The best thing about bracelets is that there’s always something for everyone. They are small and easily stackable. A bracelet isn’t quite the same as the other jewellery, like a wedding band or a chain.

Your bracelet should always complement your appearance. Always wear your bracelet according to the event and match it with your outfit. For example, if you are wearing formal attire, a metallic bracelet will fit better. If you are out for a party or on a trip with your friends, you are mostly going to look best with a rough-edged kind of bracelet to enhance your casual look.

While the watch can work as a symbol of status, bracelets deliver self-expression through fine detail. If you haven’t tried different things with this accessory, we’ve listed out various types for you:

  • Leather bracelet: A lot of men wear a watch with a leather strap as daily wear. So, wearing a leather bracelet is not a hurdle for them. It is quite appealing. Especially, for the men who are about to wear a wristband for the first time. They are rough-edged and informal and reserves a sense of manliness.

You can wear it with a casual blazer or a tee shirt. But, it ought to be worn without combining with other materials. Leather with a matte polish gives a cool look. This is an all time wear accessory. It is adaptable and can be worn for any event.

There are different options in leather bracelets like anchor leather bracelets, wide leather bracelets, steel leather bracelets and you can get your own personalised leather bracelet too.

  • Beaded bracelet: There are different styles and colours in the market to pick when it comes to these bracelets. From wooden beads to lavish crystals and to statement plastic style, the range of designs is massive and is for everyone’s personal taste. Ensure that your bracelet compliments your outfit. You can wear them with loose tee shirts or casual wears. You can also mix and match bracelets of different sizes and styles to accomplish a perfect wrist look.

Beaded bracelets are a new trend and most men are still trying to wear them. It is suggested that you wear them in such a way that it looks elegant and sophisticated.

  • Link chain: There is a variety of men’s chain bracelets from rope to Figaro. They have a superior presence, be it in gold or in silver. There are some bracelets that come with embedded stones. David Chapman from recommends a simple gold bracelet for men who like to dress casual but still show off their swag. These can be worn for any event with any outfit, including formal. One of the major benefits of these bracelets is that it can be easily repaired and modified in length and have a wide range of widths. That’s why it can become your daily wear. They are best when worn as a solo piece.  
  • Wrap bracelet: Wrap bracelets are really popular and cool at the moment yet complicated when it comes to layering perfectly. They have some unexpected and trendy designs that suit your personal style and any of your occasion.

Wrap bracelets always come in layers. So you can pair them with other bracelets or with a watch. They come in different styles and can be made of different materials like beads, leather, wire, thread or metal. But if you try to mix match, then try to match the metal or colour of your bracelet with your watch. It will appear more stylish and cool. If you feel like flaunting it, wear your wrap bracelet with short to mid-length sleeve so that it is visible.

  • Charm bracelet: A charm bracelet is extremely popular as it can be personalised. These bracelets signify a story or something related to the wearer’s life. Charmed bracelets can be paired with casual wear or some trendy formals in order to look your best.

The reason why these are popular is that you can change your bracelet’s charms whenever you want to. It is easy to take them off and you can change the entire look of your bracelet. As we said, these bracelets are personalised, you can make it by yourself with some DIY tips. Whatever you are interested in, you can put that charm in customising your bracelet and create a unique piece

  • Cuffs: Cuff bracelet is always a good idea as they are classic and elegant. They are quite similar to watches. So if you want to consider something to match your watch, here you have a perfect accessory. You can find different options for cuffs depending upon colour, material, style, and design. Again, matching the material of the metal of your watch is important. Along with that size matters. It is important to have a cuff that fits perfectly.
  • String bracelets: String bracelets are delicate and it is a casual accessory. They can be purchased in different colours and are easy to pair up with other bracelets or wristwatches. In Kabbalah and Buddhism, it symbolises a traditional belief. According to them, it should be particularly red in colour, worn on the left hand and knotted seven times.  
  • Sports wristwear: Sports bracelets are extremely popular. From an athlete to a college student, everyone is wearing them. They come in different materials, sizes and shapes.  But generally, a bracelet made of silicon rubber is more popular than any other material. Being a fashion statement, there are few health benefits of wearing it. It is quite attractive and looks great when paired up with a t-shirt and jeans, or with any casual outfit.
  • Cause Bands: These bands are more used to symbolise your interest in a particular cause or event. These are rubber bands and tend to be bright and in many colours. They can be found either in a solid colour or multicoloured with a specific saying or a name. These bracelets are generally used by some or organisations for spreading awareness or as their organisation’s symbol. LiveStrong, a US nonprofit organisation, is one of the biggest icons behind the “cause” band. While wearing a cause band, your outfit doesn’t matter as they are event-based bands.
  • Mixing wristwear: Blending wristwear can be an art. Don’t hesitate to join leather, string, little beads, and thin chains. Despite the fact that making a point not to possess more than one-third of the lower arm. Any bracelet can combine with a watch on a similar wrist, as long as the shades are solid. Metal cuffs don’t mix well with different wrist bracelets, so they ought to be worn alone or with just a watch.

