Sunday night saw the Screen Actors Guild awards. These awards are important as an indicator of where the Oscars might go (apparently a 75% conversion rate from SAG to Oscar!). The SAG awards are known as being less formal than The Golden Globes and The Oscars, but there were still some pretty impressive looks on display on the night. Fashion-Mommy is here to talk you through the trends, the style hits and fashion misses.

Trend 1 – BRIGHTS

There was a veritable sea of colour on the red carpet. Vibrant pinks, reds and oranges were worn, sometimes at the same time in the same dress. For those who avoided the brightly coloured dresses, hot pink lips were also on display. Mila Kunis wore an Alexander McQueen strapless dress that was similar in colour and print to that worn by Michelle Obama during the Chinese State visit. For many, this was the dress of the night, but I felt it was just too floaty, with a beach feel to it. It was nowhere near as successful as the McQueen worn by Michelle Obama, nor did it touch the emerald-green dress Kunis had worn to the Golden Globes.

Far more successful was the beautiful, hot pink Oscar De La Renta dress worn by ‘Winter Bone’ actress Jennifer Lawrence. With her blonde colouring, this was the perfect choice and she looked amazing. Julianna Margulies, who was the winner of the award for best actress in a drama, wore a simple, elegant Yves St Laurent red strapless dress. This has draping detail and was a very good choice, especially when teamed with the hair trend of the night – a simple ponytail.

I did not like the striped dress worn by True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld. For me, this Prada dress was a true disaster, but given that she is only 14, and having some fun with fashion, this was forgivable. Angie Harmon, wearing a pink feathered over-the-top gown by Monique Lhuillier, looked very pretty, but this somehow felt like someone had removed her from covering a toilet roll. However, her hair and make-up were great. Jane Lynch from Glee was definitely one of my worst dressed of the night, her lilac satin dress resembled a bad 1980s bridesmaid dress!

Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen

Jennifer Lawrence in Oscar de La Renta

Julianna Margulies in YSL

Hailee Steinfeld in Prada

Angie Harmon

Jane Lynch

Other stars wearing coloured dresses included a stunning Sofia Vergara wearing a blue Roberto Cavalli halter neck which made her look like a total goddess, and Kim Kardashian, who wore a stunning purple, embellished Marchesa gown. Tina Fey, who has often been on the worst dressed list at events like this, was one of the best dressed on the night in a red lace strapless dress by Oscar De La Renta, whilst Claire Danes showcased one of the prettiest looks on the red carpet in her gorgeous floral gown, with hot pink lips!

Kim Kardashian

Tina Fey

Trend 2 – Black is back!

For many stars, black is still the only option for red carpet dressing.  Nicole Kidman led the trend in a dramatic Nina Ricci column gown. This was a beautiful look, very gothic with its lace back detail, but it was over-accesorised by the large flower necklace from Fred Leighton. Christina Hendricks was virtually unrecognisable as she kept those fabulous curves under wraps in a glamorous black wrap style blouse by L’Wren Scott. Some have said she deserved the award for best glittery dressing gown, but I loved this look, a new direction from the ‘overspill’ she sometimes displays on the red carpet.  January Jones went for the Tippi Hedron look with her hair piled up high and a vintage style black and gold lace dress by Carolina Herrara. Helena Bonham Carter actually looked great in a Marc Jacobs 1950s style black and white gown and matching shoes. With her still messy updo, this was definitely Helena, but this was very pretty and actually worked! Amber Riley, also wore a beautiful black gown by Anne Barge that was actually a black wedding dress. She was another contender for best dressed on the night.

Trend 3 – All white on the night!

The polar opposite of the dark and gothic black on display, some stars opted for the crisp and always elegant shade of white. Natalie Portman was dazzling in a beautiful strapless Azarro gown, which I think was much more stylish than the Viktor and Rolf she wore for the Golden Globes. Her Black Swan co-star, Winona Ryder, wore another white strapless gown, but this was far too bridal to be a red carpet success. Amy Adams rocked another fabulous ponytail, but her white Herve L Leroux gown was too tight and restrictive on her bustline, she looked like she couldn’t breathe! Ethical fashion heroine Livia Firth, looked amazing in another white vintage gown, with sequins on the neckline. A special mention must also go to Hillary Swank, who opted for a nude Grecian style dress FROM Versace, with big hair, and looked amazing!


