Fashion and luxury are seeing difficult times

For years the elite fashion stores in our major cities, like London and Paris, have welcomed tourists with open-arms as big spenders, but it seems recently that unlike our more inexpensive London hangouts, the big names are feeling a little neglected when it comes to the big orders.

While most of us haven’t noticed the falling oil price or even paid attention to the market worries surrounding its’ uncertainty, we may have picked up on falling Petrol prices and cheaper energy deals flooding the markets. This has been because the price of Oil has fallen dramatically since last year, and it seems that Fashion is its’ next victim. Countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia who are notoriously into fashion and elitist London goods, are heavily reliant on the export of Oil, and with the cost dropping so much, it appears they have been cutting back on their spending.

Dasha Zhukova Paris Fashion Week

Dasha Zhukova Paris Fashion Week

Now while this may not mean much to the stores that most of us will do our average clothes shopping from, it could spell big price increases at higher-end designer outlets like Harvey Nichols and Burberry, as they struggle to balance their stock against a falling GBP and in line with making up lost profits to tourism. Rather frustrating really for a fashion aficionado like myself who at the very least likes browsing the stores and wondering whether I could justify the price tags by finding an excuse of where I might wear such beautiful (and bank breaking) dresses.

So is this likely to last very long? Well with tourism picking up again as the Pound Sterling falls and the other currencies get stronger, this may just be a short-term blip; but it will be interesting to guess just how international fashion weeks will respond to this after seeing no real changes in last month’s London Fashion Week. It would certainly have been funny to have watched Kate Moss walking down the runway in the latest offering from Primark or Victoria Beckham reveal a new line of budget bargains to her fans; but I think regardless of the hilarity that would have ensued, we are someway off from seeing such alien things.

Victoria Beckham New York Fashion Week 2016

Victoria Beckham New York Fashion Week 2016

Therefore, while the future of Oil prices and the fates of some of the oil-rich countries may be in jeopardy, we don’t have to worry too much about big price tag increases on our clothes and can rely on shows like Next Top Model to keep getting our fix of the latest options without having to worry about seeing the ghastly price tags. And if by some strange reason you’ve decided to go and research more of the latest markets news to see if any of your other favourite items are likely to be heading upwards in their price points, do let me know of any major brands who you encounter along the way.


Ladbrokes Bingo Fashion Week – Vote for me.

London Fashion Week is almost upon us. Yes the venues are being set up as we speak, and excitement amongst the fashionista’s, the front rowers and the bloggers is almost unbearable. Fashion Week is the most gorgeous and glamorous event to hit London and I am very pleased to say that, this season, I have a small role in it through a competition that I am taking part in with Ladbrokes Bingo.

I have been tasked to create a perfect outfit for London Fashion Week with a virtual budget of £200. The outfit can come from any online/High Street store, but must not exceed the budget. Everything else is down to personal choice and inspiration, so I set about putting together an outfit that I would wear, something that reflects my style, which is feminine, grown up and slightly retro.

I took my inspiration from socialite and DJ Harley Viera Newton because I, quite simply, love her style and have never seen here get it wrong. She is girlish and elegant, but can add an edge of fun – whether than be in cats eye sunglasses or pretty prints.

The Inspiration


Cute glasses and ladylike heels


Pleated skirts and a clutch bag


More pleats and heels – a winning formula

I knew I wanted a statement pleated skirt for this project, but something in a darker shade to reflect Autumn. I founf the perfect skirt at Topshop in beautiful bottle green, and then built the rest of the outfit around this. A simple white top from ASOS


My outift.

My inspiration.

My inspiration.

Now I need your help. I would love it if Fashion-mommy readers would vote for my outfit. It is very simple and easy to do, no registering is required. You simply need to visit the page  find my photograph (as shown below) and click on it. This will reveal the outfit pictured above. Then simply click on the vote button. And that’s it – all done.

Vote for me by clicking the image on the right.

Vote for me by clicking the image on the right.

Thanking you all in advance.

16866540641_d82f61d8b8_o*This post supports my entry for the Ladbrokes Bingo Fashion Week Competition.

What are the best things about Autumn?

As I wake up this morning there is a definite chill in the air. And although the next astronomical fall in the Western Hemisphere doesn’t officially begin until the 23rd of September, as far as I am concerned, Autumn has begun. Best Offers Bingo  recently conducted a survey asking over 1,500 people in the UK what they think the best thing about Autumn is. The answers were very mixed, with some pretty obvious ones, who doesn’t love the crunch, look and general beauty of Autumn leaves, to some less obvious – dark evenings fill me with dread, but they made the list.


Here are the findings in full:-

Autumn Leaves
Snuggling Indoors
Crisp Air
Crunching Fallen Leaves
Wearing Warm Clothes
Comfort Food
Open Fires
Bonfire Night
Dark Evenings
Television Shows
Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Now, I am not exactly an Autumn person myself, I much prefer the heat and long, lazy days of Summer. But Autumn still has it’s charm, so I decided to compile a list of my five favourite things about the season.

And here they are!

1. Fashion Week

Although I tend to decline my invites now (a bit of been there, done that, got the t-shirt syndrome), I love looking at the new collections that premiere in September, especially as they are the collections for Spring and Summer. I’m also obsessed with checking out the style of the Front Row, with Poppy Delevingne, Laura Bailey and Harley Viera Newton being my current style obsessions.


Style Crush Poppy



Style Crush Laura


2. Strictly Come Dancing Comes back

Yes! My favourite series returns, complete with all the glamour, the glitter, the sequins and the celebs. This year’s line up is a great one, I’m so looking forward to seeing Peter Andre and Kellie Bright strut their stuff. Forget X Factor, this is the proper Saturday night telly. Also obsessed with Claudia Winkleman and her quirky style.

Helen George is on this year's show.

Helen George is on this year’s show.

3. Blackpool Illuminations

No excuses for this, I totally love Blackpool and its lights. The Illuminations are just so special, and there is nowhere like Blackpool when it comes to tacky, seaside fun. I’m off there next weekend, and frankly cannot wait. I’m in good company too, Frank Sinatra visited in the 1950s and loved the place.


4. Autumn colours

The pantone colour for 2015 is Marsala, and I think this will just come into it’s own now it is Autumn. Gold, russet, burnt orange and bronze shades are all gorgeous, and work so well with the 70s trend that is still massive this season.

5. Bonfire Night

Was never a major fan as a child, but now totally love this night. A roaring fire, fab fireworks display, all wrapped up for the evening in a favourite warm coat, and all that delicious Bonfire Night food, from hot chocolate with marshmallows, to juicy burgers with lashings of onions. Bonfire Night is one of my fave events of any season.

Ready for Bonfire Night last year

Ready for Bonfire Night last year

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?