The Incredible Intergalatic Journey Home from Lost My Name

I have said on many occasions that I think the best kind of books are the personalised ones. A personalised gift is truly one of a kind, and is very special to the person that receives it, it is something that they will want to keep and treasure forever.

Lost My Name produce beautifully illustrated, personalised story books for children. Their first book was, not surprisingly, called ‘Lost My Name‘ and followed a child on a special journey as they traveled to find out their name, collecting letters from weird and wonderful animals on route. Joe loved this book and we have read it over and over, it never loses its charm or magic.DSCN3104[1]

Now the company have created a new adventure, and this time it is all about a journey through the galaxy as you try to find your way home. ‘The Intergalactic Journey Home’ is again filled with bright and beautiful illustrations, with a lead character who you can personalise to look as much like your child as possible.  Of course, the personlisation this time is not just the name of the lead character, but also your address, and maps and images that correspond to your address.



Creating your own book is very easy, a name and address are all you need to start the journey, and the finished book is a lovely reading experience between you and your child. The best way to read this is by not announcing the surprise, but by letting your child read through and suddenly discover a book about their own home and journey to get to it.



Joe loves his book, and with Christmas not all that far away (I know, I’ve mentioned the ‘C’ word, don’t shoot me down in flames.) this is a ideal stocking filler. I also think this would be a lovely gift for a new baby, perhaps teamed with the original ‘Lost my Name’ book.




Wicked Uncle solves those Children’s party dilemmas

It all started when Joe was five. Before this, we had been invited to a few children’s birthday parties, spread out at intervals throughout the year. Then suddenly Joe hit five, and he suddenly had more party invites than the whole cast of TOWIE put together. It seemed like rarely a weekend passed without a birthday party from a cousin or a school friend. We attended a party this weekend, and now have party invites for the next three weekends. A child’s social life is certainly a busy one!

At Alfie's party

At Alfie’s party

At Lily's party

At Lily’s party

At Renee's party.

At Renee’s party.

Of course, birthday parties bring the problem of what to give for a gift. You know what your own child likes and enjoys, but are never so sure about someone else’s child. You also worry that you will duplicate the present  that someone else has already given. Toy company Wicked Uncle offers some great gift ideas. Their range of toys and gifts give you the option of choosing something a little different, either for your own child, or as a gift if your little one is a little party animal.

I was offered the opportunity to choose some gifts from the Wicked Uncle range, and chose items for both Joe (aged 6) and my niece Renee (aged 2). The gift guide is split into boys and girls, and then into specific ages. Of course, the being 2015, some toys appear on both lists, and in more than one age category, but this listing certainly helps if you are hunting for a gift with no real clues as to what to get.


Our choices from Wicked Uncle

Wicked Uncle has a great range of unusual gifts, and the prices range from pocket-money toys, to more expensive birthday and Christmas gifts. Joe loved the Subbuteo footballs that were perfect for his game, whilst we are keeping the extreme Waboba ball for our holidays – it bounces on water so will be great fun in the hotel pool.


Extreme Waboba Ball - Bounces on Water £5.50 click to visit Wicked Uncle

Extreme Waboba Ball – Bounces on Water £5.50 click to visit Wicked Uncle


Joe couldn’t wait to open the toys from Wicked Uncle

Subbuteo Official Footballs £4.50 click to visit Wicked Uncle

Subbuteo Official Footballs £4.50 click to visit Wicked Uncle

We also chose a really lovely Space Explorer room projector for Joe. This lovely item projected images of space, NASA and the Hubble Space telescope onto a blank wall. The projector also doubles as a great night-light.

Space Explorer Room Projector £12.95 click to visit Wicked Uncle

Space Explorer Room Projector £12.95 click to visit Wicked Uncle

For Renee, who has just had her second birthday, I chose the Princess Elise magnetic dress up doll, with wooden magnetic outfits that make it just the perfect choice for a Princess mad little girl. This is specified as for age 3+, but this is an example of how you use your own common sense by using Wicked Uncle as a guide.

Princess Elise - Magnetic Dress-Up Doll £11.95 click to visit Wicked Uncle

Princess Elise – Magnetic Dress-Up Doll £11.95 click to visit Wicked Uncle

Wicked Uncle is a great destination for brilliant, unusual toys that are a whole lot of fun.  They also take a lot of the work out of organising gifts by offering gift wrap options and handwritten birthday cards that can be included with your gift. You can visit the site here.

*I was given online store credit in order to choose gifts to review the Wicked Uncle products and service. All views are my own.