We Need To Talk About Savvy Shopping!

Do you adore shopping like me? Some people see it as a sport, even a hobby? Even if you don’t love to shop, you’ll still need to buy things at some point. So check out my tips for savvy shoppers below and get the most for your money.

Your Credit Cards

Many of your purchases, particularly when you are shopping online, are made on credit cards. This seems to be a good thing, you have protection if your items don’t turn up, and can then pay on a buy now pay later basis. But is this really such a good idea, and how much do you actually end up spending on your item? The answer is that this is fine if you pay off what you owe at the end of each month. If you don’t, your payments could actually be made up more of interest than actually paying off your balance, and that balance will grow every week. Use Calculator.Me to find out how much you are actually paying in interest each month, they have a credit card payment calculator which can show some quite shocking results and may encourage you to switch to a much lower interest credit card.


Loyalty Scheme

Another thing that savvy shoppers do is take advantage of stores loyalty schemes. It is always worth signing up for a shops loyalty scheme, especially if you shop there regularly. You’d be surprised at how many reward points you can collect over time. Maximize your points by combining them with other offers to get the best use out of them

Voucher Codes

Coupon and Voucher codes are a great way to be savvy when you are shopping. They can save you money on the item, get you items free or even provide you with free delivery.


You can use coupons in store. Clip and organize them before you go, and make a list of the items and the amounts that you are aiming for. Some people even get into extreme couponing and managed to get their weekly shop entirely free of charge.

Another way to use coupons and voucher codes is when shopping online. Always do a quick search for coupons codes before you complete your purchase, as you never know what discounts you could be missing out on. Vouchers and discount codes can enable you to buy a better quality of the product because of the reduced price.


Savvy shoppers always make use of the sales. Unless you are just going to grab any old bargain, it’s best to have an idea of the sort of thing that you have in mind, otherwise, it can be too tempting to buy something you don’t need, just because it has a massive price reduction.


A good technique is to look at and make a note of the full price items that you like. Then go straight to those when the sales starts. This means you are saving money on items that you would probably get anyway.

Finding The Best Beauty Products For Less

Whether you are looking to buy some beauty products for pampering yourself or for gifting, finding the right ones can be a bit tacky at times. The pocket pinch is also a matter of concern. But, when it comes to your skin, hair and health, opting for products sold in the local markets is not a safe thing to do. So, what can you do to make it easier on your pocket without having to compromise on the quality of the beauty and makeup products. There are quite a few ways to this, such as knowing what you need, using coupons such as the Koovs first order coupon code, buying items during sale, buying only what is required, and so on (be it apparel or beauty products or anything else).

Sourcing the best at a discount

It is always better to be an informed shopper. This way you can not only get the best while shopping, but also save money at the same time. Here are other things to get the best at pocket friendly prices:

Shop from the discount stores – Just like the offline discount stores, you can find these online as well. If you want to save on beauty products, it is always better to shop from these stores. Simply Google for discount stores and at present most of the brick and mortar stores have online presence as well. Thus, finding one such store will not be much of a problem.

Keep a tab of online sales and deals – You need to keep a tab of the online sales hosted by the sites. Make the most of such sales and you can also enjoy a preview of a sale if you are a registered customer. Be it to woo away the Monday blues or the mid week stress or the festival requirements, online stores host sales quite often.

Check for coupons and offers – Previously it was the physical store coupon that we used for saving on our shopping. Now, everything has gone online and so has the coupons and deals. Grab such coupons and codes so that shopping for beauty and health products doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. What is best about these coupons and deals is that you can get these for free.

List out the products you need – Last but definitely not the least, it is necessary to list out the products you need before hitting the stores. This will help you avoid unnecessary and impulsive buys, thereby helping you spend less and save more. It is not that there can never be a cheat day or you should never buy what you are simply craving for, but if you prepare a list, the impulse buys can be lowered by a considerable amount.

So, now that you know how to shop for the best products for less, you can always be that happy shopper, who knows the best. Your friends are going to envy you on this for sure. You can give them a tip or two too.

Try a beauty box in 2017

I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with beauty subscription boxes. In the past I have subscribed to a couple, and have then ended the subscription when I felt that the quality of products was not for me. But recently I have started to subscribe again, and feel my opinion has changed. In this post I’m going to tell you some of the reasons why.

The Quality of the products

In general, you can expect to see some great quality, high end products in a beauty box. A great example of this is the current Look Fantastic Beauty Box. Inside that box you will find products from Jelly Pong Pong, Nuxe, Pixi and The Vintage Cosmetic Company. With subscriptions starting from £13 a month, this is an affordable way to get your beauty fix. (You can find lots of other voucher codes on the Look Fantastic Voucher Codes page).


Try before you buy

Many beauty boxes contain sample sizes of products, or tester sachets, as freebies. These are a great way to try a product before you buy the full size. Even a product that looks and sounds brilliant can often be wrong for you – for your skin or hair, so having the chance to test it first is always a positive.

The Value

Most beauty boxes cost far less than the sum of their products. This ensures you are getting a bargain, even if there is the odd product that you don’t like. Plus, you can always share anything you aren’t so keen on with friends and family, therefore sharing the love. The latest Look Fantastic box mentioned above is worth more than £60, and yet, as mentioned before, subscriptions start from just £13.


Find something new

Beauty boxes are a great way to discover a new brand or product, one you may not have tried, or even heard about before. One of my favourite products, Bliss Fabulous foaming facewash, was a product first discovered in a beauty box, as was Ole Henriksen eye gel that I now swear by.

Choose your own subscription

At one time subscriptions seemed to all be based over a year, but many companies now offer subscriptions that are over a much smaller period of time. This means you are not tied in long term, if it is not for you, you can opt out. The shorter subscriptions do have a slightly higher subscription charge, but still offer great value for money in terms of product.

Do you subscribe to a beauty box?