Stoptober – Are you Taking Part?

Are you taking part in Stoptober this month? If you are, there is a good chance that you have turned to vaping in order to give up your traditional cigarettes. Although much of the research into vaping is still in its early days, it seems that, as a way to aid quitting cigarettes, vaping is one of the most successful options, and this has further been endorsed by the NHS who have recently suggested e-cigs as an alternative for those taking part in Stoptober.

I am a strong supporter of vaping as a valid and effective way to aid those who want to stop smoking as my own husband was able to quit despite a 30-a-day habit, using vaping first to cut down, and then to quit altogether. And now, vaping products retailer Aquavape, have produced an informative survey and turned the results into an intersting infographic all about people’s top flavours, the % who switched from cigarettes to vaping, and how many people believe it is healthier. (They have some great vape starter kits here at )

It is no surprise to me that nearly a third of people switched to vapes to help them quit smoking, nor that a similar amount are using vapes as an alternative to smoking, it is certainly a more affordable option. It is also interesting that more people like the fruit flavoured options rather than a tobacco flavour, with mint and menthol also scoring more highly than tobacco options. (Which sort of makes you wonder why so many people smoke if they’re not that keen on the flavour?)

It is encouraging that most people questioned went for a low dosage when it comes to the strength of their e-cig, which may mean a health benefit in comparison to normal cigarettes, and could well be another positive aid when it comes to cutting down, or quitting altogether.

Whatever your thoughts on vaping, it is not going away anytime soon, and seems to be a positive step in the road to giving up the deadly weed for a lot of people.

Safe Vaping Battery And Charging Advice For Families

I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge supporter of vaping, both as a way of cutting down on traditional cigarettes, and as a support for actually giving up smoking altogether. I witnessed my husband able to give up a 30+ cigarettes a day habit by using an e-cigarette, and this was something that has both improved his health and led to a fairly massive monetary saving.

Vaping is a cheaper option than smoking cigarettes, and one which certainly smells a lot fresher, but if you are thinking of vaping, there are some safety measures you need to be aware of, especially if you have young children living in your home. In the same way that you wouldn’t leave cigarettes, lighters and matches unattended where children are around, there are safety considerations that you need to remember, particularly when it comes to storage and safe charging of your e-cigarette. Fortunately E-Cig Wizard have put together a battery safe guide that gives lots of useful tips on how to store and charge your battery safely, and they are going to be expanding on this further this summer with a safe vaping guide.

BatteryWarning_lft_Nov16.png (893×827)

So what do you need to remember when it comes to looking after your E-Cigarette? An important point is that you only use the charger that came with your e-cig, even if you have another one that will fit. The safest way to charge your e-cig is by using a charging bag (Ecigwizard sell one for just £4.20, which is so affordable for peace of mind.) Another point that you might not consider is that you should not over excessively charge the battery. This is not your mobile phone that you can leave on charge overnight, you should probably restrict charging to an hour or two, no longer.

It stands to reason that all paraphenalia linked to e-cigs should be kept well out of the way of young children, whether they are being charged or not. Use a high shelf in an out of the way place when charging, children are curious and will look at anything that seems to be interesting, so basically hiding these from young eyes is a good idea.

You can find a lot more hints and tips related to charging your vape battery by clicking here. Look out for a post all about safe use of vape liquid tomorrow.

A Vaping Update

Vaping is a proven way to help people both cut down and quit smoking altogether, and one which shows no sign of disappearing. As I have written in previous posts, changing from cigarettes to vaping helped my husband, a thirty cigarettes a day smoker, to quit altogether three years ago, and he has never been tempted to smoke since. Recently a close friend, another heavy smoker, has switched to a new e-cig brand in order to try to quit the dreaded weed, and this post is talking about some of her findings and experiences.

Vaping has not been without issues, my husband complained about having to keep refilling the e-cigarette, part of the decision to quit came from when he dropped a full bottle of liquid all over himself and the kitchen floor, but a new concept in vaping may well address this particular issue. Vape AYR has created the first vaporiser that refills and recharges itself automatically, which should make vaping not only healthier, but much easier to do. The Vape AYR e-cig also has a glowdown feature that shows exactly how much you’ve vaped during a single session.

But back to my friend, who I will refer to only as E (she’s too shy to be named in the blog). I asked her why e-cigs seem to be helping her to cut down in a way that patches and gum never did. She explained:

“…Some of it is entirely pyshological. I need to feel a cigarette in my hand. I need to inhale, I need to see smoke. I need to still think that I am smoking even though the taste is different. It’s almost like I’m tricking my head, trying to fool myself, and it is working. I still do things I did before, like having a smoke after a meal, but I have also noticed I have cut down quite a lot, so things are on the right track…”

When I asked what differences she had noticed from using vapes rather than cigarettes, E had lots to say.

“…Well, the main one has been money. I honestly can’t believe how much I am saving, and, in all honesty, it is what is encouraging me to continue. Smoking is just too expensive. I’m not going to say I hate smoking – I love the taste if I’m honest, but the cost, and how anti-social it is now makes me want to quit. I hate standing outside in leper’s shelters because I smoke, I’m old enough to remember when you could still smoke on aeroplanes, but society is so different now, you almost feel you have to quit. But I have to say I don’t miss the smell of smoke on my clothes – I never really noticed it but my kids gave me hell. The vapes smell a lot nicer and fresher…”

Finally I asked if E would ever completely give up.

“Not at the moment, I feel really proud that actual cigarettes have gone, but I’ve smoked for so many years I would find it too hard to withdraw completely. I suffer with my nerves and cigarettes do help me feel calmer. But, I never thought I would get rid of ciggies, so never say never. It’s a watch this space answer.”