Maintaining A Fashionable Lifestyle With Alamo Associates

We live in an age when consumerism is perhaps at its peak. Financial facilities that are now available have led to a general belief that it is now easy to buy whatever we wish, and then pay for them later in manageable bits and pieces. This has resulted in buyers becoming more aggressive. Buy now and pay later is the culture that has taken over the world. As a result, people are being more and more driven towards debt.

Easy money fuels buying

It is so easy to get into debt. Suppose you have a reputation for being fashionable, and you take pride in buying new items frequently. It is quite natural that in order to stay fashionable, you indulge in spending more on branded clothes and accessories. You feel a tinge of excitement every time you see a “sale” sign hanging outside of a store. In order to stay tuned with the trends, you become unmindful of the spending since money is now easily available through various financing schemes and credit cards. You pamper yourself with shopping sprees that soon become your habit.


The debt trap

The habit of uncontrolled buying can keep growing. This can lead to a dreaded financial rut as debts mount on credit cards. The temptation to borrow from multiple sources to keep pace with your buying habits is always a danger. Debt can also get worse due to just paying the minimum amount off every month against the debts, which is quite common with other financial needs, but the burden of debt gradually acquires menacing proportion. Along with other bills that need paying each month, managing debt can become a big problem. Missing out on payments can make things worse for you as debts keep piling and you can also end up with late and missing payment fees.


Borrow from a single source Like Alamo Associates

So what options are available to help manage your debt and repayments?  You need to look for support from a company like Alamo Associates who prioritise what clients need by offering a single monthly payment with low interest rates.  The idea being that it is easier to deal with a single lender who offers finance at lower interest levels, enabling you to pay off the total sum of all other outstanding debts.

What Will Happen?

A company like Alamo Associates will first evaluate your needs and financial situation, before they offer you a new loan/payment scheme that should be manageable for you.  The new loan is obtained at lower interest rates so that you pay less every month and can hopefully lead to your debt being repaid in a way that still leaves you able to live day to day.

You have thus found out a way to get out of the vicious trap of debts that has now becomes easy to manage. You don’t need to give up your love for fashion to live a life free of debt. All you need to do is manage your finances better!

Organising Your Finances This Spring

Spring is the perfect time of the year to get organised in all areas of your life. I have already discussed organising your home and work life in recent posts, and today I am turning my attention to your finances.

Money, and money worries is one of the worst causes of stress and pressure in family life. The standard of living is on the rise all the time, but wages do not seem to be rising at the same rate, and this is leading to more and more issues of debt and increased amounts of borrowing, often from unscrupulous lenders. Most of us will accrue some debt at one time or another, but there are some things that we can do to help ourselves when it comes to our finances.


Actually writing down all our incomings and outgoings is a good way to start to deal with our finances. List everything, from the smallest bills like school dinners,  to the larges of outgoings – mortgage, car finance and loans. Look at the date that each bill comes out , and whether this works for you. If it doesn’t, change it to a date that does. I find that everything coming out at the beginning of the month works well if you are paid at the end of the previous month. Work out what is left after the bills have been paid, and then use this to budget for other expenses.

Look at your debt

If you are also trying to pay off a large amount of debt, you may find that it is difficult to keep your head above water. You may need to get some of the debt written off by something like a Creditfix IVA in order to make your bills manageable and affordable. You will still need to keep up your monthly payments but may be able to write off a substantial part of your debt, something that can be the difference between staying afloat and going under.

Shop Around

One of the best things about the internet is that it gives you the opportunity to shop around for anything you buy. You no longer have to accept the first price you find for anything, just a simple Google search will show you a range of options and the most competitive price.  In addition to shopping around, Quidco gives you the opportunity to claim money back on all your purchases, effectively offering you money for nothing.

When you do shop online, look for voucher codes for free delivery or money off – this can help you make good savings, adhering to the old saying ‘if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves.’

Budget Supermarkets

Fill your trolley at one of the big four supermarkets and check the cost. I’m not a betting women, but I would put my house on the fact it would be cheaper at Aldi or Lidl. The budget supermarkets sell a great range of products, but at a much cheaper price point, thus helping you to make further savings if your budget is tight.

Other avenues to look at include Home and BM bargains, Pep and Co, which is a great place to pick up children’s clothes cheaply, and, of course Primark.

How do you help your household budget?

How to stay fashionable and stress free by settling debts through consolidation

A topic that is often hotly discussed is how to stay fashionable without burning a hole in your pocket. Fashion is costly no doubt but the trend has changed. Pocket and budget friendly fashions are now available. This has been made possible due to change in attitude of people about the way they dress. Fashion is not always about big brands and names but much about your taste, style and the way you present yourself. This realization has penetrated among the masses as a result of which there has been a marked increase in the number of men and women turning towards fashion. However, there is a steady increase in the budget for fashion as it is almost impossible to adhere to it.

The beginning of debts

Overspending to stay fashionable is thus not very unusual.  The fashion market is always enticing people with new things. You simply cannot plan for it but the possibility of being driven off your feet when buying is always very high. When hunting for a particular outfit you suddenly come across some new creation of clothing or jewelry that overwhelms you. As a result, you land up buying not only the one that was originally planned but also get the one that has driven you crazy. Keeping buying under control is something that does not figure on the minds of fashion seekers. They buy, buy and buy again not caring about how many credit cards have to be used to support their shopping desires.

Piggy Bank with Dollars

Piggy Bank with Dollars

Managing debts can become difficult

However, there are times when you reflect on the finances and find that you have several debts to service every month.  In order to maintain the momentum of shopping, you look at your financial status to ensure that the supply of money does not get interrupted. To your surprise, you find that you have to devote good amount of time to monitor and manage the debts that you carry. This turns out to be a major concern as you face paucity of time but at the same time cannot afford to neglect the task of managing your money. Soon you start facing difficulties in servicing debts which if allowed to persist for long can build up enough stress, both financial and mental.


Turn to the internet

When you encounter such situations, you need professional help to assist you in managing your debts better. You look for ways of settling your debts. An easy way to find direction about finding assistance is to go through the debt settlement reviews that you can find on the internet. Research well to know about the various experiences of people and about the ways they managed their debts. You would come to know about debt consolidation that is the most practiced method of debt relief.

Consult debt consolidators to help you out in taking a loan that is big enough to help you settle all other loans. You are not only relieved from multiple debtors but also get the new loan at low interest that saves money.

About the author – Andrew Whatmore is a finance professional and debt management expert. He is on the panel of experts in several organizations that publish debt settlement reviews. An accountant by education, he has also worked with several leading financial companies in various capacities.  A sportsman at heart, he is an avid baseball fan and loves to spend time in front of the television.