The Benefits Of Journaling For Children

Journals are great places to document all of your great thoughts and ideas. For children, writing can help them with their English skills as they practise their spelling, punctuation, and grammar. As they get into the habit, they’ll get better at translating how they feel into words and become better at expressing themselves. There are benefits upon benefits to journaling for children and an independent school in Northampton shares more on them below.


Writing is expressive and a way that children can offload about how they feel. They can create something meaningful whilst feeling better within themselves. It’s also artistic and something that they can have fun with. 

Mental Health

Following on from the point above, this can help children with their mental health. They can let out all of their frustrations and look at how they feel from an outside perspective. 


A journal can help children to stay organised and do everything that’s expected of them. Having a written note somewhere makes this more likely and can help them during busy times like exam periods.

Goal Setting

A journal is a place for your child to explore their dreams and ideas. They say that a goal written down is more likely to be achieved than one that isn’t. 

Literacy Skills

As mentioned earlier, regularly writing can help children to be better writers. They can develop the ability to communicate themselves effectively through their writing which is a great skill to have as there are many career opportunities relating to creative writing. Careers like those in content creation, marketing, pr and screenwriting. In the shorter term, it can help them when writing essays for subjects at school and help them to perform well.


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