How to sell a home Without an Estate Agent

Owning a family home is a significant investment, but you may want to get rid of the house in case your family needs bigger spaces, you need a change or quick cash. Commonly, people hire a realtor to help in selling home, but you can also opt for a private auction to reach a broader base of potential buyers and cut on expenses. Here is how to do it right.

Get your Home Ready

When selling a house privately, keep in mind that buyers are less likely to opt for a messy and unkempt home. Begin with decluttering, give away possessions you no longer need and make it easier for your potential buyers to envision themselves in the house rather than getting distracted by your personality. Also, scrub the surfaces thoroughly and repaint the interior walls using neutral paint. Rearrange the furniture and replace outdated fixtures or appliances, and you can also include some area rugs to bring out a homey impression to help the selling home quick process. Don’t neglect the exterior, edge the lawns, trim the hedges and refresh the flower beds.

Set a Realistic Price

If you need to sell your house fast without the help of an estate agent, do in-depth research and compare house prices in your neighbourhood accordingly. Also, do an evaluation based on your home design, location, and proximity to crucial infrastructure. Note that the amount will depend on the current market price, but you can choose a slightly lower price for a quick sale or slightly higher depending on the extra facilities. Set aside a negotiation range and note that if you sell home at a low price, you might end up making losses and a very high price turns off potential buyers.

Market your Property

The sell house quick process needs to use various methods of advertisement to reach more people. Use social media to capture the attention of passive and active home seekers by taking advantage of the numerous followers in these online portals.

Remember to include compelling images, short videos, and descriptive texts in your social media posts. You can also choose to create a dedicated website or a YouTube channel to post an enticing video tour for your home.

Write a Good Description

To effectively sell house without estate agent help, you need to write a few lines about your home to entice potential buyers. Highlight details stressing on how beautiful the home is, tell the buyers what you love about the house, explain the interior design but remain concise and relevant. Basic descriptions are boring; thus, go a step further and create a picture of things that you love doing in certain areas of the property such as the garden but don’t overdo it. Hit on all the highlights such as the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and the home’s square footage.

Show Off Your Home

When selling house, it will help if you plan for viewing times with your potential buyers. Communicate with them and agree on a convenient time and day, you can do it during the weekends or in the evenings when people are less busy. Take time and make your home visually appealing before showing it off and talk to them about the different features of your home and the reasons why you are moving. You may also provide some refreshments and give the visitors some brochures that they can share with their colleagues.

List Property

Do a background search for the best portals to list your property as most of them only permit listings from registered real estate agents. Consider ‘sale by owner websites’ that do not charge commissions to sell home as they make their money through optional services and targeted advertising. Note that as much as the internet and social media is the primary tool of advertising, you can take advantage of ancient methods like the local papers to sell house quick. As a private seller, you will have to take care of pricing, viewing, and advertising charges.

Negotiate Offers

If you wish to sell the house privately, get ready to negotiate with potential buyers. It is crucial to decide on how much you are willing to accept and remain focused, don’t get intimidated by price negotiations. Feel free to reject unrealistic offers or unserious buyers and stay patient. Maintain a friendly communication and let your buyer feel comfortable and if you must decline an offer, do it in a friendly way. When you decide to accept the offer, you might need to involve a real estate lawyer to sort out the legal work.


The above guideline will help in selling home quick without estate agent at a competitive price. However, ensure that you invest enough time to research the current market price before deciding on how to sell home technique to use, and take care of all the legal and financial documentation to comply with the law in your area.


Looking For A First Or New Home

I have to say that, at the moment, I am perfectly happy and content in my home. It is cosy and homely, in a nice area, and has the perfect school for Joe just on the doorstep. But in September next year, Joe will be at High School and the time maybe right for a move, and an upgrade.

Funding For A First Or New Home

When we bought our first home, in 2003, we were right in the middle of the housing boom, and you could still get 100% mortgage in the UK, which was handy if you had not been able to save for a deposit. Now it is getting harder to get onto the housing ladder, particularly if you are a first time buyer, even more difficult if you are a first time buyer with a low income. But if you live in the US, you may be able to get help through an affordable housing programme like the Chenoa Fund, which helps help credit worthy families to realise the dream of home ownership by providing hopeful home buyers with the financial tools to purchase a home. It takes away the problem of having to have a deposit ( a minimum down payment) which can often be a barrier, and is helping more and more families to get on the housing ladder. When combined with your first mortgage, qualified borrowers can receive a second mortgage or grant to purchase a home with little or no cash investment.

