5 Reasons To Love Sheer And Silk Lingerie

There are a hundred and one kinds of women’s underwear out there on the market. This is to account for different people who have different tastes and want underwear that is comfortable, or seductive, or even a bit of both..

Some may choose the types they prefer due to the best color, the material with which they are made, the price, or maybe they prefer it due to how it appears once they give a trial fit.

There are a million reasons as to why you should choose silk lingerie as your undies of choice/ It may it be that you are buying it for your partner or maybe you need to experience the luxurious softness and beauty that all women talk of.

There is quite a range of colorful and classy nightwear out there. However, once it involves Silk underclothes, an expensive feeling against the skin and classic silhouettes are what sets it aside from alternative varieties.

Therefore here are the five good reasons as to why you should love a sheer and silk lingerie.

  1. It is an all-season fabric

Silk is an all-time sleepwear fabric, you don’t have to worry about how to change or wear different inner silk lingerie during different seasons. The fabric is known to be warm during winter seasons and comfortably cool during summers when environmental temperature are high.

Silk lingerie highly outdoes other fabrics clothes when it comes to seasons. Furthermore, they are very sleek and sheer in such a way that they are not bulky at all, thus the comfort of them is irresistible.

  1. Available in multiple designs

Different woman prefers in different clothes at different times, chemises, robes, gowns or any other style, all can be popular. Perhaps they want something that drapes off the body during summer or a more fitted garment during winter.

Ladies may want to choose their silk lingerie based on occasion, such as an anniversary, honeymoon, or intimate moments with their partner. They should choose something that they feel comfortable and confident in.

All you need to do is choose that what pleases you.

  1. Silk is Hypoallergenic

Being hypoallergenic is one factor as to why you should choose silk lingerie. Safe and smooth for the skin!

Furthermore, it requires less or no treatment with chemicals like other sleepwear do to achieve the luxurious look and smooth feeling factor. For the few whose skin is very sensitive, you have all the reasons to love silk lingerie since it won’t be irritating on the skin.

  1. Silk is Durable

Silk lingerie is known for its durable longevity for years. This is because silk fibers are among the few strongest natural textile fibers in the world, commonly known to be made from high-quality silk fibers.

Some of us get lucky to find that single piece that we may have been looking for ages. You’ll never have to worry about frequent wear and tear with silk lingerie.

Therefore, due to its durable nature, you’ll have your silk in your closet forever.

  1. Silk Shimmers and Shines

You’ll feel so good glowing in your outfit like a queen. Wearing silk makes you feel special and appreciated. Silk has a natural luster that makes you shimmer and shine.

This helps you to feel confident and you’ll fall in love with your silk day and night. There is no better feeling than to be comfortable in what you wear.

Bravissimo Opens in Birmingham

Rejoice ladies of the Midlands who don’t conform to the average bra sizes, we now have a destination in Birmingham where we can find beautiful underwear in the most sumptuous of surroundings. Bravissimo has now opened on the revitalised Cannon Street, and offers a glorious range of underwear, sleepwear and clothing that takes all cup sizes into consideration. I went along a couple of days ago to check out the ranges, and the bra fitting service. The verdict? I wanted to buy the whole store!

“Today, Bravissimo customers are able to ask themselves ‘which bra do I like’ rather than ‘what comes in my size’.”  I love the Bravissimo philosophy when it comes to underwear, with cup sizes that go straight up to L. They realise that swimwear also needs this sort of range, and that dresses could also fit better if they addressed that not all women who are size 18 have the same sized breasts. It really feels that when you walk into Bravissimo, you have so much choice available, whatever your size.



The new Cannon Street store is a real destination. On two levels, the first floor stocks bras and underwear from brands such as Panache, Lepel, Curvy Kate and Freya, as well as Bravissimo’s own designs. There is also the fabulous Pepperberry range of clothing (so many beautiful dresses!) and swimwear and underwear. All items come in a fabulous range of sizes, and there are also maternity options and underwear that is perfect for wearing under wedding dresses.







What an amazing sports bra.

What an amazing sports bra.

The ground floor is the bra fitting suite and it is just beautiful, with sofas where your friends can sit and wait in comfort while you have a fitting. The dressing rooms are lovely – all are named after customers, with quotes from said customers on the inside of the door. A lovely robe hangs inside so you are not left half naked whilst you are waiting for different sizes and designs.



Changing Room Selfie

Changing Room Selfie

I was totally shocked by just how accurate and quick the fitting is. There are no tape measures, Bravissimo can find the size you need by looking at your breasts and taking in the size and the shape.  Catriona, who fitted me, was very accurate in finding the size I needed (38F) and in remembering the designs that I had liked as we had walked the store. She also gave me lots of tips on how to put on a bra, no more fastening around the front and twisting it around – you will damage the wires for a start. You need to put your arms into the bra and then fasten on the widest hooks, this will give you the option to tighten your bra once it has been washed a few times.

Catriona who fitted me with my new bra.

Catriona who fitted me with my new bra.

I tried both these sets.

I tried both these sets.


Bravissimo offers a really brilliant service in terms of fitting and design for those of us who generally struggle with bras – no more ugly boulder holders hoisting us into shape – these days the designs are fresh, sexy, flirty – basically whatever we want them to be.

Bravissimo Birmingham

39-40 Cannon Street
B2 5EE

Telephone: 0121 643 9612

The shy girl’s guide to lingerie

As women, the concept of lingerie can sometimes leave us in a cold sweat. From bras to garters to knickers to girdles, with such a wide selection to choose from, it can be extremely difficult to know where to start. If you’re overcome with shyness at the thought of your unmentionables, read this handy guide to discover how your intimates don’t necessarily have to be intimidating.

Take it back to basics

While bras and knickers are the prominent features of any underwear collection, it’s important to ensure you’re fully equipped with the much needed lingerie basics. Take a look at your wardrobe and establish what you wear most often. For example, if you tend you wear skirts and dresses on a regular basis, perhaps some high quality hosiery is what you need. As hosiery specialists Tights and More mention, tights are a key staple of every girl’s wardrobe and can be used for a variety of occasions. Moreover, if you find you regularly wear t-shirts, a good quality, full coverage bra might be what you need. You may find it useful to assess your clothing collection to see what pieces you could benefit from adding to your collection.


Step outside your comfort zone

As nerve-racking as it may seem, stepping outside of your comfort zone might not be as bad as you think. While you may feel safe with your usual, everyday essentials, there is no harm in supplementing your collection with some more alluring pieces. For example, a co-ordinated set of a matching bra and briefs is bound to make you feel gorgeous and ultra-feminine. You could even opt for something more enticing such as a sheer camisole, a figure-shaping corset or a pair of elegant stockings to give yourself the ultimate confidence boost.

Check your size

It’s important to ensure the lingerie you choose is the correct size for your shape. Ill-fitting garments are more than likely to cause you discomfort, so it’s worth getting to know your body and investing in pieces that you offer you the support and comfort you need. Most women’s clothing stores have a lingerie department with specially trained staff available who are more than happy to take your measurements and help you choose the right sized products – just don’t be afraid to ask.


Embrace different colours

If your lack of lingerie knowledge means you naturally gravitate towards pieces that are plain and simple, you could benefit from adding a little colour to your underwear drawer. While you may argue that black and white undergarments ‘go with everything’, it can be fun to experiment with different shades, tones and even textures. From daring, deep reds to pretty, pastel blues, underwear can be found in just about any colour you want.


By following this guide, you may find the idea of intimate apparel a lot less daunting. As long as you feel confident, you’ll look great in whatever you choose to wear.