F&F Clothing have sorted your Winter Coat Dilemma

It is getting colder. That is official. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours on the touchline watching my son play football, and I don’t mind admitting I was cold. Really cold. The wind was blowing a gale, the sky was dark and murky and the sun never even made one fleeting appearance. It was a day when a jacket just would not do. It was a day for a proper Winter coat.

F&F Clothing have totally got Winter coats sorted. Ultimately we want something that will look great, keep us warm, and be hardwearing enough to last us until Spring. But we don’t want to spend a fortune because ultimately most coats only last us one Winter, we want to get a new style or colour when the cold comes around again. And, some of us actually want to get two coats, one for every day wear like going to work or the school run, and then we want to get something a little more glamorous for going out, especially over the Christmas season, when fur coats tend to reign supreme.

F&F Inspiration

F&F Faux Fur Collar Belted Wrap Coat £39 click to visit F&F Clothing

F&F Faux Fur Collar Belted Wrap Coat £39 click to visit F&F Clothing

F&F Unlined Waterfall Coat with Belt £29 click to visit F7F Clothing

F&F Unlined Waterfall Coat with Belt £29 click to visit F7F Clothing

F&F Monochrome Faux Fur Patchwork Jacket £39 Click to visit F&F Clothing

F&F Monochrome Faux Fur Patchwork Jacket £39 Click to visit F&F Clothing

F&F Faux Suede Trench Coat £39 click to visit F&F Clothing

F&F Faux Suede Trench Coat £39 click to visit F&F Clothing

F&F Striped Faux Fur Coat £45 click to visit F&F Clothing

F&F Striped Faux Fur Coat £45 click to visit F&F Clothing

My F&F Clothing Coat

I was sent the very stylish and warm Chevron stripe Blanket coat from F&F Clothing to review. This is very much on-trend at the moment, the blanket style coats and wraps are still a big story, and the boho style prints show that the 1970s style is not going anywhere. When I first saw this coat I just imagined wearing it over jeans and trousers for a more casual look, but I think you can see from the pictures below that this totally lends itself to more formal, glamorous looks too.




This coat is fabulous, very generous in size and so warm and cosy. It looks great worn belted, or just left loose and open. It is no longer available online, but I have still seen it in stores so you will probably be able to find it there. It is perfect for Winter wear, it will keep you snug no matter how chilly it goes.

Are you getting a new Winter Coat this year? What sort do you choose?


Boden: Autumn Heroes

Well. if there was any doubt that Summer is now but a distant, beautiful, memory, the cold mornings and the biting wind and rain have been enough to show us that Autumn is here and that Winter is not far away. There have even been reports that we will have snow as early as next Month, as we face a very cold Winter. So what better way to cheer ourselves up and embrace the new season but through fashion?

Boden have been releasing new pieces over the past couple of weeks that deserve the title ‘Autumn Heroes’. These are pieces that keep you looking stylish in the cool temperatures, but are also practical enough to wear for all those everyday events, from work to the school run or a supermarket dash.  There are basic pieces, but they have the famous ‘Boden’ touches, from dotted cuffs on denim shirts, to the hottest of bright colours ready to enliven dark winter days.

The Denim Shirt £39.00 

Worn with skinny jeans £49. Click here for details.

Wool Skater Dress WQ068 £139.00 

There is still an early 1960s feel to Boden. The military styled coat has a Julie Christie styling to it, whilst the knitted jumpers look as though they were made to be worn with a three strand set of pearls, unless, of course, they have their own stunning embellishment.

Military Moleskin Coat WE403 £119.00 

CHELSEA JUMPER Price: £89.00 


Ponte Roma Trouser WM346 


Bistro Crop Trouser WM329

Finish your stylish looks with a sensible pair of shoes. But be warned, sensible never looked so good! Have you ever seen anything so pretty as the eggshell blue brogues?

Chic Ankle Boot AZ17

Brogue AR589 £109.00 

Boden’s Autumn heroes almost make it worth suffering the wind, rain and cold.


How to Be Prepared for the British Summer

We are all so busy these days. Working, socialising, spending time with the family. The constant flow of emails, text messages and Facebook updates means that our worlds are changing and evolving at a rapid speed. It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Usually, choosing clothes and footwear is something we do in a hurry, either during our lunch breaks, on the Internet on the way home, or in a rush with the kids on a Saturday morning.

Coats are one of those things that you feel you should spend a decent amount of time looking into, but which more often than not you leave purchasing to the last minute. I imagine that right now you have a heavy winter coat hanging up in the back of your wardrobe, a thin and lightweight summer jacket and probably nothing suitable for the weather we have at the moment.

Whilst summer jackets look great when teamed with skinny jeans on your way out for the night, or on very warm evenings whilst having dinner with your friends, they don’t really offer enough protection when the weather turns bad. And let’s face it, in this country that could happen at any time. Don’t you feel it when you head to work in the morning, turning your face to the sky and think ‘Maybe today will be different’? Doesn’t the thought cross your mind when you pack that picnic bag for the beach that the sky, so brilliantly blue and wonderful at the moment, could at any time change to a thunderous gathering of grey and black clouds? We are never really sure what the weather is going to do next. We British like to live on the edge.

As such, it is worth saying ‘Pause!’ to all those things you have going on in your life at the moment and reconsidering your outer wear choices for the summer. Put down the phone, log out of your emails and just have a little think. Are you really ready for summer nights out? Are you prepared for inclement weather when walking the dog in the early morning light? Will you keep dry when heading to that festival with your friends? Isn’t there just maybe something missing? Something which will bridge the gap between icy cold winter nights and the boiling hot summer days?

A lightweight, summer fit Barbour jacket is precisely what you are missing. Whether you choose the snug Summer Liddesdale Quilted jacket in a stunning selection of colours, or you prefer a touch of the equestrian look with the Flyweight Cavalry Jacket, there is a Barbour jacket to suit any girl out there. Barbour jackets are so chic, and men look great in them too. Guys can choose from any of the classic ranges, such as the Border, a Beaufort or a Bedale, and look fantastic. The jackets come in different lengths and different cuts to suit. All are waterproof and all allow your skin to breathe, so even when the weather does improve you won’t overheat.

Having a Barbour jacket makes the difference between being cold and uncomfortable or being warm and happy. They work well with skinny jeans, leggings and even summer dresses. Wear them to work with cargo pants and espadrilles. Take them out to town in your flowery print maxi dress. There really is no place that you cannot get away with wearing such a classy and traditional style of coat.

Alexa rocks her Barbour jacket

So if you’re unsure what jacket to buy to see you through the summer in a stress-free fashion, then why not invest in a stylish, gorgeous coat from Barbour and at least have one less thing to worry about?


 David writes about the changing world of how classic brands continue to offer the same range of successful products decade after decade and survive the ever changing storm in one of the world’s most competitive and fad-focussed consumer markets.