If you are able to obtain your funding for a mortgage, or through an affordable housing programme, the real fun starts as you are able to look at what you require in your new home. For me I would look for somewhere that would be both practical as a family home and yet large enough for family and friends to stay over, and there are certain features that would definitely make a home more attractive.

What to look for in a new home

1. A double garage

We have both a car and a van. One is currently parked at the back of the house, one on the road. A double garage would be both practical and a security measure too.

Double Garage from Warwick garages

Double Garage from Warwick garages

2. A dressing room.

I have a lot of clothes, more than a couple of wardrobes can handle. And despite the fact that I cull my clothing items regularly, a dressing room with some walk in wardrobes would be just lovely. I’d be happy to share it with the hubby too – he’s a bit of a clotheshorse too!

Love this!

Love this!

3. Period features.

I am not a fan of modern and new build houses, I currently love in a Victorian terrace that has lots of its original features, and would definitely be looking for something similar – a Victorian villa or a Georgian townhouse are two styles of house I truly love.

How fantastic is this Georgian townhouse in London.

How fantastic is this Georgian townhouse in London.

4. An exposed staircase and entrance hall.

One of the things about living in a Victorian terrace is that you literally walk straight into my dining room once the front door is opened – there is no entrance hall. I would love a proper entrance hall with a beautiful winding staircase exposed. Our stairs are currently hidden behind the living room door – they are steep and literally just a staircase, with no hall space.


5. A large garden with lots of grass.

We have this currently – almost 100ft of garden with a large grassy area . The garden would need to be big enough for two sets of goals – we play a lot of football in our current garden so this is probably the most important space in the whole house and garden.

A garden big enough for a game of football is a must for my family.

A garden big enough for a game of football is a must for my family.


What would you look for in your next home?


What You Should Invest in Before Winter Hits

As experts warn this will be the coldest winter in 30 years, now’s the time to start getting prepared. From warming thermal clothing to crucial home essentials, here you’ll discover some of the top things you should invest in before winter hits in the UK. 

Flannel sheets

Make sure you get a great night’s sleep this winter and stock up on flannel sheets. Not only are these bedsheets extra-warm, they’re also super comfortable too. 

You won’t need to worry about getting too hot as these sheets are extremely breathable. They’ll also last for years if maintained properly. Compared to standard cotton sheets, flannel sheets are much more durable. This is largely because you’ll only use them during the colder months. So, stocking up now is an investment for not just this winter, but for future winters too.  

Thermal clothing

To beat the cold winter days, invest in thick thermal clothing. Whether it’s thermal socks, vests or a thermal t-shirt from a company such as Damart, you’ll be able to stay warm no matter how cold it gets.

You could even invest in thermal clothing for the evenings, such as thermal pyjamas. Having a good selection of thermal clothing will ensure no matter what the occasion and how cold it gets; you’ll be able to stay toasty warm. 

Space heaters

As the weather turns colder, we start to rely more upon our heating. This can often cause it to pack in completely. Don’t get caught out if your heating does cut out this winter, ensure you have space heaters on hand.

The most common space heaters are electric powered. However, if you’re worried about the cost, there are alternative powered models available. Make sure you take the size of the room into account as some heaters are best suited to smaller spaces.


You’ll also want a good collection of blankets available. These can be used to drape across you on the sofa, to place over the bed and to keep leather furniture warm and comfortable. You can invest in cotton, wool or fleece style blankets. They also come in a wide range of designs, ensuring there’s something to match your interior. 

Draught excluders

The key to keeping the home warm in winter is to eliminate any draughts. You can pick up affordable draught excluders which can be placed behind doors. You’ll also want to consider sealing any gaps around the doors and windows. This will make it feel significantly warmer.

These are just some of the best things you can invest in to stay warm this winter. With the weather expected to be colder than we’ve experienced for decades, it makes sense to be prepared.