How to get the best price for scrapping your vehicle

It’s time to get rid of your vehicle, and you probably won’t get much for selling it, so how about you scrap it instead? A lot of the time people tend to shy away from scrapping a vehicle as they are afraid the process might be difficult, however, it couldn’t be simpler. 

Scrapping your old, disused vehicle can be a good way to make some quick money, but what it’s worth knowing is how to get the best price for your car, and there are some thinks you should make note of to ensure you get a good deal. 

What determines the price of a vehicle? 

Firstly, before you go straight to a scrap yard and ask them for a price, it is handy to know how they valuate your vehicle and the factors that determine the price you are offered. 

The weight of the vehicle: This is probably the most important factor in decided the price of the vehicle. When it comes down to it, the heavier the vehicle is, the more metal there will be to scrap, therefore the valuation will be higher. Bigger cars ramp up a higher price because there is more steel on the vehicle to be scrapped.  

The distance from the dealer: Any reputable dealer will collect your vehicle for free, however, the further you are from the dealer the less money you’ll receive. That’s because it will cost the dealer more to collect the vehicle from a longer distance. 

Have parts been removed? Some people might recommend removing expensive parts of the vehicle in-order to sell them separately, but this will only lower the scrapping price. Not only will your vehicle be lighter if you remove parts, but the dealer may possibly give you more with the parts intact so that they can go onto sell them, without the parts this isn’t possible. 

The scrap market: Like with any market, the scrap metal market fluctuates and it is well known that things are constantly changing in terms of price. It’s all about supply and demand, therefore if there is a high demand for steel then you will get more money for your vehicle, but it also works the other way too. 

What are the average prices of popular vehicles? 

It is possible to find websites where you can receive an online valuation for your vehicle, but if you’re looking for an estimate, here are the average scrap prices of popular vehicles in the UK: 

-Renault Scenic – £174 

-Audi A3 – £143 

-Volkswagen Golf – £172 

-Ford Fiesta – £148 

-Land Rover Discovery – £297

How to get the best deal 

Be patient: As we said above, the market can change at any point dependent on whether there is a demand for recycled steel, therefore you need to ensure that you are selling your vehicle at the right time. If you find the price unusually low at one point, it might be a good idea to hold onto the vehicle and keep checking online valuation to wait for a price increase. 

Choose a dealer nearby: If you choose a dealer further away from where they need to collect the vehicle, it is likely that they will knock something off the price because it costs them more to collect it. This is why it is essential that you choose a scrap yard as close as possible, that way they will be less likely to penalise you for this. 

Be cautious: The car industry is notorious for dodgy dealings; therefore, you should be careful when you choose a dealer to scrap your vehicle to. You should choose and Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) as these are the only government approved scrap yards. Any dealer that is not could potentially try and con you out of your money. This includes charging you for collection, charging you if you don’t have a logbook or trying to take the vehicle away without giving you a penny. 

Why Servicing Your Car Is So Important

When a car first leaves the salesroom, it is at the height of perfection, with everything running smoothly, it is in tip top condition. But once it has left the salesroom and you now sit behind the steering wheel, you now have the responsibility of making sure your car remains roadworthy and is looked after. Making sure your car is serviced regularly is one of the ways you can ensure this.

Wherever you live, you can make sure your car is fully serviced. For instance, if you live in Stirling convenient car servicing is offered within a few clicks by Fife Autocentre who offer fixed priced car servicing options and also offer van servicing too. Your car should be serviced regularly, at least every 12 months, or every 12,000 miles is a generally agreed timescale. Sticking to this timeline should ensure your car maintains peak condition and you get more miles and years of service out of it.

So why should you have regular car servicing?

The main, and most important reason for having your car serviced is that it identifies problems with your car and its main components. This can ensure that your car doesn’t break down, or, worse still, become involved in an accident due to a failure or malfunction.

All cars are subject to wear and tear, but having your car serviced helps to identify this, and can save you money in the long run by being able to repair something rather than having to completely replace it.

A regular service could see your car running more smoothly, or lead to be being more fuel efficient – another way you could be making a financial saving.

What Should be included in a Full Service?

Car servicing differs amongst different service suppliers, but at a rule of thumb it should include an oil and filter change, break checks, a visual inspection of your vehicle, topping up of all fluids, and will also check between 45-60 of your cars components. Any additional work for problems identified is not included in the cost, but can often be booked at the same garage.

