The Benefits Of Community Involvement For Children

Community involvement and volunteering can contribute to leading a happier life. It can help your child to become a well-rounded and integrated member of society along with the other benefits it has to bring. 

We have partnered with a prep school in Cambridge to share more on the benefits of community involvement for children.


A sense of belonging and connection to a place in the world can give children a sense of security and identity. This is often associated with increased academic achievement through increased self-confidence. It can also reduce the confusion felt in teenage years when trying to find where you belong.


Helping others out and being considerate of those around you can help to build compassion and humility. These are essential social skills for children to develop and can help them to build stronger relationships within their community. 


A community is a group of people with differing experiences, skills and advice to share. A community can act as your child’s first network and give them access to new opportunities. It can help them to develop networking skills that are essential for career progression and even help them to find their very first job. Your child can also learn new things from this community, whether it be academic or a new way of looking at life.

Improved Health and Wellbeing

Exercising kindness and compassion releases the feel-good hormone serotonin which reduces the feeling of anxiety by lowering the heart rate. This will help your child to lead a healthier life with increased happiness and fulfilment.

A place to start could be your local neighbourhood, school community by participating in after school activities or activity clubs. Always check to see if your child is okay before signing them up to anything and that your child enjoys the company of those people.


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