Competition Time at Bathroom City

I’m starting today with another shout out for a fabulous Midlands company. Bathroom City is a real Midlands success story.The firm was established in 1986 by Dash Virdee, and is now one of the UK’s leading bathroom superstore retailer and manufacturers. Bathroom City has two well established showrooms warehouse and factory outlet in Tyseley, Birmingham. These stock a massive range of luxury bathroom brands, as well as the largest Makti shower enclosure display in the UK. Now it has launched a very special, and easy to enter, competition, which has a fantastic prize perfect for anyone planning some bathroom improvements.


The competition will give one lucky person the chance to win a £200 voucher to spend at Bathroom City on anything that takes your fancy.  This could be accessories for you current bathroom suite (they have a fantastic range of bathroom mirrors which have caught my eye), or it could be for a new bath itself (prices start at just £126 for a Mercury straight bath). Maybe you want a complete bathroom overhaul – this voucher would be a good helping hand to transform you current room to an oasis of relaxation. Whatever you are looking for, the competition is so easy to enter, you’d be silly not to.

Bathroom City banner

How to enter

You can enter by simply ‘sharing’ the competition page (found here) using the share buttons and then by completing the form found on the page. The competition runs from the 1st August to the 31st October 2014 and the winner will be chosen randomly by one of the Bathroom City team. The lucky winner will be announced by the 10th November and will be publicised through the Bathroom City Facebook page! The voucher prize will be sent via email.

A full list of terms and conditions can be found here.

Good Luck!



Springtime – The perfect time for Home Improvements

As regular readers of the Fashion-Mommy blog know, my son Joe is now 4 years old. And after a couple of years when he seemed hellbent on wrecking every area of the house, he has now calmed down. No more drawing on the walls (well, not that often anyway), no more pouring lunch and dinner all over the floor, and finally, sleeping in his own bed. And that means I think the time has come to make a start on some of the home improvements we had been putting off until Joe was a little older. Starting with turning our master bedroom back into a boudoir and sanctuary.

The vintage style Barley Twist design

Now, the bedroom is a good place to start as it doesn’t require too much doing to it. When we moved into our home ten years ago, my late mother-in-law treated us to a suite of bedroom furniture in the pine Barley Twist design that is frankly looking even better as it ages. So many of the things the bedroom requires are cosmetic, a new duvet, a stylish mirror, and, most importantly, a Venetian blind.

Click to visit Web Blinds

I’ve always been a curtains sort of person, quite liking old-fashioned, chintzy designs, but recently two things have made me consider that a blind would be a better option. The first is that it is quite difficult to get curtains that fit the rather narrow, sash windows that we have in our Victorian terrace – they all seem to be either too wide, or not long enough. The second issue is that I’ve found it increasingly difficult to get to sleep at night, so a blackout option has become something that is more attractive. That is where the Venetian blinds are proving to be a perfect choice. Web-Blinds have an amazing range of Venetian blinds that you can tailor in colour and design to suit your room. What’s more, they are made to measure so I can ensure the perfect fit for my windows. What’s more, the Venetian blind will allow me to control the amount of light pouring into the room, hopefully helping me to get a good night’s sleep.

Love this bedroom blind

A large mirror is also something that adds to the luxurious feel I’m trying to establish. I currently have a wooden dressing table mirror, but as a fan of vintage styling, I would love to embrace real Art Deco style, This table mirror from Linea at House of Fraser is beautiful, and a real bargain find too.

Linea Table mirror £28 click to visit House of Fraser

The final step towards bedtime bliss is the bed itself…or at least the covers. My current duvet cover is beige, neutral and soothing, and just that little bit boring. So, the final touch to transform the bedroom would be this gorgeous, retro styled Suzie bedding set from BHS, which I think would look great against the pine furniture, add a touch of bright colour, but also stay true to the chintzy style I still love with a passion.

Susie Bed Set Was £35.00 Now from £28.00 click to visit BHS

So. just a few small purchases and I should finally have the bedroom of my dreams. Now, what to do about hubby’s snoring?


Five star your bedroom

If you are fortunate enough to have stayed in five star luxury accommodation, you will hopefully have had an experience that would be wonderful to re-create in your own bedroom. I am talking about the decor and style, nothing else! It needn’t cost a fortune to have a little luxury in your boudoir, here are a few pointers as to where to start to bring a touch of class to your most private room.

Firstly, clean it! Bedrooms can very quickly resemble a storeroom for items from childhood to the present day, dust bunnies collect beneath the bed, and when was the last time the room was dusted? A thorough clean up will make the bedroom smell much more pleasant and leaving a window open slightly will give the place a much airier feel.

Buy some attractive storage space. Wicker baskets and fancy storage boxes are a fabulous choice for storing items that you don’t want to throw away, but have no immediate need for. Deep baskets are also great for storing spare blankets or towels, easy to access too if the weather turns a little chilly before the winter sets in and the heating gets turned on.

Choosing a bed that suits your needs, whether it be a double a king size or even a queen size, find one that is big enough to accommodate the people sleeping in it, be it for one person or a couple, but try not to dwarf the bedroom. If you are short on space, but need a large bed, try to resist huge headboards and footboards, they will only serve to make the bedroom look smaller. Take a look at for a huge selection of beds to suit any taste and size.

No matter how fantastic your bed looks, a decent mattress is a must, not just for a comfortable nights sleep, but also for that added touch of glamour that you can feel. There are all kinds of mattress to choose from, it is a good idea to try one for comfort and support before you buy, although you can find lots of information online about which type of mattress will suit your needs. If you have a little extra cash, invest in a feather mattress topper for that added luxurious feel.

Dressing your bed is where your own personal taste and your own eye for design will come into play. Rich colours, pastel colours, gentle creams and bright whites, you name it, you can find throws, cushions and covers to suit all tastes. Invest in cotton sheets that have a high thread count, many hotels choose linen with a 400+ thread count, shop around and invest in the highest your budget will allow, you will not regret it when you feel the silky smoothness against your skin at night.

Have one or two professionally framed pictures in your room. Again, you can find some fantastic prints if you spend some time searching for them, and they are an easy way of adding a splash of colour to pastel or natural coloured decor.

Flowers are a must for 5 star luxury. A bunch of fresh flowers need only cost a few pounds a week, and they add so much glamour to a room making them well worth the modest price tag.

An ornate mirror on the wall is not only useful for preening in, but they can add light while also being a feature in the room. Lighting is important, a bedside light is essential for those who like to read in bed, or are prone to getting up in the middle of the night, they can save many a toe stubbing in the dark! More than one light will add depth and even using coloured light bulbs will help create a warm, glamorous glow to the room.

Don’t neglect the bedroom, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, we owe it to ourselves to make the bedroom the most luxurious room in the house!