Important Items You’ll Need On Your Wedding Day

There is so much to do in preparation and planning for your wedding day! The food, the decorations, the transport… but what about the things you’ll need on the actual day? Here is a list of things you mustn’t leave home without when the big day arrives!


Your Dress

It would be pretty hard to turn up at the venue still wearing your silk pajamas! The reason we mention this one is if you aren’t getting ready at home, but at a hotel or friend’s house. When it comes to packing, you could be so caught up in all the other things you forget to grab this from where it hangs on the wardrobe! Remembering to take it will mean no one has to go back for it later that day, and you can enjoy your manicures and mimosas together! When sold, most wedding dresses are put inside a protective bag with a carry-case. Use this case right up until you put your dress on. It will be the best thing to protect it from marks. Keep your dress well out of reach of the sticky fingers of children or the muddy paws of pets. You don’t want to be sponging it down on the morning of the wedding!

Your Wedding Rings

It could be that your other half is in charge of the rings. Or, a member of the wedding party. But it could also be that you choose to look after one another’s rings. Rather than dishing them out of the morning, give them to the right people a day or two before. There is no reason you can’t, and you’ll have more than enough to think about on the day anyway! Make sure you ensure your bands before the big day, especially if you’ve got particularly expensive high end jewelry,  like a diamond or moisanite rings. This puts you at peace of mind, plus it’s one less thing to think about needing to do the day after. That’s when you need to be either going on or planning your honeymoon! A romantic tio when choosing your rings is to look at moissanite bridal sets that could combine your wedding ring with a second keepsake ring, a lovely gift from your husband. If you look at the site Shesaidyes, you can also find designs for the groom too, so you could have wonderfully romantic matching rings.

A Handbag

Your dress, your shoes, you underwear and your jewellery. All pretty obvious things you’ll need to take with you on your wedding day. But what about your handbag? Even if you have one of your bridesmaids look after it, you’ll want to take some of your items with you. Choose one big enough to fit your mobile phone and the lipstick you’re wearing on the day. If you’re wearing false nails or eyelashes, you might also want to take a little tube of glue. And, although it’s unlikely you’ll need to buy anything, pop a bit of cash inside too. You might want to tip someone, or somebody may need to borrow some money for a taxi home. Also, pack plasters, safety pins and paracetamol, and ask your bridesmaids to do the same.

Flat Shoes

Most brides wear heels with their dresses. This is understandable; what girl can resist the temptation of a gorgeous pair? However, be sure to take an equally pretty pair of flats with you. If you want to fit them in your handbag, consider a fold up pair. You can even get boxes of fold-ups flats for all of your female wedding guests. Otherwise, ask your bridesmaid to look after a normal pair for you. You don’t have to wear them, and indeed, might be happy in your heels all day. But you won’t regret having them with you just incase!

Something Old

This and the next three points go for the old tradition. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” It has to be one of the sweetest wedding traditions out there! Of all the four parts, the something old will probably need the most preparation! It could be something from a grandma or older member of your family, for instance. A piece of jewellery is a good idea; perhaps a necklace, or a dainty pair of earrings. If it’s a ring, remember not to put it anywhere you’ll need to remove it when you put your wedding ring on!

Something New

You can cheat a little bit with this one as it can kinda be anything new you’re wearing. Here is a sweet idea; a few weeks before the wedding, go out shopping and pick out something that makes you feel really special. Like the ‘something old’, it could be a piece of jewellery. The point here, though, is that it should be something you have bought for yourself, with your own money. Wear it on the day to remind yourself of how much of a strong and independent woman you are. Focusing on it during any pre-wedding jitters will help you relax!

Something Borrowed

Have a friend or family member who got married in the last few years? Then you’re in luck. Borrow something from them. It might be the handbag they used on the day or the hoop for their dress. Chances are they’ll be more than happy to lend it, as it means the items gets used again! Just maybe don’t borrow the lingerie they wore…

Something Blue

As this is a very specific colour, you can go as subtle or as obvious as you like. For the former, you could wear a pair of tiny, sapphire studs. Or, if you want to be bold and unique, go for blue shoes. Royal blue looks incredible next to the white of a wedding dress. They’re actually a great way of injecting colour into your outfit for the big day. Think of the ones Carrie wears for her wedding in ‘Sex and The City, the Movie’, with the delicate silver embellishment.

For all of these items, don’t feel like you have to take full responsibility to collect and take them. After all, that’s what your bridesmaids are for! Give them one or two responsibilities each and you can enjoy your big day!

Fashion Focus: My Fave Celeb Wedding Dresses

I can’t be the only one who is looking forward to May and finding out what royal bride to be Meghan Markle will be wearing when she weds Prince Harry. Harry is one of my fave royals and Meghan is already looking to be an interesting addition to ‘The Firm’ and a super stylish one at that.

