Take Your Career That Next Step With An Immersive Internship

Do you remember when you were a child, and someone asked what you wanted to do when you were grown up? We always had a wide range of answers, some sensible, some weird and wonderful, the World was truly our oyster, and we never thought for one minute that we wouldn’t be able to achieve all that we wished for. But as we get older, we release finding the dream job is really not that simple, and that we could face many obstacles along the way.

One of the main obstacles is experience. When you look at job applications, many of them have pre-requisites that include the dreaded ‘experience’. But how can you get the experience if you cannot get the job? It is truly one of those ‘chicken and egg’ scenarios, you need the one to get the other, but can’t get the other if you don’t have the one. This has been the bane of many young people trying to get a foothold in many industries, including law and media.

But an internship offers you the chance to get some of that valuable experience on the job by being able to work in the very surroundings and industry you wish to join. It is the very definition of working on the job, of being able to be part of a successful team and being involved in problem solving and a creative process. Plus, if you take part in an immersive internship with Beyond Academy, you can do all this is the city location of your choice, not only being able to work in your dream job, but also in your dream location.

Beyond Academy is a internship programme with a difference. Rather than just being about the career, it instead offers an immersive internship, one that combines work and learning on the job, with the chance to also learn about a new city and a new way of life. It describes itself as a ‘Career accelerator for future global citizens’, and realises that travel and broadening our horizons make us better in terms of independence of thought and wealth of experience. 

The Beyond Academy immersive experience takes in 14 of the World’s biggest cities including London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney, and also a wide range of industries including fashion, finance, engineering and architecture. Once you have chosen your forte and setting, you can then choose the duration of your internship, from 4 weeks to a full 6 months. The length of your stay depends whether you want a snapshot of a career, or if you are fully committed and want to get a real experience to add to your CV and hopefully lead to a full time career.

Beyond Academy has over 500 active partners in a range of professions all giving internees the option of gaining absolutely invaluable experience on the job, the sort of experience that can lead to that dream role. With many still worried about international travel due to Covid 19, there are also options for virtual internships where work can be carried out online.

An internship can be an exciting, fulfilling way to progress onto your chosen career, to be able to gain that experience that may have been letting you down.

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