Tallulah Love – lingerie indulgence

At the recent CiCi press launch I was fortunate to meet the lovely Michelle Taylor and be introduced to her brand, Tallulah Love, a luxurious range of lingerie.

I was truly impressed with what is an exquisite collection. But this should really have come as no surprise, Michelle has an extensive background in underwear design that includes a stint at M&S, and designer for White Label lingerie at Playboy. Clearly this is a women who knows her undies! Since the launch of Tallulah  love in Paris in 2010, , Michelle has seen her company become one of the fastest growing luxury lingerie companies to come out of  the industry ion decades.

This is covetable and impressive collection. Using the finest silk and European lace,  Michelle has created a stunning collection of lingerie that has a vintage feel, whilst retaining a contemporary edge. The attention to detail is immense, from the silk lining of bras and knickers, to the use of  french Chantilly lace and the silk ribbons that run  through the bra straps, this is the sort of underwear that cries out to be seen!

Royal Welcome from Tallulah Love

Sure to be one of the most popular pieces from the new collection will be ‘Royal Welcome’ which will tie in nicely with our obsession of all things Kate.  Michelle told me how she designed this collection before the engagement had been announced, inspired by the elegant Miss Middleton. It is absolutely gorgeous –  with hand drawn print showing the Tallulah Love logo and ‘Show Some Love’ slogan. I love the black lace edging, which truly makes it fit for a Duchess.

Dolce Vita by Tallulah Love

Dolce Vita is another very special collection. This is designed with the sexy images of 1950s Italy in mind – think the spaghetti fed curves of Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida. The teal silk and aqua mesh has a really fresh feel to it, whilst I love the boy short design of the pants. Just made to show off your curves to their best advantage.

I loved the Tallulah Love collection, especially all the small features that would make purchasing this lingerie a real treat. All items are adorned with the retro candy stripped Tallulah Love tags, and come in a stunning box. Michelle told me it was inspired by beautiful Champagne truffle  boxes, and would make these a  gift that would require no further wrapping.

To find out more about Tallulah Love, please visit the website http://www.tallulahlove.com/

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