Is there such a thing as ‘Luck’?

Is there such a thing as luck? Is luck something we can change, or influence, and are some people just born lucky? This was something I was pondering a while back when I was lucky enough (that word again) to win a couple of Twitter competitions, one of which I’d actually forgotten entering. When I told my mom I’d won, she used the saying ‘you lucky thing’, and I’d mentioned that ‘my luck was changing’. It seems that the word just pops up everywhere. But can we actually do anything to influence our luck?

I always salute magpies. hating it if I only see one. I pick up lucky pennies, worry if I break a mirror, and avoid walking under ladders. I guess superstitions add to our theories about luck. Yesterday I saw just one magpie on the way to school and remembered the saying ‘one for sorrow’, and indeed, I missed a delivery of a birthday present for Joe, felt a little ill most of the day, and then went out for possibly the worst Christmas meal of all time. A run of bad luck for sure.

But when it comes to playing games like Bingo, or slot machines, or playing the national lottery, or even tv games like Take your Pick, is there really anything you can do to change, or influence how lucky you will be? Paddy Power have put together a fun infographic that busts some of the myths about luck, whilst giving a few hints and tips on things that might help to change your own luck.  You can click here if you want to test any of their theories.

Good luck!