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The 4 Cs – The Essence of a Diamond Engagement Ring


If you are looking to invest in a diamond engagement ring, but know very little about these precious stones, this article was written with you in mind. The ring will be a significant investment, and therefore, it makes perfect sense to learn a little about diamond evaluation, and without further ado, here is a detailed breakdown of the four Cs.

  1. The Cut – The cut is primarily how the stone is shaped, and the many facets are cut in such a way to allow for the maximum amount of light to be reflected back to the eye of the beholder. If the cut of a diamond is too shallow, much of the light is reflected to the bottom of the stone and this is very noticeable, and with the very essence of diamonds being the glitter and glamour, the reflection properties of the stone is entirely down to the cut. If you happen to live in Queensland, check out the largest range of unique diamond engagement rings in Brisbane, from an established online retailer who can also customise rings to the client’s specifications.
  2. The Colour – While diamonds come in just about every hue of colour in a rainbow, people are mainly concerned with white diamonds. A colourless diamond allows all of the light to be reflected, which means the reflection gives a spectrum of colour, and white diamonds are graded from totally colourless to light yellow, with the following scale used:
  • Colourless
  • Near Colourless
  • Faint Yellow
  • Very Light Yellow
  • Light Yellow

These categories are graded from D (Totally Colourless) to Z, which is light yellow, and the method of colour grading diamonds involves many years of hands-on experience, as the differences can be extremely subtle and only a trained eye can spot the difference. For more reading on the topic, there is an excellent article on the Web with a colour chart guide to diamond selection, which should help you to understand how colour is determined.

  1. The Clarity –The clarity of a diamond is determined by the number – and location – of flaws on the stone, and in order to accurately do this, one needs 10X magnification. Tiny birthmarks called inclusions interfere with the light refraction process, and the least amount of inclusions a diamond has, the more valuable it is. A totally flawless stone is indeed very rare, which is reflected in the very high price range, and when looking at diamond engagement rings or lab grown diamond rings, the clarity is just as important as anything else.
  2. The Carat – The weight of a diamond is graded in the unit of a carat, which can be broken down to 100 points, so a diamond with 75 points would weight 0.75 carat. The largest stone sizes are in the 3 carat range and would, of course, be extremely valuable. Unless you really know your diamonds, you are best advised to seek out a reputable jeweller, and one who has a good reputation within the industry.

All diamonds are graded using the 4C system, and if you are looking to pop the question anytime soon, why not browse the extensive online selection of diamond engagement rings? The vast collection would ensure that you will find the perfect ring for that perfect girl.


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