Ways to pass the time online.

These days, if you have access to a smartphone, laptop or computer, you have no excuse to be bored. Even when the weather is dire, or you are stuck on what seems like an endless train journey, or even if you are facing an airport delay, our technology means we can work, shop and play, wherever we may be. I have made a list of some of the things that I enjoy doing online, as well as some things my little boy also loves to do.


This is a current obsession for Joe, who loves to watch YouTube football skills videos as a way of learning new skills and improving his current overall football performance. He also loves to follow West Bromwich Albion and is himself a Youtube star after appearing in the West Brom Christmas message last year (proud mom klaxon – you can watch that film here.) I love YouTube too, watching the best goals of my number one man crush Olivier Giroud, as well as enjoying beauty and shopping haul vlogs by some of my favourite bloggers.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is brilliant for those who love bargains. You can find so many online exclusives, flash sales and genuine one off buys that you just don’t find in store, and with much more choice and variety. You can sign up for newsletters that allow you to find out about sales before they start, there are even opportunities to find out when an item you covet is back in stock.

If you don’t really want to spend money, filling an online basket is almost as much fun as window shopping, but you don’t damage the shoe leather or have to brave the rain to enjoy it.

Casino And Betting fun

If you enjoy the thrill of the gamble, then playing in an online casino can be a great way to spend some time and maybe even win some cash.  Sites like Vera&John offer a host of games which are also mobile friendly, and also offer a welcome bonus when you join. How much you choose to spend is up to you, and, of course, risks are involved, but if you think you can handle the pressure, the chance to turn £ into £££ could be irresistible. You can also look at placing online bets, and the world is pretty much your oyster when it comes to this. You can bet on sports, like football and basketball, or
races, be it motorized, or even horse ones – if you’re interested in the
latter, be sure to check out today’s horse racing tips. There are sites that help you to place bets in other countries, so you could research how to place a bet in Kenya and would be able to find out how to do this safely. Similarly, you can look at lotteries in other countries and can enter these, they often have a far better payout rate than the UK.

Online games for kids

There are a lot of free, online games for children. Joe is a little obsessed with football games and we have found loads to play, from Messi spotkicks and Neymar skill games, to Scooby Doo soccer games. A quick search ‘free online football games’ will give you literally thousands of option and these can be great for playing on tablets during long car journey’s or on wet afternoons.



I always say that I believe that people are either Facebook or Twitter, and I am most definitely Twitter.Great for debate, always very quick with breaking news, totally irrelevant, and very witty at times, Twitter is addictive and brilliant and does it all in 140 characters or less. You can follow my Twitter feed here.


Be prepared to lose hours and hours looking at beautiful images, styles, trends and moodboards on Pinterest. Pinterest is the place to go when you are looking for inspiration for your home, your wardrobe, your holiday or your wedding. Or it might just be the place where you can find random cute pictures of dogs and cats on those days when you need cheering up. Pinterest is the place to brighten any dull day.


Enjoy The Benefits Of Shopping Online

Who doesn’t love shopping? It is one way of releasing your stress and other negative energy that surrounds you. Both women and men spend a lot of hard earned cash on shopping sprees but with our modern technologies, you can now shop and purchase things you wanted to buy in just a simple click.

Shopping online offers far more choice and can also give you the opportunity to find a range of bargains, due to online sales, voucher codes and discount days. Now, with the upcoming launch of Sello, an ecommerce site that will host the best deals from small independent stores, you will be able to find fresh products, to connect with new merchants and find the hottest discount codes using the Sello marketplace. It is all so convenient but also gives you the chance to find new favourite brands at affordable prices.

So How Can You Shop Wisely Online?

First you need to determine what you want actually want to purchase. It is very easy to get caught up with online shopping as it feels you are not actually handing over money, so evaluate what your signature style is and don’t just buy clothes because they are on trend, no matter how fashionable. Don’t get caught up with buying sales buys, just because they are cheap, instead look for gaps in your wardrobe, classic buys that you will get lots of wear from, and pieces that you really need.

Shopping online can have a lot of benefits, you can shop from a wider selection  compared to shopping centres and boutiques. You can also shop at a time that suits you because the internet is available 24/7. Queues are generally a thing of the past – you don’t have to experience long file of shoppers falling in line towards the counter. You don’t have to carry shopping bags and find somewhere to park.You don’t have to trawl around shop after shop with aching feet trying to find something that really suits.

In short, it is fairly hassle-free. You can try things in the comfort of your own home, and lots of companies offer free returns if your item is unsuitable. A smart shopper uses the freedom to compare multiple online shops regarding best price offers, quality and selection of sizes and colours. And, very often, they are doing this online can shop online wearing pyjamas.  

Octer – The online marketplace

I love shopping. If it can be classed as a hobby, then it would certainly be mine. I’m happy to spend hours walking around shops, either looking for exactly what I want, or just doing a bit of window shopping. I also love online shopping, finding the sort of unusual stuff that you only seem to be able to find at online boutiques, or enjoying the bargains that come when you use voucher codes sites or sign up to brand emails. Yes, shopping makes me happy.

But many people hate shopping, finding it a chore. Even searching online is something that takes a lot of time and effort, trying to find the exact thing that you want might take hours of trawling different websites until you find something that suits. Octer, the unique online marketplace and app, may just be the answer to this problem – a godsend to clothes shoppers everywhere.

       ” Octer is a unique marketplace of the biggest UK stores where you can shop departments or shop by store. From fashion to gadgets we instantly compare thousands of brands and show you the nearest matches; so you’ll always get the perfect style & price and discover products from stores you hadn’t considered before.”

http _blog.octer.com_wp-content_uploads_2016_04_newCategoryImages_Women_Women_Dressed__Skirts

Octer is a new way of shopping. Sourcing everything from clothing from men, women and children, to interiors and beauty, Octer looks for what you want, sourcing numerous examples from around the web, and then presenting them in list form so you can go directly to the website to make your purchase. One real positive is just how detailed your search can be tailored – i.e. when searching for a dress you can filter to a mini, midi or maxi design, and can also be filtered for work or party wear, a-line or skater style, or even just to a specific store. Octer will then show you a range of designs from all over the internet, and you can then shop your pick, stress free.


If the thought of shopping brings you out in hives, I would definitely recommend you check out the service Octer offers. You get to see the best the internet has to offer, without the stress or legwork of traditional shopping.