The Benefits Of Outdoor Learning For Children

Getting outside is a great way for your child to learn about the world. To help you realise the benefits of getting outside to learn, I’ve teamed with an independent school in Hammersmith to run you through some of the key points of taking learning out of the classroom.

Connection With Nature 

Getting outside and amongst nature can lead to a greater appreciation in your child for the natural world, and just why we need to protect. Seeing science in action as well in the natural world can help concepts that your child is learning in the classroom suddenly seem tangible and therefore more real, not just a concept explained in a textbook. 

Identifying Risk 

Being outside also allows your child to gain a greater appreciation of the kinds of hazards and risk that one needs to consider in different environments. Any outing, be it with school or a family event, should take into consideration the kidneys of risks that may appear, so getting outside demonstrates to your child the kind of factors they have to consider when out and about, helping them develop independent thinking and resilience out in the world. 

Develops Social Skills 

Your children can learn more about social skills outside of the classroom. Be it having more time with their teacher on a field trip or interacting with other kids outside the classroom, going on trips or playing activities outside can encourage your child to come out of their shell, and interact with their peers in a way that sitting in a classroom doesn’t fully offer. 

Physical & Mental Well-Being

No one likes being stuck in one place for too long, particularly children who are beginning  to develop as a person. Seeing new places and getting outside encourages exercise and use of different skills, both physical and mental, helping your child to develop many facets of their personality in a manner which brings in a sense of exploration and provokes curiosity. 

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