If your car is long overdue a service, then you really shouldn’t wait any longer. Be sure to add car servicing to your calendar and then to make sure you adhere to this each year. In this way, you should keep your car as economical and safe as possible.


Top cars for mums this spring!


Having kids is one of the trickiest things ever, and mothers are at the center of it all. Sometimes, they constantly feel like they are ferrying the little ones from one place to another while at the same time trying to run other errands. Eventually, they spend several hours on the road, and this the reason why all mother out there need a car that can stomach everything without letting them down.

This spring, for instance, calls for the best family car that is reliable and highly practical. That said, here are some of the best cars for mums this spring that fit the budget and aren’t a bore at all.


Toyota Highlander

Anybody who has kids and owns a Toyota Highlander is probably going to suggest that you get the car. The vehicle is a perfect choice for your troop regardless of what they are carrying; backpacks, lunch boxes, sports gear, strollers and many more.

It offers a smooth ride, admittedly almost exactly the same as that of a luxury SUV. It comes with a V-6 engine, which is known to produce less vibrations, and is equipped with an eight-speed auto transmission. Both give the Toyota Highlander beauty on the road.

This particular vehicle’s dashboard comes with a shelf you can keep sunglasses and other things in, and the center console is big enough to swallow other baby stuff, like a diaper bag. With all its beauty, it comes with five charging ports, a system for collision avoidance, and three-zone climate control.

Toyota Highlander is not too big or too small either, but it guarantees meeting all the needs a mother could desire in a vehicle.

Honda CR-V

Honda makes some of the popular family cars and the often-preferred models include the Honda CR-V. It is a midsize sports utility vehicle with a capacity of five. It is also spacious and it features a large and functional storage space behind the second row.

If the little ones want an elevated view of scenery outside, the Honda CR-V is the one to pick. It is equipped with adapter plugs, which is a plus for keeping or charging devices on the go, and it gets the best mileage on the highway or in the city.

The car delivers an equilibrium in terms of practicality. All its amenities are upscale and the manner in which it was built, one can’t help but admit that it is one of the most comfortable and safe vehicles to use with your kids.

Apart from its affordability, it is a beauty and silent. While you are on the lookout for this vehicle, perhaps you should consider the EX version. It comes with lots of safety features including an auto emergency brake system, collision and road departure warnings, and adaptive cruise control. It is worth every penny.


Honda Odyssey

The CR-V might be the favorite mom’s car, but the Honda Odyssey might just be the thing for those with a slightly bigger team. It has the capacity of eight persons and a cargo hold bigger than the CR-V’s.

The Odyssey comes with a V6 engine, which guarantees reliability, six-speed automatic transmission with other features including a Bluetooth audio streaming, rear-view mirrors, phone connections, front adjustable seats, among others.

The Odysseys is loved for its ease of handling, the elegant look, the impressive and cozy interior as well as its myriad functional features that every vehicle carrying many passengers should have. You might call the Honda Odyssey the mother of all minivans for it is the best money can buy.

It also has a version that comes with safety systems like forward collision and lane and road departure warnings.

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Everything about the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport screams technology. Regardless, whether you are a tech-savvy or a fashion mother or not, it makes one of the best buys ever. This vehicle offers fuel efficiency, unmatched performance, and a turbo-charged engine for incredible speeds.

It makes quick and impressive maneuvers, sails smoothly on the highway, and is highly comfortable. It also comes with other features that include a remarkably integrated Blue Link infotainment system and phone controls that are mounted on the steering wheel.

The standard version of the Hyundai Santa Fe also comes equipped with air-conditioning and a camera for reversing. The leather seats, the automatic lights, wipers and its controls for the climate are enough to entice every mom looking for the best car this spring.


Jeep Cherokee

This is one ideal vehicle for both on and off-road use. Clearly, you are not looking to drive your kids out to the wild but nothing brings a sense of reassurance knowing that your vehicle can totally rely on all the times.

The cargo room, the mileage it offers, the strong build, and all the features it packs make it one of the preferred mom cars ever. The Jeep Cherokee isn’t just a wrangler for the enthusiasts, it is, and still will be one of the first SUVs ever.

Liveliness hasn’t been left out. The different versions of the Jeep Cherokee pack a ton of impressive systems like airbags for safety, touch-screen entertainment systems, comfort traits, and additional features, which come in handy.

With the V6 engine, its affordability, durability and the sleek road performance, nothing should stop any mom from having an SUV that stands out from the rest.

Meanwhile, you can always hire any of these beauties at Intelligent Car Leasing to see how they perform on the road before making your purchase decision.