Ensuring your Uniforms are of a High Quality

When you supply your employees with a uniform, you are projecting an image of professionalism, and also affirming your corporate identity. Whenever your employees wear their uniform inside or outside of work, they are representing your company and your brand, almost like a walking advertisement! Because of this, you will want to make sure that you buy the best quality uniforms available, and also make sure that your employees look after them.

An Abundance of Choice Online

If you take a look at the online workwear suppliers covering the UK using the internet, there is a lot of choice in companies that you can use. It is worth your time to contact as many companies as you can, give them an overall basic brief of your requirements, and see what they come back with and if it meets your request. A lot of companies will be selling the same or very similar styles and designs, so there is not usually a lot to choose between the companies apart from the level of service and the price.


Easy to Maintain

When you are looking at the different types of workwear and uniforms that are available, one important factor to keep in mind is that they must be easy to look after, with no special cleaning instructions. You will want the uniform to keep its colour for as long as you can, with as little fading as possible. Obviously uniforms are going to get dirty during the working day, no matter what industry, but you will want your workers uniforms to look in fantastic condition, every time they are cleaned.


Comfortable and Hard-Wearing

It is important that you also keep in mind the comfort of the people that are going to wear the uniform. You will want the uniforms to be practical, hard-wearing, but most important of all, comfortable! If you succeed in sourcing your company workwear, and it matches these criteria, then you will have a professional looking workforce that will be the envy of all of your competitors.


Try Before You Buy!

As workwear can be a considerable investment, you will want to negotiate with your potential suppliers that you want to sample the clothes that they have to offer. There is often a charge for this, but if you are purchasing a full uniform for all employees, then you may be able to negotiate with companies to provide you with free samples. Either way, it is always good to try the samples out, before committing to a large order. Get a few employees to wear the samples for a few weeks and see how comfortable they are and how they look after they have been cleaned a few times. Making sure your employees are comfortable and in the loop will help to ensure that you choose the best possible solution that matches as much of your criteria as possible.

Educate your Employees

Another way to make sure that your employees look after their new uniforms when they get them is to educate them in how to look after them properly. Ideally the uniforms will be able to be washed on an economical cycle on the washing machine, as this will also be the employee’s preference more than likely. If they all know how to look after their uniform properly then there is no excuse if they arrive to work and they are not clean or tidy. You may even bring in a penalty system to encourage your workers to take pride in their uniform, and representing your company.

Declutter your wardrobe this Autumn

I recently did a huge decluttering of my wardrobe. I always think Autumn is the perfect time to do this as I usually remove my summer clothes from my wardrobe and put them into storage bags until Spring comes around again. I then return my winter pieces to the wardrobe, whilst crying and eating copious amounts of chocolate. (yes, I love the sunshine that much and have no love for the time of icicles and frostbite – tis true!) I was amazed at how much stuff I had been hoarding.

On average every UK female only wears 70% of their wardrobe. With an average of 144 items of clothing per wardrobe that equates to 43 unworn items! These unworn items can be old clothes, mistake buys, fashion trends long since past, clothes which are too big, too small, veering on the tatty side, or just things you no longer like. Despite the fact that these are clothes that haven’t seen the outside of the wardrobe for a long time, there is still a tendency to hold on to them ‘just in case’. I find it hard to part with some things because they have sentimental value – I may have worn them for a special event, or they were a present from someone. I also have fluctuating weight, currently dropping, but what if I put weight back on – I may need those size 20 jeans again. And then I’m also trying to work out future vintage classics to keep for my niece.  It makes it very hard to ‘cut the cloth’ so to speak.


Bedroom Storage Maker, suppliers of walk in wardrobe kits may just offer the incentive to have that huge clear out that you keep talking about, but never quite get around to. They are working with bloggers on a campaign that takes unwanted, but still wearable clothes and shoes, and gives a cash incentive to do this. They also offer lots of advice on how to declutter in their useful infographic, which also shows you ways to get the most from your clothes – how clever is the coat hanger system!

Closet problems....

Closet problems….

My own advice, after my wardrobe sort out is ‘be brutal’ – if you haven’t worn it in the past year, are you going to be wearing it again? The answer is probably negative, so throw it in that bag. If all else fails, tell yourself a declutter leaves you room for a new wardrobe…


5 Versatile Party Outfits for 2013

Some people have quite a busy social calendar, packed with special events and parties, which is great in terms of getting out and having fun. However, one problem that can come from having a wide range of events to attend is trying to work out what to wear.

  In the current financial climate, most people can ill afford to keep going out to buy new party outfits. This is why it is important to invest in party outfits that are versatile and can be teamed with a range of different accessories to create new looks for different events and occasions.

 5 great party outfits offering versatility and style

 By finding the perfect, versatile party outfits, you can look forward to always looking great when you attend these events while avoiding the need to keep throwing your money at one new party outfit after another. Some great party outfit options for 2013 include:


  • The classic black dress: Every woman should have a classic black dress as part of their wardrobe. These dresses are extremely versatile and well suited to a host of different occasions. You can team these classics up with different shoes, handbags, and other accessories to create a whole new look for each different parties.

  •  Maxi dresses: Maxi dresses are ideal for outdoor parties in the summer as well as for indoor parties at colder times of the year. This is because they can be dressed up or down depending on the weather and the occasion, and they can be teamed with a range of different footwear and other accessories to create a great look.

  •  Smart trouser suit: A smart trouser suit in a light colour such as cream or white can look great for parties. Depending on how formal the occasion is, you can wear the trousers with or without the jacket, adding a dressy top in the summer. Alternatively, you can wear them with the matching jacket for more formal events or in the winter.

  •  Cropped trousers: A pair of three-quarter length cropped trousers can look perfect for a party, as you can really dress these up with high heeled shoes, a dressy top, and a bit of bling. If you choose black or white trousers, you will find that these go with most other colours, which makes them even more versatile.

  •  Chiffon dress: A chiffon dress can look seriously stylish and elegant. What’s more, it is cool enough to wear to events in the summer while being dressy enough to wear to winter parties such as Christmas and New Year’s events.

 With a few of these items in your wardrobe, you can make sure you are never stuck for something to wear at a party, no matter what the time of year or occasion.