Dress lucky for your night at the bingo

Bingo is one of those guilty pleasures that you can’t help but love. Every night out at the bingo with friends always descends into complete hilarity, and win or lose, you are guaranteed a great time.

Of course, with the rise of online casinos and betting sites, bingo has become more popular than ever, and people have been searching for ways to beat the odds and improve their luck at bingo. Is it really possible?

Play with free money

Most games involve some blend of skill and luck, but before we get into that, there is one consideration that can seriously affect your chances – and that is where you play. If you are out for the night with friends, the cost is what it is, but online it is a different matter. Bingo Sites UK is a site that lists all the new sites with promotions for you to see what is available. With sites offering bonuses as high as £100, it is the best way of making your money last longer and coming out a winner.

Luck or skill

Let’s be clear about the fact that bingo is a game of luck. There are some money games where you can use skill and strategy to improve your chances of winning – card games such as poker and blackjack are good examples. But in bingo, the numbers appear at random and there is no strategy in the world that will increase your win rate. In that way, it is more like roulette, where the ball could stop on any number.

That being the case, there is only one thing for it – improving your luck.

Dressing lucky

Some say there are things you can wear that will attract good luck. Is it all superstition or is there really something behind it? The universe operates in mysterious ways, and one thing is for sure, it certainly can’t do any harm.

What’s your lucky colour?

Numerologists believe that your date of birth holds the secret to which colour harmonises with your own personal aura to balance your energy, reduce stress and even improve your luck. All you have to do is add every digit in your date of birth. So if you were born on 09/12/1983, it’s 9+1+2+1+9+8+3 = 33. Then add the digits again till you get a single number – in this case, 3+3 =6. Now all you have to do is see which colour corresponds to your number on the following list:

  1. Yellow
  2. Blue
  3. Purple
  4. Red
  5. Orange
  6. Green
  7. White
  8. Light blue
  9. Brown


Lucky patterns

There is plenty of mysticism surrounding patterns and designs, particularly in many ancient Chinese designs. If you take a look around you next time you are in the bingo hall, you will be surprised how many you notice on t-shirts, and some people even wear them as tattoos. Perhaps the best known is . Pronounced “fu,” it literally means good fortune, wealth and  good luck – exactly what you need for a successful night at the bingo!


Brain Training Tips for Better Bingo Playing

After a couple of games you’ve probably got the knack of playing bingo, there’s just one problem, you’re not seeing any return on your stakes. Has beginners luck run out? If this is the case then you’re probably looking for ways to win the jackpot.

Unfortunately, there is no secret to winning a game of bingo every time, it’s a game of chance and you success is purely based on luck. However, the bingo experts at Paddy Power Bingo have said there are a few ways to up you game and increase your odds at winning the jackpot.


  • Make Your Own Rules


Have a think about why you’re playing. Are you playing bingo for fun or for profit? The best way to win is to make sure you’re using your money wisely.


  • Set Yourself A Budget


Bingo doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. If you were one ball away from winning the last game, that doesn’t mean you’re more likely to win the next game. Remember it is a game of chance, not trial and error. Make saving where you can by cashing in on bonuses. Either shop around for welcome bonuses or stick to the sites and make the most of their loyalty bonuses.


  • Find Your Niche


Why do you think there are so many different bingo sites? It’s because each site is designed to appeal to different players. Whether you’re a regular player or a newbie with loose change, choose a site that reflects your interest. These will have the best odds for you as well as giving you the opportunity to meet like-minded players.


  • Get Some Experience


Practice, Practice, Practice. Like most things the more experience you have, the better you get. Take advantage of the free games to build up your knowledge and skills of the game. Talk to other players as they are usually keen to help out.


  • Should You Buy More Tickets?


If you have very deep pockets, and money is no object, or you play one or two games at a time, you could consider buying a large quantity of tickets each game. This will increase your odds of winning that particular game.


  • Increase Your Chances


Every game of bingo will have different odds. These are virtually impossible to calculate, bit there two ways to improve them, depending on whether you’re looking for more wins or more money.

  • Play at off peak times, there will be a smaller amount of playing so you’re most likely to win when your opposition is small in numbers. These games are likely to have smaller jackpots though, so you’re unlikely to win big.
  • Choose the games with the biggest jackpots to increase your chances of winning big. However, these games are very popular so you will have more players and less likely to win.

Fun Activities For Adults This Summer

Last week I looked at some fun, cheap activities for families to take part in and enjoy during Summer 2017. But it is worth acknowledging that not all adults have children, and that doesn’t mean that child free adults don’t want to enjoy their summer too. Today I am focusing on some activities and places that adults can enjoy during the summer that won’t break the bank.

ParkLives Programme in Association with Coca Cola

ParkLives is a free initiative taking place around the UK that aims to get us fitter and more active by staging sporting and exercise activities in our local green spaces. As mentioned, the activities are free, and include such diverse sessions as Tai Chi, Walking football, Pilates and Beginners Yoga. The sessions have already begun, and will be taking place all through the Summer at selected parks, including a whole range of Birmingham Parks. You can find more information at the ParkLives website.

coca-cola-park-lives.jpg (596×334)

Enjoy a Game of Bingo

On my recent holiday there was a daily game of bingo at the hotel, and I was amazed to find how popular this traditional pastime still is. These days, you can of course play from the comfort of your own home, with many sites offering an initial free play. Bingo Kings is a reviewing website which gives you all the information about current bingo sites, including any free plays, minumum deposits and withdrawals, types of games, number of balls etc, so if you are planning on having a little flutter, it may be worth checking out the lowdown on Bingo Kings first.


A trip to the seaside

A trip to the seaside can be very expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. A walk on the beach is free. Sitting on the sand, collecting unusual stones and shells is also free. Enjoying fish and chips with loads of salt and vinegar, still wrapped in chip paper will cost less than £10 and will be better than the best gourmet meal you will ever eat in a restaurant. Set your seaside budget and stick to it, and you will have the most amazing day. After all, all you really need is the sunshine.

Free Museums, Free Galleries – they are out there.

Many museums and art galleries are free to enter, and should definitely be a port of call this Summer. The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a stunning range of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, whilst the beautiful Wolverhampton Art Gallery has a great collection of Pop Art. Oak House in West Bromwich is a fine example of a 16th Century timber framed house that is a fabulous museum too. All of these amazing attractions are free to enter and enjoy.

att_large_4353.jpg (400×300)