Olivier Giroud is the face (and beard) of Beardilizer

He is one of the hottest men in the world, and his beard has become an iconic sight on football pitches around the land, so it is no surprise that when beard care brand Beardilizer was looking for a new brand ambassador, they turned to Arsenal and France striker Olivier Giroud.

Olivier has signed a one year contract to the be the face of the brand ,which is the number one facial vitamin complex which helps you to grow a thicker, healthier beard. Olivier is  fronting their global marketing campaign, and starring in ads, catalogues and a new YouTube video that you can watch below. He is the perfect choice as his beard is never less than groomed and perfect looking, even after running around on a football pitch and scoring the winning goal. His own personal style sets trends in menswear, and now looks set to make Beardilizer the number one beard product.

Olivier is a big fan of the series ‘The Vikings’ and this is where he has taken a lot of beard styling inspiration from. He says of the contract with Beardlilizer:-

“I have been using Beardilizer products for quite some time now, and this proposal to become the brand ambassador came quite naturally. I look forward to seeing the new products.”

Roy Halfon, chief executive of Phytobiol France who own the brand, says of Giroud’s appointment: “At the beginning of this project, we wanted to be accompanied by a renowned ambassador both in France and abroad, who perfectly embodies the image of the modern man, elegant and neat. Olivier Giroud is this image. He knows how to reconcile his sporting performance with his own elegance. He is a footballer who stands out on and off the pitch. We are proud that he represents the Beardilizer brand.”

Well, I certainly know what to put at the top of my hubby’s Christmas list now, because Olivier is looking mighty fine in the ad campaign.

To visit the Beardilizer UK online store, click here.

Celebrating National Beard Day

If there is going to be a national celebration for anything, then beards are as good as subject as any. This Saturday(September 2nd)  sees National Beard Day, a celebration of all faces hairy and beautiful. It is no secret that I am partial to a hirsute man, with French and Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud being my number one crush, so Saturday is definitely a day close to my heart.

Beards have certainly grown (to pardon the pun) in popularity in recent years, you only have to look at how many instagram feeds are dedicated to beards to realise that. But if you think that a beard is an easy option that you just allow to grow and cut out shaving, then you are sorely mistaken. The modern beard is a well groomed, well sculpted facial adornment, which is pampered and preened with beard shampoo and conditioner, beard oils and balms, moustache wax and pomades, and very often it has its own comb and brush to ensure the styling is on point. Beards have become big beauty business with their own shelf in the male grooming aisle of Boots and Superdrug. Manscaping is definitely a thing.

Lucky for me, I have my own hot beardy man who is definitely in tune when it comes to male styling. Pete is a real fan of the Dear Barber Grooming set from Just My Look. In particular, this set has a great beard oil which helps keep Pete’s beard in tip top condition, taming stray hairs whilst having just the slightest hint of fragrance, making it not too sweet and cloying. It is also a decent sized bottle at 30ml, this should last for quite some time as you only need a few drops at a time. The kit comes in a wonderfully retro looking box and also contains a Dear Barber moustache wax and a great quality wooden beard comb. This is a wonderful gift for the upcoming festive season and would certainly be appreciated by anyone who loves to groom their beard.

Gift Ideas for the (hairy) men in your life

If there has been  trend in men’s fashion over the past couple of years, it has definitely been related to the emergence of beards as a real fashion statement. Once beloved of folk singers and geography teachers, it now seems that every hot man and hipster has a beard of some variety, whether it be short and clipped, longer and sculpted, or just a slightly scruffy and disheveled stubble. You only had to look at Summer’s Euro football tournament to see that beards are the fashion statement a man can make, with the utterly gorgeous, perfect Olivier Giroud of France leading the way in the hot beard stakes.



But if you think that the beard means less in the way of shaving and grooming products, you are sadly mistaken. The opposite is actually true. Beards require grooming, it is not merely a matter of letting hair grow anywhere in any old style. Lines require shaving, beards trimmed, sideburns sculpted and products applied. All this makes grooming gifts the perfect option if your husband or partner (or father or brother for that matter) have joined the hot bearded tribe. Groom and Style is a great site to peruse if you want an expert opinion on the best shavers, such as the braun series-7-790cc, around this Christmas, because, let’s face it, us women generally don’t have a clue when it comes to shaving unless we are talking about our legs.


My hubby has a rather impressive beard

There are plenty of other cool gift ideas for bearded men, Amazon has a great range of grooming products including beard wax, specific shampoos that help soften and condition the hair. There are beard balms for control, beard oils for pampering and a whole range of beard combs and shapers that, when combined with your shaver, can help you create a directional, original look for your beard.


And if these products are not enough, maybe a Santa suit can be added to the basket to create a look suitable for the most iconic of all bearded men – Father Christmas himself!