Thank you teacher from Guylian

With the end of the school year almost upon us, it is time to say a big thank you to the teachers that have looked after our little ones during their school day. For most of us, this means choosing a special gift on behalf of our child, but as they get a little older and more independent, children often want to choose and buy a present with their own money.

With that in mind, the World’s foremost Belgian Chocolatiers, Guylian, (those of the gorgeous praline seashells) have launched a special campaign called ‘Thank you teacher’. Their chocolates are a perfect gift for showing your appreciation of a special teacher, but, more importantly, the 46g sea horses cost just £1, making them a lovely, affordable gift for youngsters to purchase with their pocket money.


As an ex teacher, I can honestly say that chocolate gifts were always enormously appreciated, and I’m sure many teachers will agree that Belgian chocs are definitely something to look forward to with a bottle of good red wine, once the term is officially over. So, if you haven’t got your gift for teacher yet, you couldn’t make a better choice than a treat from Guylian.

11371011_0_640x640Guylian chocolates are available from most Supermarkets, and you can find more information about the full range available from the Guylian website.

*I was sent a box of Guylian’s chocolates for publicising the thank you teacher campaign. I am munching them as I write this!

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