Bodhi Spa Soiree – a night of luxury

There are some invites that you simply cannot ignore. Dinner with George Clooney, a trip to the top of The Shard, anything all expenses paid and involving shopping, the list is full of the sorts of experiences that would linger in the memory forever. And an invitation to a special Spa Soiree with one of my favourite brands, Bodhi, is another experience that you simply could not turn down, even if you were feeling quite poorly. (As I, unfortunately, was last week).

Being Bodhi, this was no ordinary Spa evening. Taking place in the plush surroundings of the penthouse of the ‘Staying Cool’ apartments in Birmingham’s Iconic Rotunda building, and with a guest list that included top beauty bloggers from across the country, long-term friends of the brand, and Midland TV and radio personalities, the evening was a celebration of natural, organic beauty in the form of some of Bodhi’s brand new products, with opportunities to experience the brand at first hand through massage and facial treatments.

With BBC's Joanne Malin enjoying the products

Bodhi supremo Elijah Choo, along with right-hand lady Kelly Clarke, were there to introduce some of the exciting new products that are further proof that the Bodhi brand continues to grow and move from strength to strength.  Of course, the best way to experience any new product is to actually try it, and Elijah was positively encouraging guests to roll their sleeves up and experience the beauty of Bodhi’s new products. The total hero product of the night was the new salt scrub, a new product from the Artisan series, ‘Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub’. I used this product on my hands in warm water, giving them a fairly vigorous scrubbing, and was totally shocked by the result. To put it bluntly, my hands were softer than a baby’s bottom, feeling nourished, cleansed and totally invigorated. I have since used this product all over and can safely say the results are the same – unbelievably good, perfect for holiday skin.

The new products were beautifully showcased in the Staying Cool Penthouse

There were other new products that Bodhi tempted and teased with. The Mint the temple balm is a product I can’t wait to add to my toiletry bag, perfect for rubbing into the temple to aid relaxation and ease those tension headaches which can be such a blight to my life. I also loved the soothing cacao lip balm, the only problem being resisting the temptation to stop licking it off my lips, it tasted so yummy. Luckily Elijah knows his audience well, and the lip treatment balm is 100% edible.

Enjoying Blue tea in the wind, 20 stories above Brum.

Before my night was over I was treated to a fabulous facial by Jess from Spoiltface. I was prepared for my facial with a special blue tea, which was both refreshing and delicious. Elijah had especially chosen the tea to compliment my treatment,  and had also recommended a suitable treatment for me, which involved the Desert Rose rejuvenating oil, something that really helps stressed and tired skin, and is also brilliant for anti-aging. The facial session was a very relaxing experience (I almost fell asleep) with Jess a very calm presence who lulls you into relaxing. By the end of the session I felt 10 years younger, my skin was super soft and glowing, and the dryness I sometimes experience around the edge of my face was gone. My skin just felt so good, and so clean.

Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil £56.00 click to visit Bodhi

I had the most amazing time at the Bodhi Spa Soiree. The icing on the cake was a stunning goodie bag that contained a tub of the Salt Scrub, along with two more new products, the Neroli Luce revitalising face oil, and the Flora Paradiso de-stress massage and body oil. I am going to review both products in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes open for more Bodhi on the blog.

With huge thanks to Elijah Choo, Kelly-Louise Clarke and Rewired PR.



Bodhi goes from strength to strength

Huge congratulations must be delivered to the very lovely Mr Elijah Choo and the team from Bodhi, one of my favourite bath and pampering companies. The brand has recently been the recipients of three prestigious beauty awards, showing that this is a brand that is truly on the rise.

If you are not yet initiated into the world of Bodhi, then where exactly have you been hiding? Bodhi have created a wonderful, organic range of bath and beauty therapies that invigorate and revitalise, relax and moisturise, offering the perfect solutions whether you need waking up or an aid for relaxation. In addition. their body lotions are a luxurious treat, whilst the Desert Rose rejuvenating oil is definitely something you should treat your skin to.

So it is really no surprise that the awards are flooding in. First up, Bodhi has been awarded Best Shower Gel by Beauty Shortlist Awards 2013. These awards celebrate the best in natural and organic beauty and received more than 400 entries this year. The winning product was the brand’s Mint Thé Refreshing Bath & Shower Therapy. This was inspired by Moroccan mint tea and always leaves the skin feeling both refreshed and oh so soft.

Mint Thé Refreshing Bath & Shower Therapy £23.00 click to visit Bodhi

If this accolade was not impressive enough on its own, Bodhi is also the winner of two categories in the Biteable Beauty Best of 2012/13 Awards. Again, renowned for celebrating the best of natural and organic beauty, Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil and Ginger Brew Deep Tissue Massage at Appuru were chosen as winners in the Best Face Oil and Best Massage categories.

Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil £56.00 click to visit Bodhi

If you really needed another reason why this brand is a must have for your bathroom, these well deserved awards should be all the reasons you need!

Bodhi launch Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil in some style

Everyone who knows Fashion-Mommy knows that Bodhi is one of my favourite brands for real pampering luxury. Using all natural products and ingredients, Bodhi encapsulates the spirit of natural beauty in their fabulous range of bath and beauty therapies. So when an invitation popped through the door to attend a very special launch of a super special product, the Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oi,l I just knew there was no way I would be missing this!

The launch took place last week at the gorgeous Les Senteurs, deep in the heart of central London, just a stone’s throw from Marble Arch. This beautiful setting was perfect for a brand that frankly smells as good as Bodhi, and the fragranced bubbles that were being blown around the room (you pop them with your nose to inhale the scent) was a decadent touch. Bodhi mastermind, the wonderful Elijah Choo, was resplendent in a rose coloured shirt that set the tone beautifully for the product that was being launched, and with the prettiest bouquets of pink tea roses, and pink fizz in the glasses – a rosy atmosphere was insured.

Fashion-Mommy with Elijah Choo

There was also a fantastic opportunity to meet some lovely bloggers, these included Moll from Molly and the Princess, Gemma from Buff and Rose from Frock-Star. And then it was over to Elijah to introduce the new product and answer all our questions.

Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face oil is something of a departure for Bodhi, moving into active skincare for the first time. The product has a range of inspirations, from the climbing rose with no thorns that grows in Elijah’s garden, to the shifting dark sands of the Sahara desert – a bowl of which Elijah had on display at the launch. The oil also contains the best of natural ingredients, including a range of different ingredients – from Bulgarian Damask Rose Otto, blended with Moroccan Argan Oil and Rosehip Oil. The scent, as you can imagine, is awesome – so delicate and yet lingering and totally beautiful. I had a little on my hand and found it difficult not to keep sniffing it…

Sand from the Sahara desert...

So, what is the oil actually like? I was very happy to have a facial using the product in order to experience it for myself. And the first thing I notice is that a little goes a long way. You only need to pour a little into your hands, and then rub together in order to warm the oil. It can then be massaged into the skin, with the best results coming if this is tied into your current beauty regime after toning, and before moisturisation. I was surprised at how the skin absorbed it so easily, without leaving stickiness or shine. And I loved the beauty tip that any excess could be rubbed into the cuticles or on the tips of your hair, making this a multifunctional luxury. After my mini facial, my skin felt instantly softer, giving you that feel good boost we all need at some point in the day.

All in all, this was a fantastic launch event, which was the perfect blend of pampering, information and bubbly! A gorgeous Bodhi goodie bags containing some of the wonderful Jasmine falls bath therapy and lotion, AND the brand new Desert Rose Oil was the icing on the cake of a perfect night.

Bodhi launch Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil launches nationwide in early September. Click here to visit Bodhi.