The Benefits of School Uniform

Although lots of children may not agree, there are many reasons why school uniform is so important, and not just because it creates an element of identity for the school. Uniforms are great for helping children feel a sense of belonging and pride; like part of a bigger whole. While some schools do not require their students to wear school uniform, including this independent school in Hertfordshire, most UK schools are pro uniform. In some schools, students are required to wear blazers and ties, while others take a more casual approach. 

Your visit to the school uniform shop may be expensive, but the benefits to your child will be worth it. There also tend to be affordable payment systems in place to help parents spread out the cost. In fact, a uniform will probably work out a lot cheaper than dressing your child in a different outfit every day. 

Regardless, children who wear their own clothes to school are unfortunately often a target for bullies. With this in mind, arguably one of the main benefits of school uniform is that it eradicates this type of bullying and peer pressure. Students don’t have to worry about owning the latest trends or think about what their peers are going to say. When everyone is dress the exact same, there is no opportunity to judge or be judged based on what you’re wearing. It’s also far less distracting because children can focus on their school work rather than what their peers are wearing. It might also help prepare children for the future if they have to wear a uniform at work, or a smart suit.

School uniform ensures that the students are smart and dressed in appropriate way to represent the school itself. It also improves safety. For instance, if the class goes out on a school trip, the teachers will be able to easily identify which students are theirs. What’s more, it will be far easier to spot an intruder. 


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