Sainsbury’s celebrating the best of Easter

Easter is coming! Yes, with some children breaking up for the Easter break this Friday (not my son though, who has to wait until 2nd April for his freedom), our minds are turning to thoughts of chocolate, Easter egg hunts, fluffy Easter chickens, and all manner of food. With all that in mind, Sainsbury’s have produced a great new ad campaign that celebrates all the best things about a traditional, delicious British Easter.

I love this video, because it shows all the fun and reality of a British Easter. There is the chance to have fabulous picnics and family barbecues – as long as the notorious British weather allows it. There are fun opportunities to bake cakes and biscuits with the kids if the day turns rainy, and the opportunity to really enjoy breakfast without having the rush of the school run to spoil the mood. But the piece de resistance is a wonderful roast and all the trimmings that is so traditional and comforting in these days when all food seems to be fast.

My Easter is going to be a welcome break spent in one of my favourite parts of Britain – the beautiful Snowdonia. I intend to enjoy good food, relaxation and true family time – which is what I think Sainsbury’s is fully endorsing with their latest campaign.


A touch of Halloween from Sainsburys

The witching hour (OK day) is almost upon us, and it seems that Halloween is now a big event on every little boy or girls social calendar. Every child loves dressing up, and Halloween is one of those occasions where you can really go to town in terms of your outfit. My little boy Joe is no exception to this rule.

Over the past few years Joe has dressed up for different Halloween events. He was a ghost wearing a rather strange costume that I think resembled a giant condom(?), and last year he was a pumpkin. He chose both of these costumes himself, which I think is rather lovely. This year, he decided that he would like to be Count Dracula. He kept gravitating towards this sort of costume whenever we walked around the supermarket – he liked the mask and the cape, and the fact that this was a more grown-up costume, rather than the baby pumpkins and spooky ghosts he had gone for in the past.


Sainsburys have very kindly sent Joe the Count Dracula costume that he has had his eye on, and I have to say the quality is fabulous. The costume comprises striped trousers (with an elasticized waist that are easy to pull on/off) and a tabard style top that fastens with velcro around the back of the neck and the back. This  also comes with a detachable cape, which has a great stand up collar. The final touches to the costume are a rather brilliant mask, and a vampire pendant.




Joe couldn’t wait to try this costume for size. I’m sure you will agree that he looks great! This is a fantastic Halloween costume, great quality, very smart, and true to size (Joe is wearing aged 5-6). I think the £12 price point is quite good too. Joe absolutely loved wearing this and is now very excited about the Halloween disco that he will be attending on the 31st.

Sainsburys currently have a great range of Halloween costumes in store. You can view more of the range, and where to buy by clicking here.

Toy review – Slix Stunt City from Sainsbury’s

If you are looking for a present that will keep your little boys (or big boys come to mention it) happy, contented and occupied all over the Christmas period, you need look no further than Sainsbury ‘s. This year they have had an amazing collection of great value toys for children of all ages, and the Slix toys in particular have been the stuff that little boys (and some little girls too) dream of. I’m talking fast cars, stunt driving, and lots of crashes and smashes.

I was sent the Slix Stunt City to review with Joe. Unfortunately, Joe has spent quite a bit of time over the last few weeks feeling very poorly, requiring two stays in hospital. Because of this, he has not really been up to doing much playing, and so you will have to rely on his mom, admittedly a very big kid at heart, to tell you all about this toy. But the great news is that I think it is fab, and I know Joe will enjoy playing with this once he is better.

stunt City


The Slix Stunt City is a motorised race car set. It is a multiple level race track with a great many obstacles around the course including a wrecking ball and a collapsible bridge. There are two stunt cars included in the set, these are launched by  a motorised launcher (powered by battery power) that can send them in either a left or right direction at high speed in order to attempt to master the track. The crane which controls the wrecking ball also requires AA batteries.


This is such a great fun object. It is so exciting as the cars travel around the track trying to avoid the (inevitable) smash from the wrecking ball which derails the cars. The steering wheel which allows you to feel like you are driving the car adds to the general excitement, and the fact that the cars travel so quickly means that even the coolest little boys will enjoy getting involved in this activity.

From a parents point of view, there does seem to be a lot of pieces when you initially open the box. However, the instructions are simple and easy to follow, and have lots of pictures so that this is actually pretty straightforward to put together.


The Stix Stunt City is currently unavailable to buy online, but is available in stores. Definitely a great Christmas gift idea for Children aged 3+.