Chill Factor Slushy Cup

If you are looking for a gift for Easter that is perfect for children, and yet contains no chocolate whatsoever, you should take a look at the Chill Factors Slushy Cup Slushymaker Tutti fruity. This is a special cup that enables you to make a gorgeous, tasty slushy drinks with no mess, no ice or no blenders, all it requires is a freezer, your chosen juice, and a bit of a squeeze. We were sent one to review, and I can honestly say that Joe is addicted (I may be rather addicted too…ahem.)

ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker Tutti Fruity – Blue £12.99  click to visit Character

ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker Tutti Fruity – Blue
£12.99 click to visit Character

The slushy maker acts in the small way that a cooler box works, except the cup needs to be placed in the freezer for 4-6 hours, at a temperature of -10C, in order to freeze the outside layer, which is a kind of tough rubber. Once the cup is cold enough, you simply add the juice of your choice (we love Vimto cordial) and then squeeze and squeeze. As if by magic, the slushy ice begins to appear. The more you squeeze, the more slush appears. The cup comes with a special slushy spoon/straw that makes drinking the slushy easy. Once finished, you simply wash out the cup with warm water, and put it back in the freezer for next time.


Inside the cup



Add the juice.


There are so many things I like about this product. As mentioned before, there is no mess, and, because it is easy to use, Joe can virtually do this himself. The cost per slushy is very cheap in comparison to those extortionate drinks you find in cinema’s and theme parks, and you could also make a healthy option by using smoothies or pure fruit juices. The choice is literally limitless when it comes to choosing which flavours you would like to add to your slushy – you can add them all. And costing just £12.99, this is definitely an affordable treat that comes in a range of colours too.

Joe loves his Slushy Cup!