Livia Firth


My top five best dressed?  Claire Danes, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Hendricks and Julianna Margulies. Worst dressed?  Jane Lynch, Winona Ryder, Hailee Steinfeld, Mila Kunis and Amy Adams.


See you for the BAFTAS!

Christina Hendricks – A modern siren.

Christina Hendricks

Image via Wikipedia

And so this week it happened.  A truly curvy, beautiful woman made the cover of Grazia Magazine. And whilst the photograph of Christina Hendricks at the Emmys that made the cover is beautiful, am I the only person who found the tagline and some of the comments used in the article slightly patronising?

‘Christina fever’ the headline screamed, ‘the week this size 14, 38e body stormed Hollywood’. And whilst it is undoubtably true that Emmy week did see an explosion of interest in Christina and other curvier beauties (Crystal Renn, Amber Riley etc), why did Grazia feel the need to splash her vital statistics all over the cover. Would it do that on a Kate Moss cover (size 6, no boobs to speak of) or over a picture of the now waif like Cheryl Cole. The picture of Christina gives all the information about her body that is re needed.

However, the glossy and beautiful Grazia cover is a breakthrough whilst the beautiful pictures on the inside feature show just why both men and women have fallen in love with Christina. She frankly looks amazing. Her beauty is from a different age, a cross between Rita Hayworth and Gloria Grahame, with a bit of Susan Hayward thrown in for good measure. She has a stunning, sensuous siren look and is possibly the only person who could make her beautiful co-star January Jones look like a boy.

Christina is the whole package, a women rather than the Glee clones and Gossip Girls that feature in Heat Magazine. She is not just about curves, her goddess hair and Marilyn Monroe -esque wardrobe are also to die for. This is no mean feat when you realise that she has to have her clothes custom-made with no chance of fitting into those sample sizes so beloved of most fashionistas. In the past she would have been a great muse for Rubens or Goya, whilst being the perfect muse for this seasons fabulous fifties/sixties Kennedy era collections from the likes of Louis Vuitton and Prada, all full skirts and nipped in waists, as well as the calf length pencil skirts and kitten heels that look so fab when they have curves to cling on to.

Christina is managing to be both things, an icon harking back to the past whilst being absolutely current. Imagine a remark of Butterfield 8 with Christina in the lead role. How amazing would she look poured into those slip dresses made famous by another curvy icon Elizabeth Taylor? With no harsh lines or taut muscles, Christina looks soft and womanly and utterly feminine.

But the Christina backlash is already beginning. Joan Rivers was particularly nasty on Emmy’s fashion police, basically describing her beautiful Zac Posen dress as something akin to Jim Henson’s muppets. In Grazia, stylist, creative director and Ugly Betty lookalike Grace Woodward says ‘…I don’t envy her curves.A figure like that is really hard to dress…’ and then, more annoyingly, goes on to say ‘…She hasn’t bowed to the Hollywood pressure to be a sample size – though there is a danger that going to this unobtainable extreme gives the message that being ‘big’ is OK.Curves are one thing, but glamourising fat as a change from super-thin chic can easily be misconstrued…’ Such a stupid comment when the super-thin have been, and continue to be promoted as glamorous (Victoria Beckham, Nicole Ritchie, Kiera Knightley and Kate Bosworth being just a few examples of this). Whilst the idea that the ‘fat’ can’t be glamorous is frankly offensive. Larger ladies can be glamorous, groomed and stylish – check out Amber Riley at the Emmy’s, whilst some super slim women can be mousey, ungroomed and unglamorous. Chic is about Style not size, and at least with the likes of Christina Hendricks flying the flag for larger ladies, there may be a chance to redress the sizing issues.


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