Friday Fashion – Boden Breton’s

When we talk about style classics, what do we mean? There are some items that every wardrobe should have that definitely fit the bill, the little black dress, the crisp white shirt, the classic string of pearls, indigo skinny jeans, a leather jacket…you can probably add more to this list, and now I am going to add one more to the list. The Breton striped top.

It was Coco Chanel who took the staple of Breton fisherman’s wear, the navy and white striped top with long sleeves, and made it into a fashionable piece. Wearing it with wide legged trousers, she created a look that was stylish and yet simple, highly effective in terms of chic,and yet also comfortable and practical. Since then, the mantle has been carried on by the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birken, Ines De La Fressange, Emmanuelle Alt and Kate Moss, all of whom wear this staple with aplomb.

This season, Boden has taken the classic Breton and has put its own spin on it. It is a perfect spring piece as the days can still get chilly, and this offers more coverage than the average t-shirt, but is still thinner than a jumper. Boden have added colours to the stripes, have changed the length of the sleeves so you can get short sleeves, 3/4 length and the traditional long style. They have added multi colour cuffs that are just gorgeous and add real interest to a often forgotten part of a top, and have also incorporated dots and mixed stripes into their designs. Plus, of course, there is the classic Breton, just in a range of different colours teamed with the traditional white.

Long Sleeve Breton – Navy Multi Cuff £28 Click to visit Boden

Short Sleeve Breton – Rosebay/Sea Mist J0178-BCK
£25.00 click to visit Boden

Long Sleeve Breton – Multi Stripe/Dot J0498-FUN
£28.00 Click to visit Boden

Long Sleeve Breton – Bold Blue/Iceberg Cuff J0498-COL
£28.00 click to visit Boden

Dolores Jersey Breton – Navy/Festival Pink J0626-NVY
£28.00 Click to visit Boden

Long Sleeve Breton – Ivory/Black J0498-BLA
£28.00 click to visit Boden

Long Sleeve Breton – Ivory/ Blue Lagoon J0498-BBL
£28.00 Click to visit Boden

Long Sleeve Breton – Ivory/Bold Blue Multi J0498-BSP
£28.00 Click to visit Boden

I love Breton’s and have one of Boden’s red and white efforts that I wear a lot. I team mine with everything from jeans to faux leather skirts and denim mini’s. They are definitely something that works well now with our more casual wardrobe, and they will never date, you will be wearing them for years to come.

I’ve been wearing my Breton too.

You can view all the current Boden Breton tops here.

Factors to Consider When You Buy High Cut Bikini Bottoms

Gone are the days when people look at high cut bikinis with scorn and disdain for revealing too much skin. Thanks to the many celebrities and supermodels who proudly wear them and post their photos on various social media platforms, this bikini style is receiving the credit it deserves for creating the perfect high-legged look.

If you want to highlight your slender legs and show the world your vibrant personality, you should buy a high cut bikini and wear it at your next beach party. To find the right one, consider the following factors:


Make sure that the high cut bottom that you’re considering is the right size for you. The fabric should fit your lower body without being too constrictive. 

If the bikini is too tight, you may be at risk of yeast infection. Note that the skin on your private part is sensitive, and wearing a high cut bottom that is too tight can irritate the area. 

It is best to find a bikini that is not pulled too tightly on your hips as well. Apart from causing discomfort, overly constricting your hip area can also affect the superficial nerves beneath the skin.  


Another essential factor that needs to be considered when buying high cut bikini bottoms is the way the item makes you feel. Try on the bikini, look in the mirror, and observe how you think about wearing it.

Does wearing it make you smile? Do you feel confident wearing it? Regardless of what people say, how you feel about the bikini you are wearing matters more.

What is seen outside is a reflection of how you feel inside. As such, you will project confidence and poise if you feel good about the bikini you are wearing. On the other hand, you can be self-conscious and insecure if you choose something that you do not like.


The right material also matters when looking for the right high cuts. As a general rule, you need a light and stretchy fabric that dries quickly. As such, materials with a blend of about 80 to 90% nylon and 20% spandex would be a good choice. 

