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Boohoo is embracing the new season with a fabulous array of new trends. From stripes to spots, with a little bit of ultra cool denim thrown in, the new season is about exploring new trends and ideas. And for those who think that Boohoo is a little bit young for them, think again. Pencil skirts, wide legged Palazzo pants and slim legged trousers all make up part of the trend report, along with the usual array of skater skirts and flirty dresses.

Here are five pieces for Monday that will not only look fabulous in spring, but will be useful during the seasonal transition period between Winter and Spring. My favourite is that dotted pencil skirt – channeling Minnie Mouse is so this season!

Leanne 7/8th Slim Leg Polka Dot Trousers With Belt £22 click to visit Boohoo

Amy Tie Front Shirt with Pearl Collar £20.00 click to visit Boohoo

Veronica Monochrome Striped Leg Trousers £20 click to visit Boohoo

Minnie Polka Dot Printed Pencil Skirt with Belt £12 click to visit Boohoo

Wendy Dogtooth Open Back Detail Bodycon Dress £25 click to visit Boohoo

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Boden’s Limited Edition – Bree Van De Kamp’s wardrobe anyone?

One of the saddest things about the end of Desperate Housewives is that we will no longer get the opportunity to lust over Mrs Van De Kamp’s wardrobe (and yes, I know she got married a few times after Rex, but she will always be Bree Van De Kamp to me.) Bree’s mixture of pristine Stepford Wives but with a surprisingly sexy edge was always a style highlight, the only TV character who came close to challenging Carrie Bradshaw in my affections.

From full-skirted dresses, to neat early 1960s inspired numbers, teamed with gorgeous embellished knits, Bree was a lady who never had a hair out-of-place, a crease on her skirt or any look that even slightly resembled flustered. Beautiful, elegant and always impeccable, Bree was the embodiment of the word Lady.

The great news is that Boden’s Limited Edition collection could’ve been drawn from Bree’s wardrobe. Full of silk print dresses, gorgeous jewelled knits and slinky pencil skirts, this whole collection screams Ladylike. And the great news is that the whole collection is currently reduced in the Summer sale. These pieces are timeless, definitely an investment buy that you will wear over and over again. True style classic – just like Bree Herself!


If Bree went to Boden?

Watercolour Floral Dress £44.70 


vintage embellished cardigan 

Chic Broderie Skirt 

Boden Sophia dress £80 

Broderie Scallop Dress £89.40 

Lucy Dress £91.70 



My week with Marilyn

I’ve been a Marilyn Monroe fan for as long as I can remember. Her sheer glamour, loveable persona and that beautiful face and figure made her my key beauty icon whilst I was growing up. Add in her tumultuous love life and mysterious death and you get one of the most fascinating personalities of the 20th century. But even with all these key ingredients, making a good film about this Icon has been difficult. The best  portrayal was by Catherine Hicks in the 1980 film, Marilyn – The Untold Story. She managed to portray the vulnerability of Marilyn,  but the film itself was dire.

But now we may just have found a Marilyn film worth watching, with a star born to play the role. Step forward the always wonderful Michelle Williams in the new film ‘My week with Marilyn’. Based on the book by Colin Clarke, this tells of Marilyn’s stay in England for the  filming of ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’. This was a Marilyn surrounded by movie legends such as Sir Lawrence Olivier  and Vivien Leigh, newly married to Arthur Miller, and slowly falling apart at the seams has her dreams of acting acceptance and the perfect marriage fell apart too.

From the trailers, Michelle looks perfect, uncannily like Marilyn, all soft curves, dreamy features and vulnerable persona. And the style is wonderful – worlds away from the all glitzy, glowing Marilyn of Hollywood. This was Marilyn in neat shirts and pencil skirts, chic little black dresses, stiletto heels and dark black shades. In short, a woman with style in spades. The making of the Prince and the Showgirl was an unhappy experience for Marilyn, Olivier telling her to ‘be sexy’ was a bad start to the proceedings, but Marilyn totally stole the film from under his hammy nose, something that he did acknowledge years later.

Get The Marilyn Look

Reiss Flare skirt £95 

Plain White Ladies Fitted Office Shirt – Contrast Detail 


80% wool overcoat £104.30 

PARISAN Black Suede Point Price: £59.00

My week with Marilyn by Colin Clark £5.75 click to visit Amazon

The Prince and The Showgirl [DVD £3.99 click to visit Amazon