Taking The Hoodie In A Retro Direction With Femme Luxe

Anyone who has a love for fashion and style will be able to tell you that it is cyclical. From Vivienne Westward channeling the ‘mini-crini’ style during the 90s, to the Laura Ashley regency and milkmaid styles, from Yves St Laurent taking his cues from the Ballet Russes, fashion constantly looks back rather than looking forward when it comes to inspiration. This season the look back is not quite so far, with Femme Luxe embracing the style of the 1990s, the decade of the Spice Girls, minimalism, grunge, Britpop, and the rave scene.

This season, Femme Luxe is fully embracing 1990s style, with bodycon dresses that call to mind the style of the supermodels wearing Herve Leger and Alaia, and also Cher from Clueless in her little Calvin Klein dress. But, as Femme Luxe is so well known for its loungewear sets and more casual looks, this post is dedicated to a style that I love to wear when I am relaxing, or watching sport, or just popping to the shops. I am talking of course, about the hooded sweatshirt.

Hoodies have been a style staple of every wardrobe since the 1980s, but it was in the 90s that they really came to the core. The rave scene featured brightly coloured designs worn by both sexes in a range of styles, some baggy, some more fitted, and many with logos (who can forget the now class FCUK design which seemed to be everywhere at the time.) There was also the acid wash/faded designs which gave your hoodie the look of being much loved and much worn and was really popular amongst the Skater Boi contingent.

The Niamh Pink Acid Wash Hoodie could’ve come straight from your 90s wardrobe. A gorgeous oversized style, this is acid washed which means the colour varies throughout the style, being more or less pink in parts. It has long cuffed sleeves, and a drawstring neckline and a cute, oversized front pocket detail. The hoodies is definitely oversized – I am wearing a size 12 here, but would normally wear a 14-16, so you could either choose you normal size and wear it baggy, or size down for a more fitted, flattering look.

I love the bright bubblegum pink shade of the hoodie, it gives what could be a masculine, tomboy style a really girly look, and it makes it perfect for wearing with other pastel shades like pale blue, or teaming with neutrals like white and grey (this would be so fab with white skinny jeans when the weather warms up.) I teamed mine with a more traditional indigo blue skinny jeans and a flat French Sole ballet shoe, along with a cashmere beanie hat from TK Maxx.


How else could you style this? Well Femme Luxe suggests that you could wear this oversized as a mini dress with trainers. I also think you could wear this over shorts as a cover up on cooler Summer days. Of course you could also change the flat shoes I am wearing for trainers to make it more casual for things like the school run.

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