You can also test the fabric by stretching it in various directions to see if it pulls well. Note that stretch-testing is essential since you will be running and doing all sorts of activities while wearing it, so you better make sure it moves with your body accordingly. 


Another important consideration is the colour of the bikini. While there is nothing wrong with selecting the colour based solely on your preference, it is best to know which hues complement your skin tone. 

Find out if you have a warm or cool skin tone by looking at your arm and wrist. If your complexion appears pinkish with bluish veins, you have a cool skin tone. If your skin is on the yellowish side with greenish veins, your skin tone is warm.

Warm and earthy colours like brown, mocha, hazel, sage green, dark brown, tomato red and similar colours flatter women with a warm skin tone. For those with cool skin tone, on the other hand, vivid hues like ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green work best. 

Given that what you wear affects how you feel and see yourself, it is best to buy high cut bikini bottoms that you carefully selected instead of just buying what is available. Ensure to consider the factors above so you can find the bikini that will bring out the best in you.

Author Emma Iannarilli

How to Dress to Impress This Christmas

 Christmas is a season for love, joy, and peace, and the season to let your hair down, get glam, and dress to impress. It is party season, a time when you have every excuse to get your glam on. Most work environments have an office Christmas party where the food and drink is generous,and then there are family occasions, nights out with friends, and a movie date night with the hubby. The time is right for getting out and about, even if you live in pyjamas for the majority of the year. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you may need to invest in your wardrobe. Relying on a dress that has been in your closet for five years might not be the fit of current fashion today, so a fashion investment for your Christmas party may be necessary. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good, you can find perfect vintage styles and preloved clothing that you can customise, or just wear as it is in a retro look. If you are buying clothes online, you certainly shouldn’t just but the first thing you see without checking you can get it cheaper, you need to look for voucher codes, special offers, free delivery offers, literally everything you can that will save you money. Dontpayfull has some great deals for clothing and fashion, these may help you to get the shoes and the bag as well as the killer dress.
christmas-and-new-years-eve-party-looks-inspiration-31Feel Good Look Good
What you choose to wear to a Christmas party can say a lot about your personality and how you feel about yourself. Dress for yourself and your outfit will display your confidence, but try to impress wearing something that you feel uncomfortable in and this can be counterproductive. You don’t have to opt for something revealing or too clingy, you will feel more confident if you are comfortable and love your look. Try a midi dress if you have a curvaceous body, or a crop top with high waisted trousers if you are naturally slim with a boyish figure. Long sleeves are also fine, it is Winter after all, and, as Lydia Bright proves, they can look amazing on the right dress.60e9e928457f9105cd3f2ac39b0ccde6rexfeatures_6908342ao-v2-745x1024abbey-clancy-1135807_h113606_l_w650Try Quirky and Different
If fast fashion is not on your radar, you might be interested in quirky or vintage fashion. Vintage fashion is not for everyone, but if you can carry off this look wear it with pride. Vintage items are about finding your own fashion style and era. Think polka dots, sixties style dresses, mini or maxi skirts, and colourful short fitted jackets. This look relies on a confident individual who will be complimented numerous times on the outfit. Difference is good with fashion. You might not always be the latest trendsetter, but a colourful outfit quirky or vintage outfit makes a statement about who you are and your signature style.floral-appliques-lovely-way-add-texture-charmDitch the Black
Black is the classic colour when it comes to style, Coco Chanel and many others that have followed know the allure of the Little Black Dress. Nothing beats the little black dress when it comes to elegance, and it can also be slimming’ which can add to your confidence, particularly if you don’t usually wear dresses. But whilst black can be slimming and elegant, it can also boring, especially at Christmas time. If you choose to wear black, you could opt for a sequined effort, or glamorous lace, or you could choose to add an item of clothing in a bright  shade to wear with your black jacket or trousers/skirt.
cbb_emmaWEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 28: Actress Kate Upton attends Michael Sugar, Doug Wald, and Steve Golin's Pre-Oscar Party hosted by GREY GOOSE Vodka at Sunset Tower on February 28, 2016 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Grey Goose)