The Benefits Of Online Open Days For Schools

With covid-19 changing the world entirely, with most of what we knew gone or changed. Work as well as education came to a standstill and was moved to the closest and easiest platform we knew. Online. In schools, it created instant and direct communication between both teachers and students and allowed for little disruptions when it came to one of the biggest pandemics we have faced. Digital admissions came into use for students to interact online as well. Online days have since, also moved online too. It sounds slightly odd but actually have many benefits. Read on to find out what they are.

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  1. Information that is shared in person can easily be shared online too. Campus tours as well as course details are all explained through well filmed webinars which can be accessed very easily.
  2. One to one sessions are still available for those who have more inquiries with schools and universities being happy to take time to talk. Emails are also set up for instant queries as well.
  3. Travelling to an open day and making time out for it can be difficult. With virtual open days, these can be done from the comfort of your own home without the stresses of getting up early and travelling far. A laptop or smartphone is all that is needed as well as a notepad to jot down any details.
  4. You can replay them. It can be so annoying when you miss the first half of a meeting or can’t stay long enough for the end. With these webinars being recorded and saved, you can access and watch them as many times as needed.
  5. They’re completely free! Travelling to university campuses can be tiring and expensive and aren’t always the easiest to get to. Going virtual means all of this is avoided and easily caters to many no matter how far they are.

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