17th Century Dress

Fashion has always been an ever-changing creature, so it’s no surprise that we look back on times long past and see nothing resembling present-day style. On top of that, the societal changes that have occurred between the 1600s and today are staggering, and it’s reflected in the dress sense of the time.

In the 1600s, men and women both wore significantly more conservative clothing. Little more than face and hands were often exposed, with the addition of sometimes parts of the shoulders and chest. Let’s have a look at some of the key elements of 17th century dress.


The reticella is an example of needle lace that became immensely popular toward the beginning of the 17th century. Reticella patterns were very intricate, with fine weaves and cutwork involved. They were very popular for collars in particular. If you think collars were big in the 1970s, just wait until you get an eyeful of 17th century collars. Many of them extended beyond the shoulders, and stood straight up behind the head, rather than resting flat on the back. Over time, reticella evolved into ‘Punto in Aria’, which was similarly complex lace work initially developed in Italy.


An item of clothing like the chemise is interesting because in many ways it still exists. Sometimes referred to as a shift or a smock. The chemise was an undershirt of sorts, designed to keep sweat off of outerwear. While today, a chemise is something worn like a slip – mostly by women, particularly of a certain age – in the 17th century, the chemise was a staple of fashion for men, women, and children. Until the 1820s, a chemise was the only underwear worn in England, and as such was often the only item of clothing that received frequent washes.


Sometimes spelled britches, these items were an essential for men of the 17th century. Covering the body from the waist down, breeches are most easily compared to modern-day tights worn by women, or potentially jodhpurs worn by equestrians. While breeches weren’t exclusively white, you’d be hard-pressed to find examples that are coloured. Usually, breeches went over the knee and were fastened around the thigh with buckles and/or straps. Breeches were popular and practical until the mid-19th century, when trousers rose to prominence and were seen as the preferable choice for most men.


If you’ve ever watched a period drama, you’ve likely seen countless men in doublets. Close-fitting, doublets were like jackets worn over a chemise, and usually paired with breeches. Doublets were often worn under armour of various kinds such as cuirasses or chainmail shirts. The use of the doublet in this scenario is to add a layer of comfort that prevented chafing when one needed to wear armour for potentially hours – or days – on end. Through 3 centuries of popularity, only the cut and styles of the doublet changed, but otherwise it remained essentially the same garment.


Antique jewellery is always a popular topic for modern enthusiasts, and jewellery from the 17th century is no different. Far and away the most common element of antique jewellery from this time was pearls. Scarcely a 17th century portrait exists without a string of pearls involved. Pearls were even woven into clothing, acting as lavish beadwork on special garments. Diamonds also found a significant increase in popularity through the 1600s. Jewellery that featured intricate, foliate patterns was popular, mirroring the patterns and popularity of the reticellas that were also commonplace. Flower petals and leaves were massively popular themes for 17th century jewellery.

Traces of these styles can be found today in faint echoes such as tights and slips, but by and large, the dress of the 17th century is entirely different to our own. It’s always a good idea to take a little trip into the past to see what has ultimately influenced the dress sense of society today.

Spring/Summer 2020 jewellery style guide

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With the weather being unseasonably mild, its time to turn your attention to your spring/summer wardrobe. If you’re anything like me, it’s a big relief when you get to shed the frumpy knitwear and heavy overcoats and step out in something that doesn’t mean loads of layers. However, you don’t have to stop at clothes, and you can give any outfit that extra summery touch with the right jewellery. Here’s my rundown of the biggest jewellery trends of spring/summer 2020 to give you some ideas for your own wardrobe.

The statement earring

One of this season’s biggest trends is set to be the statement earring. Introduce a splash of vibrancy into your outfit with a delicate pair of dangly and colourful earrings, which can add equal amounts of elegance and playfulness to any summer outfit. Chose a style that suits your mood, from glamorous pearl designs from Uterque that are both elegant, but very fashion forward, to cameo styles that have a vintage feel and work well with a country heritage look.

A Smart Watch

Smart Watches have become an absolute wardrobe staple for both men and women, and are a real trend for teenagers, as they record their activity levels helping them to  to stay healthy and fit. They also look stylish, coming in a range of designs and colours, and are now as much a fashion accessory as they are a gadget.

If you are looking for smart watches for girls it could be worth checking out a website like Superwatches which is a website dedicated to professional reviews and smart watch comparisons. This should give you a good idea of which watch to buy according to your needs and budget requirements.

The pendant necklace

Another big trend this season is set to be the pendant necklace. The secret when wearing this elegant and timeless piece of jewellery is to make it the centre of attention by pairing it with an otherwise quite minimal outfit, such as a plain dress or top and stud earrings in a matching metal.

When choosing your pendant necklace, be sure to choose a chain length that suits your face shape and brings out your best features. If you’re unsure which is the most flattering length for you, try a few different ones for size to find your preference.

The sunglasses

One thing no summer wardrobe is complete without is a pair of sunglasses. Ditch the pair you bought in a rush at the airport last year and upgrade them with a pair of iconic Raybans, which simply exude effortless cool. Pick up a pair from the Rayban site before jetting off on your summer getaway to complete your holiday wardrobe.

Ring layering

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Another bang-on-trend statement piece to introduce into this season’s wardrobe is ring layering. Go for a unified look by drenching every digit in similar rings, or make an eye-catching statement by mixing it up with a totally mismatching designs and materials.

Introduce these pieces of jewellery into your spring/summer wardrobe this year and you’ll be right on trend all season.


The best thing about bracelets is that there’s always something for everyone. They are small and easily stackable. A bracelet isn’t quite the same as the other jewellery, like a wedding band or a chain.

