ACC Art Books: London Guides

In the current climate, books are going to be more important than ever, reading is something we can do to while away some time, and maybe learn something new in the process. If novels and fiction are not quite your thing, then maybe you could try something non fiction, like the fascinating range of London guides from ACC Art Books. These books, a mixture of photography and print, of lists, and interviews, offer you the chance to explore the City of London from a completely different perspective – in terms of its vinyl record shops (Vinyl London), it’s literature (Writer’s London) and it’s art (Art London).

Vinyl London By Tom Greig

Record shops have always been a special place in the heart of the city, with vinyl holding that same special place for music lovers. No CD or download could ever take the place of 33s and 45s, and now they are beginning to have a resurgence. Tom Greig’s book is a great guide to the capital’s record shops, talking about what they specialise in, whether they sell new vinyl, second hand, or both, opening hours, address and then a general information piece about the record shop.

Writer’s London by Carrie Kania and Alan Oliver

This is a real treasure trove of a book for literature lovers. It splits London into areas, and then talks about the places that have inspired writers, their haunts, the key book shops and museums dedicated to writers. You get to learn about the cemeteries where great writers are buried, and are given a list of suggested reading for each area of London.

Writer’s London features so many wonderful authors, Virginia Woolf, George Bernard Shaw, Martin Amis, Oscar Wilde, Lord Byron….the list is endless. If you love books and want to learn about the people who wrote them, this is full of stories and even little titbits of gossip. I don’t mind admitting that I could lose myself in this book.

Art London By Hettie Judah

From the National Gallery to the Tate Modern, from the Fourth Plinth to the Pre Raphaelite brotherhood, London has lots of people and places that have a unique place in the history of Art. This book is a guide to all this and more.

The book features the photography of Alex Schneideman. He photographed a range of contemparary artists including Anish Kapoor, Grayson Perry, Mona Hatoum, John Akomfra, Rasheed Araeen, Sunil Gupta, Tracey Emin and Yinka Shonibare at work in their studios.

This book is a great way to read about your favourite artists and galleries, and then discover some new ones.


The FlyingKids Activity Book Reviewed.

Traveling with kids can be very stressful, even when you are taking a trip by aeroplane. Kids get bored very quickly, even when you are just taking a short haul flight, so it is important that you are prepared for this, and take a bag of goodies that will keep them busy and occupied for the journey. If you are traveling to Europe this Summer, the FlyingKids Activity Book Europe could be the perfect way to pass the time away as you travel to your destination.

The FlyingKids Travel Guide series is aimed at children aged 6-12, and offers information about the major countries of the world. It now has a sister companion piece, a colouring activity book full of pictures and quizzes based around some of the most important Countries and Cities in the World. The activities are educational, you learn about flags, culture, food and historical buildings, but also a lot of fun, especially for those who enjoy colouring it.

We have the FlyingKids activity book that is based all around Europe and are going to be taking it on our holiday next week as something for Joe to do on the plane, but I think you could use this book in lots of different scenario’s. This could range from teaching your child a little bit about a new place they are about to visit, building the excitement in the run up to a trip, or using it when you are actually on holiday when you are taking a break from the sun.

The books are lovely quality and are totally child friendly, with Leonardo, your tour guide, taking you from Italy to Germany, France to Spain, and then onto London. You see the Coliseum, the London Eye, the Brandenburg Gate and the Sagrada Familia, and hopefully your child will leave a little bit about the new places you are visiting through their book.

Style Focus – Coffee Table Books At The Works

There are books that are made to be read and read. The sort of books that have dog eared pages, notes in the margin, pages turned over when you’ve lost your bookmarks. These are the sort of books you read on trains, on buses, by the pool on your holidays, but they are not necessarily the sort of books you love and cherish, they tend to be the books you read and then donate to your local charity shop, or leave on shelves in holiday hotels.

But there is another kind of book, one that is meant to be loved and cherished, books that are far too beautiful to sit on a shelf and be ignored, and books you would certainly never turn the pages over. I’m talking, of course, about the coffee table book – books often related to the topics of fashion, style, interiors and architecture.  These are usually hardback books, bigger than your average shelf can hold (hence living, almost nochalently, on the edge of a coffee table, to be admired and to browse through.).  Filled with beautiful illustrations of photography, coffee table books are almost as much about the style as they are about the content.

Bargain bookseller The Works is not normally the first port of call when looking for coffee table style books, but this would be a mistake, because it currently has a huge collection of books that are stylish and beautiful, perfect for lovers of fashion and architecture, as well as many books devoted to Art and The Arts. It is definitely worth checking out the special offers at The Works before you look elsewhere, especially as their website has so many more books than you will find in their UK Stores.

I have made a list of some reading material on my current wishlist, with the top read definitely being Icons of Vintage Fashion by Angele Hernu.

100 Years of Fashion
Format: Paperback Author: Cally Blackman Click to visit The Works

Rare Bird of Fashion
Format: Hardback Author: Eric Boman Click to visit The Works

Format: Paperback Author: Christopher Breward Click to visit The Works

1920s Fashion
Format: Paperback Author: Charlotte Fiell £7 Click to visit The Works


Fashion Universe of Jean Paul Gaultier
Format: Hardback Author: Nathalie Bondil £67.99 Click to visit The Works