There are few things to keep in mind while wearing a bracelet. Keep things basic and simple. Pick a bracelet that does not mismatch with your watch. Wear your metal bracelet with your formal attire. Along with a watch, the bracelet will give a decent look to your sharp suit or any other formal wear. For the most part, the sleeves of your shirt will keep the bracelet covered depending upon your hand position and length of your sleeve. However, the bracelets play a role to emphasise your overall look. But it is important for you to know your wrist size. You need to buy your bracelet with an estimated right size.

The wonderful thing about men’s jewellery is that it is anything but a need. By wearing a bracelet, you will upgrade your presentation and personality. You will be a man with flawless attention for admirable detail.

Acdria – Handmade In The UK

Acdria is a great British success story, a Liverpool based jewellery brand that specialises in creating beautiful pieces in resin that have ties to the natural world. The brand story began in 2012 when they created the Tiger Butterfly piece, but since then they have branched out with designs that include leaves, fans, flowers including poppies and yet more butterflies.

Acdria Jewellery appeals to those who love pieces that are hand made and unusual, as well as nature lovers. The colours are vibrant and patterns that run through are intricate and delicate, giving each piece depth and character.

I have a couple of pieces from the latest Acdria collections. The Dark Ivy bangle is so exquisite, shaped to resemble real leaves giving it a raw, natural feel. The green shade is deep, but by using resin you get a piece you can wear every day as it is lightweight. This is a piece that is perfect for Autumn when we are surrounded by fallen leaves everywhere, and is a piece that will be noticed and commented on. I love that each piece is unique, due to being made by hand, making each piece a real statement.

My necklace is from the Victorian fan collection and has a real vintage feel. In the brightest shade of shocking pink, this is a real statement piece that will stand out against any outfit.  The pendant comes on an 18 inch chain in stainless steel which contrasts so nicely against the pendant. This necklace really has the feel of an heirloom passed down from great granny.

If you are looking for jewellery pieces to give to a loved one this Christmas, then I would recommend checking out Acdria Jewellery. Each item comes in a beautifully stylish gift box making then perfect to gift, no need for wrapping. They would be sure to delight anyone who received them.

The Victorian Fan pendant costs £21 and the Dark Ivy Bangle costs £36, pretty affordable for beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery.

Diamonds – No Longer A Girls Best Friend?

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girls best friend. So sang the glorious Marilyn Monroe in the classic film ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’. But is this still the case in the 21st century. Are we still as enamoured with real bling as we once were? We know there has been a rise in the cost of precious metals like gold and silver, but are the precious rocks still to our taste?

Well, the answer seems to depend on the age of the person asked. Insure4Retirement, a Home and Travel Insurance provider for the Over 50s found that 73% of people who completed a quote and listed jewellery as part of the cover required, owned over £5,000 worth of gems and precious metals. But they also found the figures are much lower as the age of the person asked drops, with young people being more likely to spend their money on travel, experiences and entertainment rather than on expensive pieces of jewellery – even as an investment,

I have to say this really doesn’t surprise me at all. My grandmother had a huge jewellery collection – not quite Elizabeth Taylor but getting there. She loved gem set pieces, the larger the stone the better, and I still wear her diamond engagement ring which is both beautiful and precious. My mother also loves fine jewellery, having inherited most of my nan’s pieces and having built up quite a collection herself from birthdays, Christmas’s and anniversaries. But my feeling towards diamonds is not so strong, I prefer costume pieces,  vintage paste jewels picked up from antique fairs and charity shops, and also more contemporary names like Thomas Sabo and Pandora, which, if they use diamonds at all, these are usually small pieces of adornment, rather than the whole pendant of bracelet.

So why are we moving away from that most iconic of stones. I think it is just a matter of times, and styles changing. We seem to like our jewels to be more tasteful, less ostentatious, and there is also an argument to say we want pieces to be subtle enough to wear everyday, without risk of attracting the wrong sort of attention. There is also an argument that the millennial generation has less disposable cash, and so there are more important things to spend it on than diamonds.

What are your thoughts – are diamonds still a girls best friend?