Your bracelet should always complement your appearance. Always wear your bracelet according to the event and match it with your outfit. For example, if you are wearing formal attire, a metallic bracelet like an adjustable ram bracelet will fit better. If you are out for a party or on a trip with your friends, you are mostly going to look best with a rough-edged kind of bracelet to enhance your casual look.

While the watch can work as a symbol of status, bracelets deliver self-expression through fine detail. If you haven’t tried different things with this accessory, we’ve listed out various types for you:

  • Leather bracelet: A lot of men wear a watch with a leather strap as daily wear. So, wearing a leather bracelet is not a hurdle for them. It is quite appealing. Especially, for the men who are about to wear a wristband for the first time. They are rough-edged and informal and reserves a sense of manliness.

You can wear it with a casual blazer or a tee shirt. But, it ought to be worn without combining with other materials. Leather with a matte polish gives a cool look. This is an all time wear accessory. It is adaptable and can be worn for any event.

There are different options in leather bracelets like anchor leather bracelets, wide leather bracelets, steel leather bracelets and you can get your own personalised leather bracelet too.

  • Beaded bracelet: There are different styles and colours in the market to pick when it comes to these bracelets. From wooden beads to lavish crystals and to statement plastic style, the range of designs is massive and is for everyone’s personal taste. Ensure that your bracelet compliments your outfit. You can wear them with loose tee shirts or casual wears. You can also mix and match bracelets of different sizes and styles to accomplish a perfect wrist look.

Beaded bracelets are a new trend and most men are still trying to wear them. It is suggested that you wear them in such a way that it looks elegant and sophisticated.

  • Link chain: There is a variety of men’s chain bracelets from rope to Figaro. They have a superior presence, be it in gold or in silver. There are some bracelets that come with embedded stones. David Chapman from www.frostnyc.com/ recommends a simple gold bracelet for men who like to dress casual but still show off their swag. These can be worn for any event with any outfit, including formal. One of the major benefits of these bracelets is that it can be easily repaired and modified in length and have a wide range of widths. That’s why it can become your daily wear. They are best when worn as a solo piece.  
  • Wrap bracelet: Wrap bracelets are really popular and cool at the moment yet complicated when it comes to layering perfectly. They have some unexpected and trendy designs that suit your personal style and any of your occasion.

Wrap bracelets always come in layers. So you can pair them with other bracelets or with a watch. They come in different styles and can be made of different materials like beads, leather, wire, thread or metal. But if you try to mix match, then try to match the metal or colour of your bracelet with your watch. It will appear more stylish and cool. If you feel like flaunting it, wear your wrap bracelet with short to mid-length sleeve so that it is visible.

  • Charm bracelet: A charm bracelet is extremely popular as it can be personalised. These bracelets signify a story or something related to the wearer’s life. Charmed bracelets can be paired with casual wear or some trendy formals in order to look your best.

The reason why these are popular is that you can change your bracelet’s charms whenever you want to. It is easy to take them off and you can change the entire look of your bracelet. As we said, these bracelets are personalised, you can make it by yourself with some DIY tips. Whatever you are interested in, you can put that charm in customising your bracelet and create a unique piece

  • Cuffs: Cuff bracelet is always a good idea as they are classic and elegant. They are quite similar to watches. So if you want to consider something to match your watch, here you have a perfect accessory. You can find different options for cuffs depending upon colour, material, style, and design. Again, matching the material of the metal of your watch is important. Along with that size matters. It is important to have a cuff that fits perfectly.
  • String bracelets: String bracelets are delicate and it is a casual accessory. They can be purchased in different colours and are easy to pair up with other bracelets or wristwatches. In Kabbalah and Buddhism, it symbolises a traditional belief. According to them, it should be particularly red in colour, worn on the left hand and knotted seven times.  
  • Sports wristwear: Sports bracelets are extremely popular. From an athlete to a college student, everyone is wearing them. They come in different materials, sizes and shapes.  But generally, a bracelet made of silicon rubber is more popular than any other material. Being a fashion statement, there are few health benefits of wearing it. It is quite attractive and looks great when paired up with a t-shirt and jeans, or with any casual outfit.
  • Cause Bands: These bands are more used to symbolise your interest in a particular cause or event. These are rubber bands and tend to be bright and in many colours. They can be found either in a solid colour or multicoloured with a specific saying or a name. These bracelets are generally used by some or organisations for spreading awareness or as their organisation’s symbol. LiveStrong, a US nonprofit organisation, is one of the biggest icons behind the “cause” band. While wearing a cause band, your outfit doesn’t matter as they are event-based bands.
  • Mixing wristwear: Blending wristwear can be an art. Don’t hesitate to join leather, string, little beads, and thin chains. Despite the fact that making a point not to possess more than one-third of the lower arm. Any bracelet can combine with a watch on a similar wrist, as long as the shades are solid. Metal cuffs don’t mix well with different wrist bracelets, so they ought to be worn alone or with just a watch.

There are few things to keep in mind while wearing a bracelet. Keep things basic and simple. Pick a bracelet that does not mismatch with your watch. Wear your metal bracelet with your formal attire. Along with a watch, the bracelet will give a decent look to your sharp suit or any other formal wear. For the most part, the sleeves of your shirt will keep the bracelet covered depending upon your hand position and length of your sleeve. However, the bracelets play a role to emphasise your overall look. But it is important for you to know your wrist size. You need to buy your bracelet with an estimated right size.

The wonderful thing about men’s jewellery is that it is anything but a need. By wearing a bracelet, you will upgrade your presentation and personality. You will be a man with flawless attention for admirable detail.