Body After Baby: How to Deal & Embrace Your Newfound Curves

Photo by Kyle Nieber on Unsplash

For moms, it is common knowledge that a woman’s body goes through immense changes during pregnancy. Yet thousands of women feel the anxiety to keep up with celebrity moms in the media. Whether it’s Victoria Beckman’s petite size 6 figure weeks after giving birth to Harper, Myleene Klass in a summer bikini, or Miranda Kerr in short shorts with her baby on hip, it seems like not even a week goes by without a celebrity mum making her comeback after giving birth. However, Instead of going on a fad celebrity diet, women feel more inclined to lose weight as a motion to feeling better about themselves by increasing self-confidence and improving their overall health.

A survey conducted by Slimming World reveals that 82 percent of women felt low esteem and under pressure due to society’s obsession with ‘ideal weight.’ The good news is that you don’t need to rush back into your pre-baby bod in order to feel sexy again. In fact, now’s the time to ask yourself whether the desire to lose weight is something you need and want, or something you ‘feel’ that society is saying that you should get back to. When you discover what it is that you truly want to accomplish for your self-confidence and body image, here’s how to deal and embrace your newfound curves.

Start Setting Body Goals

What better way to boost your self-esteem that to achieve goals you’ve once set for yourself. Instead of setting impossible goals such as ‘getting back to college weight in three months,’ aim to take a new fitness class or incorporate whole foods into your diet. If you eat right and gradually begin to exercise, your body will get it where it should be again.

Consider A Mommy Makeover

Breastfeeding and pregnancy can lead dramatic changes to your body. While proper nutrition and physical activity can help you lose the baby weight, thousands of women struggle just on diet and exercise alone. If you’re tempted to get a tummy tuck or liposuction to reduce loose skin, you might also consider a “Mommy Makeover” to get your body back into shape. Many plastic surgeons across the UK are offering the Mommy Makeover, which addresses the most common post-pregnancy body issues in a single session, which includes:

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Fat Removal with Liposuction
  • Breast Augmentation or Lift

While this is a great way for women to restore their body closer to pre-baby appearance, be sure to let your body heal for at least six months prior to giving birth. You will also need to have stopped breastfeeding to help your doctor get a better idea of your breast’s true size and position.

Get Comfy in Your Skin

Your body continues to change after giving birth, and your postbirth body may not be the same, with the increased foot size and belly bulge, among others. Hold on to your maternity clothes, especially those with elastic bands and stretchy fabrics, for comfort.

Also, it may take a while for the swelling in the feet, hands, and legs to go away. Wearing compression socks available in wide-calf sizes may help reduce postpartum swelling. This study says compression therapy, coupled with proper exercise, seems effective in preventing and treating lower-limb edema in pregnant women who wore compression garments during the 24 hours after giving birth. The 2017 study, however, states that further research is needed. 

Embrace the Change

No matter what stage your body is in, it’s current state won’t last forever. Extra weight gain, large breasts from feeding, and of course, the lack of sleep are all moments that will pass with time. As your body adapts to your new lifestyle changes, you will discover that gentle, easy movements such as long walks with the baby, yoga, and even trips to the mall will help kick-start physical fitness. Just remember, movement and companionship with your baby are excellent ways to embrace your bond while staying lightly active.

Tattoo Removal With The Pulse Light Clinic

Getting a tattoo is a rite of passage for many young people, or sometimes a sign of rebellion for the older generation, and there is no doubt that many tattoos are works of art, real things of beauty created by talented artists. But while this is true of the kind of tattoos created by TVs ‘The Tattoo Fixers’, it is certainly not the case for all tattoos.

There are the DIY versions, created with a needle and Indian Ink, on arms and across knuckles – the names of an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, odd letters or an attempt at an image that has no resemblance to what it is supposed to be. Then there are the bad tattoos – designed and created in shoddy backstreet tattoo parlours that are poor in quality and now faded in colour.  There are also the tattoos that are a clear mistake, ones that are picked up on foreign holidays when alcohol and bravado have got the better of common sense and you troop in as  a gang to get some Chinese symbol to celebrate your holiday and friendship, totally regretting it when you sober up.

Even those beautiful looking tattoos can later be viewed as a mistake if they are on a part of the body that is clearly visible. Many professions ask for tattoos to be covered up, not so much of a problem in Winter, but certainly less comfortable in Summer when you are forced to wear long sleeves to cover up that arm tattoo. Fortunately, if you have changed your mind, there are now effective ways to get your tattoo removed.

Laser Tattoo removal of the sort provided by the Pulse Light Clinic is effective enough to leave your tattoo just a memory. One of only 2 clinics in the UK are using the PicoSure & PicoWay lasers, this clinic can see the complete removal of your tattoo with just 3-8 treatments. This includes removal of tattoos that are high in colour and large in size. You have a consultation with a removal technician before your treatment so you then go into the process with a clear idea of how long it will take and how many treatments you will need.

The initial consultation and patch test are free of charge, so you can find out more information without having to pay. In addition, there are interest free finance packages to help you spread the cost of your treatment.

If you do have a tattoo that you now see as a mistake or a liability, you really don’t have to live with that mistake any more. Laser removal treatment is safe and can be achieved quickly and efficiently, leaving you able to wear those short sleeved tops and shorts again without feeling self conscious and embarrassed.

You can contact the Pulse Light Clinic by visiting their website or contacting them on 0207 523 5158.


How to Keep Your Skin Smooth as You Age

As women get older and their skin endures a lot of daily abuse from things like dish detergent and sun exposure, they might notice that the skin on their face and body starts to appear dry, dull, and full of wrinkles and fine lines. Thankfully, though, there are several ways that you can keep your skin as smooth as possible as you get older, and a few tips are below to help you get started.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

One of the most important things that you can do to maintain the smoothness and health of your skin as you get older is to simply wear sunscreen before you head out the door. This includes sunscreen on your face and neck, as well as on any exposed areas of your body. In fact, if you are in search of a natural cure for crepey skin, you might want to find a sunscreen that contains safe, natural ingredients that could help protect your delicate skin from harmful UV rays. After all, the radiation from the sun could lead to everything from wrinkles and dark spots, to cancer, so you definitely want to protect yourself.

Use a Moisturizer

There are a variety of high-quality moisturizers, many of which are designed to be safe for your skin because they contain natural ingredients. Definitely take advantage of these moisturizers, which you can apply to your face, body, and hands, as they are a great way to keep the skin all over your face and body super smooth as you age. And while moisturizing all year long is recommended, it is even more important during the harsh winter season when the skin tends to become even drier and chapped.

Tip: use a facial moisturizer that contains SPF so that you can apply one cream and get the benefits of moisturization along with sunscreen.

Stay Hydrated and Follow a Healthy Diet

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day isn’t just great for your overall health; it’s also a fantastic way to help keep your skin smooth and moisturized. On top of drinking water, though, you also want to make it a point to eat right every day. Focus on including plenty of plant-based foods in your meal plans, so that you can get a wide range of nutrients that your body needs to repair and regenerate your skin. Foods that are packed with antioxidants, as well as vitamins like A, C, B, and E, are great choices. And if you can afford to eat organic foods more often, that is also a step in the right direction.

By following the simple tips above, you might find that your skin remains more smooth and youthful as you get older. After all, no one wants to deal with skin that is dry, wrinkled and aged looking. So, go ahead and give these easy strategies a try and see if they make a difference in the way you look and feel.