The Incredible Intergalatic Journey Home from Lost My Name

I have said on many occasions that I think the best kind of books are the personalised ones. A personalised gift is truly one of a kind, and is very special to the person that receives it, it is something that they will want to keep and treasure forever.

Lost My Name produce beautifully illustrated, personalised story books for children. Their first book was, not surprisingly, called ‘Lost My Name‘ and followed a child on a special journey as they traveled to find out their name, collecting letters from weird and wonderful animals on route. Joe loved this book and we have read it over and over, it never loses its charm or magic.DSCN3104[1]

Now the company have created a new adventure, and this time it is all about a journey through the galaxy as you try to find your way home. ‘The Intergalactic Journey Home’ is again filled with bright and beautiful illustrations, with a lead character who you can personalise to look as much like your child as possible.  Of course, the personlisation this time is not just the name of the lead character, but also your address, and maps and images that correspond to your address.



Creating your own book is very easy, a name and address are all you need to start the journey, and the finished book is a lovely reading experience between you and your child. The best way to read this is by not announcing the surprise, but by letting your child read through and suddenly discover a book about their own home and journey to get to it.



Joe loves his book, and with Christmas not all that far away (I know, I’ve mentioned the ‘C’ word, don’t shoot me down in flames.) this is a ideal stocking filler. I also think this would be a lovely gift for a new baby, perhaps teamed with the original ‘Lost my Name’ book.




Father’s Day sorted with Love 2 Read

With two weeks to go, I am continuing with my series looking at ideas for Father’s Day gifts. I have already looked at ideas for dad’s who love designer clothing and shoes, but if the dad in question is one who has no interest in that area, and will wear whatever he finds that doesn’t need ironing, then perhaps a beautiful, personalised book from Love 2 Read would be a great idea.

Love 2 Read create lovely, personalised photo books, that can also serve as simple reading books for your child, featuring high frequency words that allow them to enjoy the reading experience with the person who receives the book. The books come in a range of themes, have a glossy cover and are completely personalised, with the text and photographs being chosen by you.



The books are despatched quickly, so there is plenty of time to get your order in for this year’s Father’s Day, and I personally think these make a really lovely gift for a new dad, where you can collate those early days photographs, or for the father of a young child, who will enjoy talking about the images and reading the text together.


Joe has already given his dad his book, as it was a thank you gift for all the early and cold mornings when Pete has got up for Football practice. With the season finished, this was a great way to say thank you for being the best dad around on any day – not just father’s day. It is also a great memento to keep – those photo’s and the text freeze a moment in time that will soon be just a memory as your child grows up.


Another thing you could do with this book is to actually make it a book of dad’s photography. If your husband is a keen amateur photography, this could be a lovely tribute to his work. This could be family shots or holiday snaps, or it may even be something more professional, like wildlife photographs or landscapes taken with a trail camera. Either way, this would be a truly special gift that dad is sure to appreciate.


One book costs just £14.99, which I think is a great deal, and you can get free P&P and a reduced rate if you order more books. This is a really affordable, adorable gift idea, one that is well worth a look if you are struggling for Father’s Day inspiration.

A Valentine’s gift idea from Snapfish

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us (I know, who stole the year so far), it is that time when we start to think about beautiful gift ideas for our loved ones. For me, the gift should be special and have meaning, whether this be a favourite perfume or aftershave, stunning flowers or something personalised. And that is why I always turn to Snapfish for a gift that will revoke memories and delight the person receiving it.


Snapfish offers great value, personalised photographic gifts that are perfect for all special occasions (Mother’s Day and Easter are also early this year, and Snapfish have gifts suitable for both these occasions.). The gift range includes mugs, canvas prints, keyrings and photo books of all sizes. I have been with my better half Peter for a long time now (22 years in fact), so we have enjoyed lots of amazing times together and have accumulated thousands of photographs, so I thought it would be nice to put them into some sort of photo book.

The Snapfish photo books come in varieties that range from small ‘brag books’ with Soft covers, to hard back books that can be personalised with your own photographic cover. You can also choose your layout, with two, three or four photographs on each page, and can add your own text. The amount of pages you need is also up to you, there is an offer at the moment for free extra pages that you can take advantage of.

snapfish two

Pages can also be personalised with a background pattern or print, I chose the vintage backdrop for my photographs but there are many more to choose from. In addition, it is easy to upload photographs from your own albums on your laptop, or from your Facebook albums. Once they are uploaded, you have the option to auto-fill the book, which again makes it very easy to create a book even if you are a bit of a Snapfish novice.


I went for the red Linen Cover as it reminded me a little of This is Your Life (with me) and decided not to add text – I wanted the pictures to speak for themselves, but this is a personal choice and you can add exactly what you want to each page.


There is still time to get your Valentine’s gift from Snapfish if you order today (9th February), then it will be here in time for the big day.