Statement Jewellery From BIJOU BIJOU

Once upon a time, making a statement with your jewellery choices meant opting for precious stones. The biggest statement you could make was through a Diamond, a status symbol which spoke of wealth and prestige. But these days, the biggest talking point when it comes to jewellery is the statement necklace, and this is, more often than not, a glorious piece of costume jewellery. The newest name on the blog when it comes to costume jewellery that dazzles and delights is BIJOU BIJOU, a company that definitely comes under my ‘currently I’m loving’ tag.

BIJOU BIJOU is a veritable treasure trove of designer costume jewellery. Stocking designers such as Maria Black and Estella Bartlett, as well as its own brand of beautiful pieces, BIJOU BIJOU is definitely a site to bookmark, especially with the ‘C’ word just around the corner (yes, I am talking Christmas…how many weeks until the big day now?). All of their jewellery pieces come wonderfully packaged in trademark black boxes which mean you can immediately give these as a gift without needing to rush out for a gift bag.


I have been living in, and loving, the BIJOU BIJOU golden chain fringe necklace with black tassels. This ethnic/boho style necklace is currently out of stock in black, but you can grab a bargain with the multi-coloured option which is just gorgeous. The body of the necklace is a gold, nickel free chain effect which is substantial, but not too heavy around the neck. The tassels hang from hooks on the end of the chain and give the necklace that stand-out statement feel. The whole effect is of a collar style, making this look fabulous when worn over a crew neck, or even high necked halter style top of dress.

Because of the stand out, striking look of this necklace, it is the perfect piece to dress up any outfit or look. It could be worn over a t-shirt with a pair of jeans like I wore it below, and it would totally lift the outfit. The necklace is a versatile piece too, wear it over a simple shift dress of any colour and this could transform an outfit from a day to night look. The necklace can even be worn over black, as the gold lifts the look enough to still create a dramatic look.

The length of the necklace is 30cm, and it does have an extender chain on the fastening, which can change the look of the necklace from a choker/collar effect, to a more traditional necklace style.

Christmas Gift ideas and review from Jack Wills

My latest gift guide/review deals with some fabulous products from Jack Wills. They have really upped the ante this year when it comes to great Christmas gift ideas and stocking fillers, with a range that shows variety, style and, of course, that navy and pink classic stripe design.


Jack Wills is a brand I’m slightly unfamiliar with in that I obviously know the brand, but have always believed it was something for a teenage audience. This was due to the hoodies, shirts and t-shirts that were a big story for the brand. But to dismiss Jack Wills as just somewhere for casual teenage wear is to make a huge mistake, it is so much more than that. This year there are also glitzy party dresses, cute cover ups in faux fur and velvet, and also a great range of accessories that help to finish off the look.

BRYNY DIAMANTE CHOKER 100009697001 £29.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

£29.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

I was sent the stunning Bryny diamante choker from the current collection to review. Chokers are a big story at the moment, making a comeback after last being seen in their 90s heyday (think Geri Halliwell, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman in the mid 1990s, they all wore them. The Bryny is a really beautiful example of a choker, substantial, but not too heavy, with a slight extender chain that will add an extra bit of length – you don’t want your choker to actually ‘choke’ you now do you.

DSCN9719 DSCN9720 DSCN9721This necklace is just gorgeous for dressing up a little black dress for Christmas parties, or for adding sparkle to simple jeans and a t-shirt. It comes on a Jack Wills black card for striking effect, and would be a great Christmas gift idea for just about every woman who loves bling and sparkle.

Styling the Jack Wills necklace with monochrome and vintage fur




More Gift Ideas from Jack Wills

ATTLESEY MAKE-UP BAG £14.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

£14.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

ARIANA PEARL/CHARM BRACELET 100009678001 £7.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

£7.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

MEREDITH MUG £9.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

£9.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

SEACOURT SLIPPERS £29.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

£29.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

LONGNOR FAUX FUR EAR MUFFS £19.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

£19.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

STONEHEWER VELVET/CHAIN BRACELET £12.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

£12.50 Click to visit Jack Wills

Buckley London Capri Collection

Buckley London is a jewellery collection I have long been familiar with. I remember it having a starring role in the early days of QVC, when its award winning collections combined style with affordability, and recently it has gained further fame and prestige as the designers of The Royal British Legion’s Crystal Poppy Brooch Collection – pieces that you see a lot of TV stars wearing in the lead up to Remembrance Sunday. Buckley London is a name that is synonymous with quality and style.

I was recently asked if I would like to review pieces from the newest ranges. I fell totally in love with the Capri collection, and not just because of the chic of its name. The Capri Collection is plated rose gold and pave set crystals, with a rose quartz at the centrepiece of the statement pendant. The idea of this collection is that it is a beautiful reflection of the Island of Capri, all warm tones and beautiful bronze/blushed colours.

Click to visit Buckley London

Click to visit Buckley London

I was sent three pieces from the Capri collection for review. The first was the Capri pendant. This is a beautiful mixture of Rose quartz, said to have properties that bring harmony and enhance love. The Rose quartz was joined by a flat rose gold disc charm and a pave set crystal charm to make a really eye-catching piece. The pendant is set in a rose gold plated chain which is 17″ in  length, but also has a 2″ extender.

This is a lovely, delicate piece that also catches the light beautifully due to its shine and colour. There is depth to this necklace, it is not flimsy and lightweight, but is substantial. It is also versatile, you could wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, or over a jumper, but it would also work for evening occasions – as I am wearing it below for a party.






I was also sent the matching Capri earrings which are pretty and delicate, and have a definite touch of Kate Middleton style about them. A subtle drop style, with pave crystals at the front and then shining rose golf finish on the back, this earrings are very easy to put in as they have no hooks or fastenings. These are not too heavy so are not likely to make your ears ache after being worn all day, and just look so stylish and elegant.


The final piece I was sent was the Capri ring in size large. Now, I totally love this ring as it is a dead ringer for my wedding ring in style – a thick band of Pave set crystals that shimmer in their rose gold setting. However, I have large fingers that swell, so I have been wearing this as a thumb ring and think it looks fabulous – very easy and comfortable to wear.



Buckley jewellery comes beautifully gift boxed in Ivory/black boxes, this makes them a perfect gift idea for Christmas, each piece also comes with a two year guarentee once you have registered your product online to start your warranty.


DSCN9042[1]Buckley London jewellery is beautiful, elegant and versatile – pretty perfect really!