Men’s Style Focus – The Three Buttoned Suit

It’s Saturday afternoon, I’m sitting with a slush puppy on a beautiful balcony in Cyprus, and I thought I would bring you a bit of men’s fashion. Men often get left with the more boring end of the style spectrum, but, in recent years, stylish male celebrities like Gerard Butler, David Beckham, Olivier Giroud and Leonardo Di Caprio have all shown that a little stylish nuance, mixed in with suave looks and a nonchalant attitude can make a serious style status. The latest area of interest for men’s fashion is all about the suit buttons – do you go for a two or three buttoned suit?

Three button suits are becoming a very popular choice amongst stylish men. The buttons refer, of course, to the blazer, with three button versions being less common, but just as classy as their two buttoned brothers. Three buttoned versions need to be worn with care, however, to avoid being, well, too buttoned up I suppose. Esquire magazine pointed out Leonardo Di Caprio as the key example of how to wear a three buttoned suit perfectly, with just the centre button fastened, and the other’s left often in a relaxed fashion. This creates a look that is a very cool style for a man about town.  Suitsmen , who create Clothes for gentlemen, also echo the etiquette of the three buttoned suit, and how it should be worn. They say:-

The button etiquette with a three button jacket is to always button the middle button and to button the top button if desired, while always leaving the bottom button undone.

54d9450b567b2_-_esq-leonardo-dicaprio-three-button-suit-110813-1lpy9e-xlg.jpg (614×681)

Suitsmen also point out another advantage of the three buttoned suit, in that it is a popular choice with taller men who have longer torsos, giving a much more balanced look. They supply suits from Brook Taverner, who create trousers that can be made in the longer length than then 33inches that are usually standard.

brook-taverner-3-button-imola-suit-jacket-KVkU.jpg (666×1024)

A man in a suit is always a perfect option for work and formal occasions, but maybe next time you come to choose one, you think a little more outside the box, at least when it comes to buttons.

The Perfect Coat to Wear With Your 3 Button Suit

Tan smart overcoat
£80.00 Click to visit River Island

Black smart overcoat
£80.00 Click to visit River Island

Suits You Sir – The Perfect Gents Attire

Last week I focused on updating the working wardrobe with the emphasis on woman’s styles, saying that the Autumn season is the perfect time to update your look, with the changes in the weather, the end of the Summer malaise, and the general feeling of making a new start. Thousands of young people may be entering the workplace for the first time, after finishing university or college, so making a great first impression is ultra important. Today I am looking at formal and workwear for men, with a look at some great pieces that you can currently get at bargain prices from Suitsmen.

Suitsmen has been a trusted name in gents formal wear since 2004. It offers everything when it comes to men’s tailoring, from a shirt that will finish your look, to a complete three piece suit. It also offers men’s accessories and night wear, making it a one stop shop for a man’s every fashion need.  As they say themselves:-

“…Our ethos is based around making online shopping a pleasurable experience and we are so confident of the tremendous value of our products that we offer an unequivocal price match…””

With the end of Summer comes the Summer sales and promotions, which make this absolutely the right time to invest in a new suit. I have picked out a couple of key pieces from Suitsmen which come from the wonderfully designed Skopes range which are really great value due to seasonal reductions.

The Madrid Tailored Suit
The Madrid tailored suit is proof that a great cut suit is the answer to pretty much any fashion question. Fashionably cut with a lower rise, this suit comes in four amazing colours, with the grey option being my personal favourite. Single breasted and fully lined, can you believe that this suit now starts from just £100.
image (1)
Skopes Oslo Suit Jacket
If you are not looking to buy a complete suit, then a suit jacket, like the Skopes Oslo design, is another way you can update your work wardrobe. A suit jacket can be mixed and matched with other pieces, and is therefore a very vesatile piece to add to your wardrobe. It will also work for the weekend too.