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Tattoo Removal With The Pulse Light Clinic

Getting a tattoo is a rite of passage for many young people, or sometimes a sign of rebellion for the older generation, and there is no doubt that many tattoos are works of art, real things of beauty created by talented artists. But while this is true of the kind of tattoos created by TVs ‘The Tattoo Fixers’, it is certainly not the case for all tattoos.

There are the DIY versions, created with a needle and Indian Ink, on arms and across knuckles – the names of an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, odd letters or an attempt at an image that has no resemblance to what it is supposed to be. Then there are the bad tattoos – designed and created in shoddy backstreet tattoo parlours that are poor in quality and now faded in colour.  There are also the tattoos that are a clear mistake, ones that are picked up on foreign holidays when alcohol and bravado have got the better of common sense and you troop in as  a gang to get some Chinese symbol to celebrate your holiday and friendship, totally regretting it when you sober up.

Even those beautiful looking tattoos can later be viewed as a mistake if they are on a part of the body that is clearly visible. Many professions ask for tattoos to be covered up, not so much of a problem in Winter, but certainly less comfortable in Summer when you are forced to wear long sleeves to cover up that arm tattoo. Fortunately, if you have changed your mind, there are now effective ways to get your tattoo removed.

Laser Tattoo removal  (You can find an additional reading resource: Tattoo removal before and after that could be useful ), of the sort provided by the Pulse Light Clinic is effective enough to leave your tattoo just a memory. One of only 2 clinics in the UK are using the PicoSure & PicoWay lasers, this clinic can see the complete removal of your tattoo with just 3-8 treatments. This includes removal of tattoos that are high in colour and large in size. You have a consultation with a removal technician before your treatment so you then go into the process with a clear idea of how long it will take and how many treatments you will need.

The initial consultation and patch test are free of charge, so you can find out more information without having to pay. In addition, there are interest free finance packages to help you spread the cost of your treatment.

If you do have a tattoo that you now see as a mistake or a liability, you really don’t have to live with that mistake any more. Laser removal treatment is safe and can be achieved quickly and efficiently, leaving you able to wear those short sleeved tops and shorts again without feeling self conscious and embarrassed.

You can contact the Pulse Light Clinic by visiting their website or contacting them on 0207 523 5158.


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