I love weddings, am a total sucker for romance and seeing two people start their life together. These days Bijou Weddings are about everything, from the choice of venue, to the car or mode of transport used. Wedding tables must be set with favours, floral arrangements, personalised touches and beautiful glassware and place settings. Luckily, all these things can be found at Confetti Shop, making your task a lot easier. But with all these things sorted, the bride can concentrate on the most important and exciting aspect of the wedding – the dress.

For inspiration, you can look to Instagram and wedding websites. Or, if you are a lover of celebrity, you can always take a look at some of the most beautiful wedding dresses worn by the rich and famous.

Here are a few of my faves.

Selma Hayek

When Selma Hayek married french billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, CEO of PPR- a group that owns brands like Gucci, YSL and Sergio Rossi, it was a moot point that the bride would look stunning. She certainly did that, with a dress that focused all on the heavily beaded bodice and full skirt.

I loved that fact that her hair was swept of her beautiful face, and that the look had a simplicity to it.

She looked perfect.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss wore John Galliano for her wedding to Jamie Hince. The dress was very rock and roll, but exquisite too, with a slight ‘Great Gatsby’ 1920s flapper gets married feel. I love that the gauziness of the dress gave it a sexy feel without being overtly sexy, and wearing her hair loose and tumbling also gave the look a slight country girl style, perfect for a supermodel who lives in the country when she’s not escaping to London.

Sofia Vergara

When Sofia Vergara got married, the bombshell actress apparently said that she didn’t want to look like a virgin. What she did look was totally amazing, like a goddess, with her curves poured into a truly stunning dress that was true to her style and image. I loved the brocade heaviness of the dress which gave it a theatricality and drama.

Miranda Kerr

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr wore a wedding dress that had its inspiration in the iconic dresses worn by royal princesses of days gone by. The stunning gown was demure and surprisingly covered up, and owed more than a nod to the dresses worn by Grace Kelly when she married Prince Ranier of Monaco, and the much loved dress worn by Princess Margaret. Miranda showed that demure elegance is always a winner.

cheap bridal veil

Amal Clooney

Even though I find it hard to accept that she took my place in marrying my one time man crush George Clooney, it has to be said that Amal made a stunning, elegant bride. Tall and beautiful, the softness of this dress, and the fact that she avoided a full skirt, made this look one to savour.

Do you have a fave celebrity wedding dress?

Wedding Dress Shopping: Knowing What’s Important and What’s Not for Your Special Trip Down the Aisle

So, you accepted the proposal, and now you’re thinking about your wedding day. What sort of flowers will surround you, what will the music be like, and which guests shall you and your partner invite? More importantly, what will you wear to your once-in-a-lifetime event? Before you lose your mind to excitement, learn what’s important (and what’s not) when selecting your perfect wedding dress.


Put your priorities in place

Before you spend a penny on your trip down the aisle, determine precisely how much you can spend. Then choose what you will spend it on. Planning a wedding without knowing your budget is not unlike heading out on a road journey with no gas gauge in your vehicle, says Martha Stewart magazine. Once you know your budget, consider which components of your nuptials is most crucial to your happiness. Do you want to recite short vows and get on with the reception party? Do you want to fly only your best friends to a secret beach and spend zero money on wedding shoes?

Be realistic when it comes to setting the top price you can pay for your wedding dress. Don’t forget to factor in shoes, lingerie, a veil and other essentials. Bear in mind that your dress can be slightly used and still shine as if it just arrived from a designer rack.

Be sure to give yourself ample time to find the dress of your dreams. Experts say to allow six to eight months to choose an ideal wedding dress. Shop often, though, especially when browsing resale shops. Inventory changes often, and you don’t want to miss a great deal on your perfect wedding dress.


Spend a bit more here, scrimp on something there

Think about this. The more you spend on your wedding dress, the less you can spend on roses, caterers and the like. Brides on a budget appreciate the ease with which they can find a splendid selection of gently used weddings dresses on the POWD website. Weddings are wonderful events, but they are no excuse for spending an outrageous sum for a luscious dress you might wear only once.


Sticking with tradition is not required

If you think white is trite, you might be right, say wedding writers at Huffington Post. If you’re not the sort of girl who feels wonderful whilst wearing taffeta and pearls, you might want to go with something that is more suitable to your personality than a typical, virginal white wedding dress. If it suits you, wear something blue. Turn your groom’s head when you wear something red. And so on. There are no set rules when it comes to what you wear at your wedding. Individual venues may have rules, however, so be sure to check them out before you reserve a chapel.

When you purchase a scrumptious wedding dress for a fraction of the price of brand-new, you can spend more money on caterers and musical entertainment. Buy a bargain gown and dance all night.