.

Menswear brand Jacamo recently asked if I was interested in reviewing some pieces from their Summer ranges. Jacamo once had a reputation for being a destination for plus size clothing for men, but that is definitely in the past. With the gorgeous Freddie Flintoff as a face of the brand, and with ranges from Farah, Ellesse and French Connection amongst others, Jacamo is now a place where men can find clothing for pretty much every occasion, and a definite destination when it comes to choosing a holiday wardrobe, including swimshorts, chinos and polo shirts.

Most hotels require that swim wear, including swim shorts, are not worn in hotel restaurants for dinner. With that in mind Pete chose a seriously smart pair of Farah shorts, the Penberth Stretch Chino Shorts,  that look both cool and stylish, not to mention smart, when worn with a polo top. The shorts have a more tailored feel, with a slip fly fastening, and they have side and back pockets. These would be super smart when worn for an evening occasion, or a sight seeing trip, they just have that classic look.

Farah Penberth Stretch Chino Short £40 Click to visit Jacamo

When it comes to swimshorts, Pete loves the old school style of Ellesse. The Ellesse Brenzo swimshorts have a feel of the 1980s, and the film ‘The Business’. The shorts have a mesh lining, and a really useful zipped coin pocket on the back. The navy and white stripe colourway is both classic and modern, and gives the shorts a cool, football style feel.

Ellesse Brenzo 7in Swim Shorts £30 Click to visit Jacamo



I think Jacamo has really upped their game when it comes to great clothing for holiday season. Plenty of cool items that would definitely find room in your suitcase!

Look perfect on the beach with a perfect swimming outfit

If you pay attention to what you wear you know you have to be perfectly attired everywhere you go. Whether it is for a formal party, for a social evening or a day at the beach – all eyes are on what you wear. Perhaps this is even more important on the beach because you have to combine style with convenience. It therefore becomes rather important to know exactly how you can shop for swimming outlet. If you are planning on enjoying a little Winter Sun, here are some ways that you can ensure you choose the perfect swimming attire.

Find the seller first

Your search has to start with finding the perfect seller online. Look for people who sell swimming outfits and then look through their websites for:

  • Range of swimwear offered.
  • Prices and compare prices across websites.
  • Images and descriptions of the outfits.
  • Security of payments.
  • Online chat support.

There should also be a return and refund policy so that you can return items that do not suit you.

Size guide

Almost every online seller has a size guide to offer and you should use the same. You may know all your measurements but sometimes, the sizes vary across brands. So before you click on a swimming outfit that you like, you should check the size guides as well. Depending on what you are buying, you should check out the waist size, hip size, length and so on.

Daisy Lowe in Retro style

Daisy Lowe in Retro style

Variety of choices

It is rather interesting to buy swim wear online because you get to buy everything you need for an entire ensemble or wardrobe related to swimming. Some of the things you can look for:

  • Swim Tees.
  • Swimming jammers.
  • Swim dresses and so on.

Once you have made your selections, you can look for accessories that will make your beach time that much more enjoyable. Towels, bags, umbrellas and so on are just some of the things that you must keep in mind.

Shape and style

Swim wear, normally, is a very fitted outfit. There is very little room to hide under! So it is even more important to be realistic about the shape, pattern, size and cut of your swim outfit. Finding the most stylish and comfortable swim suit for your body type is crucial.

There are quite a few help sources but here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Toned and athletic – If you are pretty athletic and toned, then you can go in for bold patterns and prints and even swimwear with frills and embellishments. This principle can be used to choose swimsuit for a thin figure.
  • Asymmetrical necklines and swim suits with side panels in a different color from the rest of the suit works really well for broad shouldered structures.
  • High-waisted styles can help cover up a not-so-well-toned tummy.
  • If the choice needs to be made for a person with a large bust, then look for swimwear with double stitched bands and thicker straps.
Kate Moss Bond Girl style

Kate Moss Bond Girl style

Kim Kardashian opts for a sporty style

Kim Kardashian opts for a sporty style

Finally, it is a good idea to take a critical look at your body before you start shopping. For sure, there are choices that cover every body type so you will find something super-stylish.