Lifestyle Changes To Help You Lose Weight

Making the decision to lose weight involves more than choosing a diet plan and hitting the gym here every now and then. You always hear people say “It needs to be a lifestyle change in order for it to work.” So what does that entail? How can you go a step above a “diet” and make changes that are going to last? The truth is, if you want to lose weight, and to more importantly, keep the weight off, you really do need to change your lifestyle, to change your mindset, and you may also need to get some professional help so that this is a positive move in your life.

Here are some tips to help with this.

  • Find a Diet that suits you.

If you are over 45, losing weight can be more difficult as this can also be colliding in changes in your body as you approach menopause. You may find that you need to seek professional help, rather than attempting to do this by yourself. Andrew Hanoun has been helping woman over 45 to lose weight through his programmes that target women who have tried everything else. He helps them to  finally release all the weight, get back in control of their health and adapt a sustainable lifestyle change.

The programme involves a lot of education – you need to understand why you are gaining the weight in order to lose it and keep it off. It combines group support, interesting recipes, motivational videos and live events to help women to support women and has, most importantly of all, a high success rate.

  • Start Writing

Studies have shown that people who journal and write down everything they eat have more success in losing weight and keeping it off. There are two components to successful journaling.

One, you want to write how you are feeling each day and the various activities you do. How did you feel when you chose to eat the apple versus the chocolate? What was going through your head when you couldn’t stop at just one chip? Try to get in tune with your though processes as you make the choices you make. Look for patterns over time so you can try strategies to help you avoid making mistakes and making healthy choices.

The other component to successful journaling is to write every bite down. This means each snack, taste, and spoonful you take. You can count your portions in whatever way works for you, but make sure you write them down and are being accurate.

  • Pretend You Live in Another Country

Remember that year you backpacked through Europe or that amazing trip to Mexico? Did you spend all of your time in your car zipping around place to place? No. What did you notice about the people who lived there? They walked. Everywhere. So many people are dependent on their cars to get them from point A to point B. Skip the car and grab the bike, run, walk, jog, or dance walk. Yes, that’s a thing now, and it’s amazing.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Scientists have discovered a relationship between weight gain and sleep deprivation. Buy new pillows and crisp sheets, set your air conditioner at 69F and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Some people may need more. Aim for the amount that makes you feel rested where you can wake up without the alarm.


Female Beauty and Dental Health

Looking and feeling beautiful are key ingredients for a fulfilling life. Taking care of your appearance and health will enable you to stay younger for longer. Not to mention that it will give you more confidence as you deal with the ups and downs in your life. This is especially if you’re looking to enhance your smile; simply check out this Cosmetic dentist in Temple Terrace for treatment options. A few simple tips can go a long way towards ensuring that you always make the right impression. 

The lips are a conspicuous a part of the face that many people neglect. These are among the first physical features that other people notice along with your teeth. Drinking enough water ensures that you remain hydrated throughout the day. Hydration prevents dry lips and the amount of water you drink will be influenced by aspects such as your lifestyle.

Another way you can enhance your lips is through lip blushing, which is a service offered by Bella Medspa. Lip Blushing is a form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that enhances the lips natural tint and shape, giving them a boost and a glossy touch. It enhances your lips but still leaves them looking natural. Your lips will look natural, but naturally good and fuller.



Saliva is not nature’s lip balm and constantly licking the lips can strip away their natural oils. Without these oils, your lips will lack moisture and eventually dry up. Dry or chapped lips require extra moisture that can be derived from a quality lip balm that contains natural, nourishing and gentle ingredients. You can exfoliate your lips gently to get rid of dead skin.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking causes the lips to shrivel up, darken and wrinkle. Quitting is the best solution but if you are unable to quit, make sure that you keep your lips moisturized by using natural oils such as almond oil to keep them supple.

Lipstick and Gloss

Use your favorite shade of lipstick or gloss to brighten up your lips. Choose colors that work well with your complexion or skin tone. If you want your lips to appear thicker, use lighter shades. For the illusion of thinner lips, dark shades are a good option. Use a matching lip liner to complete the look. Read about family dentistry Aurora Co services here.


Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene will keep your teeth looking healthy and help you prevent painful dental problems. Knowing how to take good care of your mouth and using the right techniques will make your teeth stronger and healthier. Brushing your teeth daily is essential for avoiding dental problems.  View yelp page here.

Healthy Mouth

Dentistry helps you to enhance your smile and improve the appearance of your teeth. Clean teeth and gums create a great smile while boosting your confidence. Including various steps in your daily oral care routine will ensure that you maintain a healthy mouth.

Take care of your teeth and ask your dentist for guidance regarding your oral health and any dental problems you may have. Choose a dentist that you are comfortable with. You can get recommendations from friends and family as well as online reviews.



Body After Baby: How to Deal & Embrace Your Newfound Curves

Photo by Kyle Nieber on Unsplash

For moms, it is common knowledge that a woman’s body goes through immense changes during pregnancy. Yet thousands of women feel the anxiety to keep up with celebrity moms in the media. Whether it’s Victoria Beckman’s petite size 6 figure weeks after giving birth to Harper, Myleene Klass in a summer bikini, or Miranda Kerr in short shorts with her baby on hip, it seems like not even a week goes by without a celebrity mum making her comeback after giving birth. However, Instead of going on a fad celebrity diet, women feel more inclined to lose weight as a motion to feeling better about themselves by increasing self-confidence and improving their overall health.

A survey conducted by Slimming World reveals that 82 percent of women felt low esteem and under pressure due to society’s obsession with ‘ideal weight.’ The good news is that you don’t need to rush back into your pre-baby bod in order to feel sexy again. In fact, now’s the time to ask yourself whether the desire to lose weight is something you need and want, or something you ‘feel’ that society is saying that you should get back to. When you discover what it is that you truly want to accomplish for your self-confidence and body image, here’s how to deal and embrace your newfound curves.

Start Setting Body Goals

What better way to boost your self-esteem that to achieve goals you’ve once set for yourself. Instead of setting impossible goals such as ‘getting back to college weight in three months,’ aim to take a new fitness class or incorporate whole foods into your diet. If you eat right and gradually begin to exercise, your body will get it where it should be again.

Consider A Mommy Makeover

Breastfeeding and pregnancy can lead dramatic changes to your body. While proper nutrition and physical activity can help you lose the baby weight, thousands of women struggle just on diet and exercise alone. If you’re tempted to get a tummy tuck or liposuction to reduce loose skin, you might also consider a “Mommy Makeover” to get your body back into shape. Many plastic surgeons across the UK are offering the Mommy Makeover, which addresses the most common post-pregnancy body issues in a single session, which includes:

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Fat Removal with Liposuction
  • Breast Augmentation or Lift

While this is a great way for women to restore their body closer to pre-baby appearance, be sure to let your body heal for at least six months prior to giving birth. You will also need to have stopped breastfeeding to help your doctor get a better idea of your breast’s true size and position.

Get Comfy in Your Skin

Your body continues to change after giving birth, and your postbirth body may not be the same, with the increased foot size and belly bulge, among others. Hold on to your maternity clothes, especially those with elastic bands and stretchy fabrics, for comfort.

Also, it may take a while for the swelling in the feet, hands, and legs to go away. Wearing compression socks available in wide-calf sizes may help reduce postpartum swelling. This study says compression therapy, coupled with proper exercise, seems effective in preventing and treating lower-limb edema in pregnant women who wore compression garments during the 24 hours after giving birth. The 2017 study, however, states that further research is needed. 

Embrace the Change

No matter what stage your body is in, it’s current state won’t last forever. Extra weight gain, large breasts from feeding, and of course, the lack of sleep are all moments that will pass with time. As your body adapts to your new lifestyle changes, you will discover that gentle, easy movements such as long walks with the baby, yoga, and even trips to the mall will help kick-start physical fitness. Just remember, movement and companionship with your baby are excellent ways to embrace your bond while staying lightly active.