Safe Vaping Guide – Liquids

Yesterday I talked about the how to safely charge your battery for your e-cigarette, and how to store the battery if you had children in your house. In this post I am looking at the safety of your e-liquid, and again why you need to store it safely when it comes to your children.

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With the rise of the e-cig, there are now many places to buy your liquid for vaping, but you are best to stick to something that is British made, and uses the best of ingredients and flavourings. Vape Liquids should comply to ISO accredited level and should be CHIP compliant, which shows they are safe to use and have been created in a correct, clean environment. A site like the Vape Shop should address all your concerns about your liquid. They explain:-

All our e-liquid manufactured here in the UK is both fully CHIP compliant and made to food grade standards under the strictest conditions with every batch produced undergoing GC-MS testing. Ensuring that all our liquids are both chemically pure, free from diketones and traceable guaranteeing our customer receive the highest quality e-liquid available.

Once you have ascertained that your e-cig liquid is safe, you then need to ensure you are storing it safely once you get it home. E-Cig liquids are very attractive to children. They often come in vibrant, bright colours, they smell like food types that appeal to children – fruit, sweets, fizzy drinks, and they often have interesting labels that catch the eye. All of these points make them an item that should be stored safely, away from young eyes and hands. Choose a high, cool cupboard that can either be locked, or that children cannot reach.

The ideal place to store your liquid/vape juice is actually in the freezer, but of course, children can and do mess in the fridge all the time. One solution could be using a locked box to store the bottles, but it may just be as easy to use that high, locked cupboard, just to be on the safe side.

Where do you store your e-cigarette liquid?

Safe Vaping Battery And Charging Advice For Families

I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge supporter of vaping, both as a way of cutting down on traditional cigarettes, and as a support for actually giving up smoking altogether. I witnessed my husband able to give up a 30+ cigarettes a day habit by using an e-cigarette, and this was something that has both improved his health and led to a fairly massive monetary saving.

Vaping is a cheaper option than smoking cigarettes, and one which certainly smells a lot fresher, but if you are thinking of vaping, there are some safety measures you need to be aware of, especially if you have young children living in your home. In the same way that you wouldn’t leave cigarettes, lighters and matches unattended where children are around, there are safety considerations that you need to remember, particularly when it comes to storage and safe charging of your e-cigarette. Fortunately E-Cig Wizard have put together a battery safe guide that gives lots of useful tips on how to store and charge your battery safely, and they are going to be expanding on this further this summer with a safe vaping guide.

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So what do you need to remember when it comes to looking after your E-Cigarette? An important point is that you only use the charger that came with your e-cig, even if you have another one that will fit. The safest way to charge your e-cig is by using a charging bag (Ecigwizard sell one for just £4.20, which is so affordable for peace of mind.) Another point that you might not consider is that you should not over excessively charge the battery. This is not your mobile phone that you can leave on charge overnight, you should probably restrict charging to an hour or two, no longer.

It stands to reason that all paraphenalia linked to e-cigs should be kept well out of the way of young children, whether they are being charged or not. Use a high shelf in an out of the way place when charging, children are curious and will look at anything that seems to be interesting, so basically hiding these from young eyes is a good idea.

You can find a lot more hints and tips related to charging your vape battery by clicking here. Look out for a post all about safe use of vape liquid tomorrow.

Quitting smoking – A personal story

As someone who has never smoked a single cigarette it is quite easy to stand in judgement, telling other people, from those who chain smoke, to those who just enjoy an occasional social drag, why it is that they should quit. But I feel that would be both sanctimonious and pious, and frankly, I am neither. I do however, have a personal story of someone who used vaping as a way to give up smoking after a 30 year addiction that had seen him smoke more than 30 a day, every single day, and that it the story of my husband Peter. I’m really proud of him,and believe that his story shows that anyone can give up, with a combination of determination and sheer willpower. Did you try doing something similar, but you like to share it on an anonymous platform? Then use Doe for that to stay anonymous when writing and sharing your intriguing life stories safely.

Pete’s story

Pete started smoking as a teenager, when James Dean with a cigarette was still the absolute epitome of cool. Cigarettes were cheaper then, and you could always easily buy a single cigarette at school from someone behind the bike sheds. Pete often His intake steadily increased, and neither breathing problems due to asthma, or the smoking ban that led to smokers being made to take the habit outside led to any thoughts of quitting.

In 2008, Pete’s mother, Rita, was diagnosed with Lung cancer. It was terminal, stage 4, and she died just four months later. Rita had also been a life long smoker, and still smoked crafty cigarettes as she was dying, not able to give up the very thing that was to end her life so prematurely. Pete adored his mom, and was by far a heavier smoker than Rita ever had been, but still he did not quit, despite my growing fears for his health. Our son Joe was just four months old when his grandmother died at 55, but her stolen life did not even tempt Pete to cut down.

But sometimes something has to give, and, finally in January 2014, something did happen that finally prompted Peter to finally try to quit. Joe was now five and idolised his dad. Pete had never smoked in our home and had tried to keep his habit away from Joe, but that hadn’t stopped Joe picking up a pen and telling us he was ‘smoking a nasty’ like dad. Pete was horrified. He had been doing some research into vaping and felt that this could be a way of quitting that might just work for him. (You can find some similar research here.)

Pete and Joe

Pete and Joe

Pete quit for his boy

Pete quit for his boy

He started with a vaping kit and alternated this with actual cigarettes, which cut his intake down to less than a pack of 20 per day, for the first time in 20 years. He then further reduced, so that actual cigarettes were limited to a pack of 10 per day, which had a great impact financially as the cost of cigarettes continued to soar with every new Budget. Eventually the cigarettes were gone – this took less than a month, which was pretty incredible, and habits like getting up in the night for a quick drag, or leaving a restaurant between courses all disappeared – for good as it turned out.

Really proud of my man.

Really proud of my man.

With cigarettes gone, Pete packed up the vaping kit and went cold turkey. It was not easy, but the introduction of vaping had made the process slightly more painless, and within another month, Pete was a non smoker. That was March 2014, and he has remained that way. It is sometimes hard for me to now remember that he had ever smoked, let alone been someone who had a really heavy habit.


If you are struggling to quit, or have been considering it, I would definitely recommend vaping as a way to cut down both your cigarette intake and costs, and as an effective way to quit. You can find a range of information about vaping, health benefits, research and e-cigarettes at which may give you a little more food for thought.