The Benefits Of Drama Classes For Children

While the benefits of drama as part of the school curriculum might not be immediately obvious, it’s actually a crucial subject in helping them develop various transferrable soft skills, particularly for younger children. I have teamed up with a private school in Somerset to explore this further. 

Nursery-aged children benefit from drama because it helps them with their co-ordination and spatial awareness skills. What’s more, they must learn how to concentrate, follow directions and communicate with their teachers and peers. Drama is a great way to help children learn to express themselves, not only using words, but also through body language and facial expressions. Teamwork is also a skill they develop, as they learn how to take turns with the other kids. 

Children are encouraged to speak up and perform in front of others during their drama classes, which is fantastic for their confidence and general self-esteem. They may be praised for their efforts, but even when they’re given constructive criticism, it is a chance for them to improve. As such, drama lessons allow children to develop self-assurance. A child who is constantly able to grow and improve, and one who has faith in their own abilities, may feel more comfortable partaking in classroom discussions in other lessons. In other words, the skills developed in drama can benefit a child across the rest of their curriculum. 

Drama allows children to immerse themselves in play, engage their imaginations and ‘transform’. As a result, they learn to have empathy for others. Taking on the role of someone else and broadening their understanding of various real-life situations might inspire them to act a certain way themselves or form new ambitions. Even if a child doesn’t want to take centre stage, they may find passions behind-the-scenes by helping out with lighting, music or stage/costume design. The whole experience will support their ability to solve problems and come up with solutions, rather than constantly being told what to do, think or feel by an adult.

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  • Shubham Kirme

    This is most informative blog about drama classes and you have explained very well how to drama classes can help young children develop most important skills for their future.


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