Grab Yourself A Selfie Bag This Summer

The selfie, it is a modern phenomenon. In the age of the smart phone and instagram, it seems that everyone, from Joe Blogs on the street to the world’s biggest megastars, are all obsessed with selfies. We take selfies of ourselves (natch), posing with our mates, and if we bump into someone famous, the obvious thing to do is grab a selfie with them. Yesterday (21st June) was even deigned to be ‘National Selfie Day’. So, if ever a time was ripe for a Selfie Bag to be produced, it is now, and that is exactly what the CottonBagCo have done.

The CottonBagCo have designed their very first selfie bag, and in comes in two gorgeous designs. The bag is a hardwearing oversized canvas tote, with strong handles that make it ideal to use as a beach bag, or as a strong shopper. It comes in a white printed version, but I am more drawn to the Art Deco style print of the black version, which has been giving me strong Biba vibes.

DANWPV5UAAQ_HgA.jpg (1200×1200)

The Selfie Bag – Black £9.99 Click to visit The Cotton Bag Co

So, what makes a Selfie bag into a selfie bag? Well, first it has a safe, security zip pocket that is the perfect place to store your phone – no more searching around the bottom of your bag frantically trying to find it. So far, so what. But it also has a much longer, deeper pocket where you can also store your selfie stick safely, definitely the first time I have ever seen a bag containing this sort of pocket. There is also a reflective sheet which is great to use as a backdrop if you are trying to create the perfect selfie.

The Selfie bag is a wonderful idea with a really gorgeous design. This will be a great buy for multiple usage this Summer.

Instagram for Fashion

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When it comes to my favourite social media platform, I have to say that currently I am in love with Instagram. In recent years this is a platform that has really took off, for both business and pleasure reasons. Instagram provides a visual, online diary of photographs and images that can be used to both promote a business and blog, or purely for personal reasons of sharing family photographs. From a business point of view, Instagram has become another source of promotion that can now be handled by companies like Vibbi, helping you to build up your profile and following, helping with correct hashtags and increasing your views. For personal accounts, Instagram has become another way of sharing proud moments, first teeth, first smile, wedding days, birthdays and all those other memories. Clearly Instagram is big business.

I was quite late to the Instagram party, having a bit of an aversion to smart phones, which I seem to break on a fairly regular basis. However, since joining I have become pretty addicted to the format and now post daily. My current following is just over 1100, which is growing on a regular basis and now has lots of interaction. I find that my most popular posts are those related to fashion – specifically the #WIWT #OOTD posts, where I share outfits, shopping and charity and vintage fashion finds.


I have recently seen a good increase in both the amount of likes and interaction on my instagram feed. This is partly due to looking at when it is best to post – for me this is early morning or evening, and also looking carefully at the hashtags I use. I have researched hashtags relating to fashion, and specifically charity shop fashion and vintage fashion, and have noticed likes by like minded people and similar accounts. I still post photographs of a personal nature – for me, I like instagram to be as much about my life as it is about my blog, but ultimately, it is the fashion that seems to appeal to my followers.

Another find I do is tag in stores and independent fashion companies who’s clothes I am wearing, whether or not these are for review purposes or just from my own wardrobe. It has been nice when items have been ‘regrammed’ by companies like Lavitta, Oasis and Scarlett and Jo, and also draws people to take a closer look on the blog, which can only be a good thing in terms of growing a blog audience.

What are your thoughts on Instagram?